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  1. chr0ma

    Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and start looking at some fixes it’s really appreciated man Was great to chat w u ig yesterday about a bunch of issues and work on solutions This is just a note for everyone relating to evoid: In OSRS elite set provides the 12.5% buff to range and mage ONLY. Melee only gets the 10% or so from the base set and that’s it. The server had custom evoid gear before the patch, meaning melee also got a 12.5% buff making it BIS by a mile. /note: jackery we spoke about a 22% buff was that a custom increase or should it be 22? osrs is 12.5 on the wiki Jackery also checked the code and found however, that after the update, melee was getting 0% so not even the 10% base (if this is wrong and it was just 10% that’s also fine just trying to remember from last night) - range was working fine and wasn’t nerfed, and mage never worked at all. Moving forward when the fixes are released this is how evoid should work: buffs to damage and accuracy. Range set bonus 12.5% (normal + elite upgrade) Mage set bonus 12.5% (plus 45% accuracy if following normal set buff) Melee set bonus 10% (standard void set buff only) **note: could be 22% and not 12.5% if keeping custom, but will need to double check with devs ** These are in line with OSRS system This means that evoid will only be BIS for range, and maybe mage? I think ancestral will still be BIS though. And for melee it won’t be BIS at all, giving things like bandos, justiciar and vestas some time in the sun. This way evoid is still worthwhile as BIS for 1/3 maybe 2/3 things, but it won’t have a complete monopoly over all combat
  2. chr0ma

    quick update from speaking to jackery in game about some fixes VISUAL just a list of small visual bugs to be looked at later - not sure if complete list but these ones are known, rendering issues around the arms/shoulders for the following: dragon platebody cow shirt / chestpiece thing vestas chainbody justiciar chestguard glitchy haircuts for females (idk about all mens?) when wearing beserker helm, farseer helm etc - visual bug of hair (the 2 side ponytails? idk?) stick out of the helmet maxhit calculator in gear menu/tab (donator feature) jackery already aware, so just quickly note - doesnt display correct maxhit values e.g. 35s with tentacle, but hitting over 40, and most common one is tbow with max range gear it says 28 but can hit 50+, seems like visual/calculator bug not actual combat bug happens moreso when switching gear items also happens with/without other modifiers such as prayer, potions and set bonuses WEAPONS - this is from skillofdooms post, I am 100% sure dds is scuffed atm, havent tested others though: Most weaponry have incorrect special attack damage modifiers (DDS/Godswords/Ballista/etc) ---> this is for both accuracy AND maxhit
  3. chr0ma

    store changes: aggro pots +1 put skull sceptre back in ::dz , or in bm store , not in vote store for 10 tickets or whatever, such a price increase for literally no reason - if you want less bkt campers then make him an instanced boss reduce perdu prices back to pre-update revert blood money slayer reward nerf eco: +1 +1 +1 +1's from players in game re: skilling as a money making thing (shoutout spasma) - re: selling gathering materials to skilling masters for GOOD MONEY back to combat: speaking IG with players and staff today - I wanted to re-iterate that the old combat system was fine, nothing wrong with it, didn't need changing. As far as I understand the reason was to add "variety" to the meta This can be done WITHOUT changing the current meta/ causing indirect nerfs to things that the server is known and loved for (evoid meta, pre update eco etc) If you want variety for ppl saying evoid is too easy, then add NEW CHALLENGES/BOSSES etc that require variety of gear - but a big server wide blanket change was never the answer All that does is force everyone to change from the meta (which was uncalled for) - you can appease everyone by keeping the current meta AND bringing in new boss content that you need to change gear for - that way everyone stays happy and there isn't a giant change to the most critical aspect of PvM on the server For example you could make new / instanced bosses that don't allow certain gear (such as evoid) or require specific gear to enter - this is where you can have the variety in the meta and in combat, this would also give rise to more gear other than evoid JOINING the meta (NOT REPLACING IT) - allowing for a bigger eco , and multiple sets "worthwhile" having and to grind for etc TL;DR combat wasnt broken, didnt need server-wide change. bring back old meta. add new bosses/minigames/pvm activities that require the updated system to succeed, without hindering the old system in all the other activites. Instance the new stuff, without ruining the old stuff
  4. chr0ma

