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  1. In-game Name(s): SlowlyGrind Age: 19 years of age Timezone: GMT+2 Will you be active?: Yes I will be as active as possible. How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play 5-7 hours a day during the corona pandemic and when im working I play like 3-4 hours per day. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I have a lot of player experience, usually while bankstanding I'm helping out new players so they feel welcome in the server. I'm also active in the help clan chat. Any other information: I've played the game for a few months, maxed my
  2. hi i had 1 password reset by eLou and forgot to change password so now i need a new password reset and help to change my password please i got proof of ownership sent to eLou on discord. ( SlowlyGrind )
  3. In-game Name(s) of the account you're trying to recover?: SlowlyGrind In-game(s) of some alternative accounts you still have access too?: How did you loose your account(s)?: had a password reset by elou and forgot to make new password so i need new reset so i can make new password Any other Info?: how do i change the password when reset *?
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