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  1. Reticent

    In all honesty, this completely kills the chance of someone ever continueing on a hardcore or creating one.
  2. Reticent

    Oops, couldn't find the right location
  3. Reticent

    Hello Grinders! After playing for over 5 months as an ironman I have always wondered why there weren't more active ironmen. I've spoken with Btartaros and others about possible improvements to the gamemode. But I'd love to put my knowledge to good use by creating some guides. For this I would love to hear your input. So: If you have any questions about the ironman mode If theres things you dislike about the ironman mode (Because not everything is as hard/annoying as it might seem) If you have a request for a specific guide If theres a skill you don't know/like to train as an ironman Post it below! The better I know what people encounter making an ironman, the more usefull my guides can be. I hope to hear from you, and specifically from people who usually don't reply on forums. Greetings, Reticent/ Pure Hcim
  4. Hey all, When I joined the server I noticed that many boss guides included gear that were far from obtainable for me. I procrastinated on many bosses untill I had the gear close to the guides. But what If you could actually kill these monsters with basic stats and budget gear? Follow me along as I try to find valid methods to take on the fiercest oponents! Reply with the monster you like me to take on, and I might try to get it done. Mutant Tarn
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