    This 100%, really well said Also agree completely here, I feel the same about the lack of proper and thorough testing, in fact the day of release I saw a number of staff testing things as if it was the first time. Sorry but that’s not going to end well.
  5. chr0ma

    Alrightyyyyy this is ittttttt I'll try keep it straight to the point / as much tl;dr as I can WHAT WORKS New minigame looks good (I think it's broken at the moment though?) Could possibly add some more rewards here? Perhaps double up on a few things in the "good" blood money store to give players multiple avenues to chase the gear they want Runecrafting is much more streamline now ty!!!! Glad to see removal of random extra barrows dudes Some OSRS changes / QoL are good, e.g. ava's seems to do a better job now, DFS seems to do a better job now (not tested a whole lot, maybe someone else could add to this?) KBD spawn bug fixed WHAT DOESN'T WORK - unfortunately the list is bigger Home tele - please change it back, it's veryyyyyy slow and annoying to use, impossible to use at places like skele hellhounds. Most players are avoiding it now, either using tele tabs, ::ge or going to the cities teles > edgeville as a workaround because they are ALL faster options ROW scroll - currently minigame not up and running, please put the ROW scroll somewhere else so we can get it, and possibly keep it in more than 1 location, again to allow players options to chase gear. May become unobtainable when minigame interest dies out as it always does, leaving the scroll sitting there doing nothing BOSSING / Overall OSRS Combat rework & Gear nerfs - oh BOY here. we. go. First of all I understand the one side saying evoid+rap = game 2 ez. HOWEVER, the approach to a "new meta" isn't working. Overall, nerfs never go down well with the general playerbase. This is compounded with the fact that evoid got a nerf PLUS combat changed, bosses didn't get a straight "buff", however what has basically happened is the OSRS combat algorithms currently HEAVILY favour npc/bosses/ads defence making some almost impossible to kill. 2.1 This includes Jad (now fixed? I think) - what happened here was there was already a 3x health implemented PRE-PATCH to make him a bit tankier etc, as he's usually an early-mid game boss people kill for firecape at pretty low levels. So giving him extra health makes sense, otherwise its a bit too easy/quick. What went wrong was that you guys kept his massive health bar PLUS the combat algorithm makes him waaaay to tanky = impossible for anyone to kill. I am aware he's been fixed but I wanted to highlight the shortcomings of the update and lack of testing 2.2 Here is a list of (to my knowledge) absolutely busted bosses that genuinely DO need a nerf: Kree (hitting 60s through pray) Ice queen (I haven't even tried tbh, but player reports in game say she melts bro, happy to go test but I'm sure someone else can answer this one) Ice troll king (Mage/melee combo seems to neglect pray, unless ur a god at prayer flicking he hits through, overall efficiency per invent is too harshly reduced) 3. A quick sidenote re; testing. Im sure you guys did test - HOWEVER - (and correct me if I am wrong) - it feels like you only tested stuff with perfect combat setup/gear - and decided nah it's fine stuff still dies. Problem here is that, mostly, we don't have perfect gear (which is why we are killing bosses for it to drop in the first place) - so we're at an even bigger disadvantage now. Bosses need to be tested with a range of gear tiers, low/mid/BIS gear to make sure it's still achievable. Obviously some bosses should require BIS - but currently they all do and bro that is WACK 4. Moving on - nerfs. Nerfs aren't fun. Kills the vibe. Disrespects the time, effort, grind and money players have put into acquiring their gear. If you guys had just done combat without the nerfs, or vice versa, BUT NOT BOTH, I think overall the update would have been an easier pill to swallow. The BIS argument will go in circles, if you nerf evoid, vestas & justiciar takes it's place, if that gets nerfed, bandos takes its place, etc etc. It's an RSPS not OSRS, if we wanted a grind, wanted combat algorithms etc, we'd be playing OSRS, not the server where yes there still needs to be a challenge, but yo we don't want the EXACT same mechanics, otherwise what's the point???? Need to workout other ways to make challenges, eg. Bossing challenges with set gear requirements - where you're not nerfing stuff, but youre allowing for an optional meta / difficulty change without punishing us for chance at better rewards - @barry think about