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  1. Gruntmaster

    You've got to be kidding me LMFAO
  2. Gruntmaster

    Sad to see the #2 player leave like this? Best of luck to my compadre?
  3. Welp it seems that my time has come, I have moved on to bigger and better things since my stay here at the Grinderscape Inn came back around. I just want to take this time to let you all know that I am and will always be the number 1 player to ever bless this server with my penis, and I intend to go down in history as thus. How are you the number 1 player, you (a normie) may ask? I achieved 1 trillion of in-game wealth in literally 2 minutes after starting the game. I have accrued a whoppin' 3b total experience that was a waste of time but oh well. Just thought I'd let the 5 of you who read th
  4. Gruntmaster

    I've done it gents. Next up, 4.4b xp, let's go.
  5. Gruntmaster

    you bet
  6. Gruntmaster

    Made this for all the champs out there. Need feedback please let me know what you think ((((:
  7. Gruntmaster

    I got 200m WC and 200m Fishing before finishing the skilling outfits, just putting that out there.
  8. Gruntmaster

    I'm gonna bump this here for more visibility, signatures are completely free unless you feel like paying for them. This is the format I will take requests from, once again. Text: Render: Color Scheme: Size (OPTIONAL): Anything else:
  9. Sup gang, today I am giving this signature away: I don't think I'm going to be using it for myself but if you would like it let me know via PM or on discord, I'm Nickales over there. I'm also going to start taking requests, if you want something specific please use this format in your request. Text: Render: Color Scheme: Size (OPTIONAL): Anything else:
  10. Gruntmaster

    It finally happened. PM me if you want to buy what I have left :L
  11. Sup gang, here's a loot thread for anyone curious about what you can get from the Crystal Chest! I prepped by clearing out my alt's bank and getting 1200 Keys to start! Ignore the 5 Volcanic whips, I couldn't xfer them over as they're untradable. Here's the tab after using all 1200 keys! Also ignore the dragon chainbody, legs and boots. They're just there for me if I ever decide to train combat on this account Hope this helps you make a decision on whether or not you want to use your keys
  12. Gruntmaster

    #1 is a must have
  13. Gruntmaster

    devil boy 60 and cwaaaay showed me this game before I even knew what runescape was in 2009
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