master nightfalls/ locked loadouts here for reference 5. COMBAT - short and simple. It's not OSRS, keep it that way. TO AN EXTENT. Honestly algorithm will work (as Zod has said already) if you guys tone it down a bit/ make it a little easier. If I cant kill something massively weaker than me because of the combat style - to me doesn't make sense. I'm waaay more powerful than a rock crab, why am I hitting 0s. Perhaps this shouldn't have been a blanket server wide change - perhaps only for certain bosses etc just for a bit of challenge. But now even basic PvM is boring and most people have just been skilling/ not interested in PvM anymore. Feels way to grindy from a players perspective. Overall there is always going to be a "meta" - always a BIS and always items and gear players gravitate towards to and the eco is formed from. Nerfing one brings forth another, but then eco becomes super volatile - e.g. bm store still selling evoid for 200k-ish but clearly not worth that much currently. If nerfs/changes to BIS are gonna happen in an update, eco and ::prices needs to be tested AND updated BEFORE the update goes live, not during/ after - so that there isnt a crazy scramble and panic for gear that happened this week. The meta will always be the meta, it's better to bring underperforming items "up to standard" than to nerf the current standard from a players perspective. Alternatively, make new bosses/challenges/game modes where the "underperforming" gear is more viable, giving it new value and meaning, creating multiple metas WITHOUT nerfing the pre existing meta. (This is where combat update can be tweaked to appease everyones preferences). Okay; SOLUTIONS - I won't pretend these are all perfect, I'm not a dev, just some ideas, some might work, some might not, just throwing a few things out there COMBAT : rework it and tone down / make a little easier. I doubt asking to a complete rollback on the entire combat system is going to happen, so I think just tweaking to make us a bit more effective will work a treat, defs shouldn't be feeling this weak/hitting this many 0s on some bosses and trash mobs NERFS : tbh, undo evoid nerfs, it was never BIS for defence, only for atk boosts, this goes hand-in-hand with bossing, if you were to change mechanics rather than the entire combat system, similar to ice troll king using a new attack + reworked combat so it wasn't so punishing, things like justiciar will still have BIS potential and evoid wouldn't be the sole melee gear. More on this, vestas shoudln't degrade especially as it has emerged as the "new meta". That's such a huge cash sink and eco drain for something that's supposed to be the best. If you un nerf evoid, make vestas non degradable, and rework combat, those + justiciar will all be valued rather than 1 clear outlier. Same for range, amra is #1 now, despite always having better defence than evoid, it's just evoid is weaker so arma took over. Un nerfing would mean theres a BIS attack and BIS defence - and if you rework bosses so we need more defence sometimes rather than pure power, both are in a better spot. Mage idrk, dont really mage any bosses anyway? So won't speak much here, other than ancestral and kodai don't degrade, so why should vestas. Same for range, tbow etc dont degrade. Its an RSPS not OSRS, get rid of degrading (barrows is fine its kinda it's "thing" anyway) ECO : I know y'all are working on prices etc as meta changes and things get tweaked so we all just gotta be patient here - only suggestions are re: pos and GE, which in game has had plenty of discussion already, can revisit later with bigger playerbase. MONEY MAKING : following up from eco, until bossing is fixed, moneymaking from drops is reduced, overall eco reduced - spoke briefly with spasma about improving money return from skilling - would be a great idea if skilling masters would buy our stuff (logs, fish, ores etc) at GOOD MARKET prices to allow skilling to be a better money maker - could also buff theiving stalls and make the master buy the stuff we steal at the stalls for good prices too (most servers do this to good effect) SLAYER : following up eco - why was slayer blood money nerfed??? seemed unnecessary imo, also Perdu prices went UP at the same time (for imbuing, repairs etc) - seems like a double whammy nerf like the gear nerf+combat, and double whammy's suck man Finally, a few small suggestions & bugs that aren't entirely related to the update (so happy to move elsewhere if staff want) but thought I'd chuck them here just to round things off BOSS RESPAWN TIMERS : would be a great addition, unsure about discord etc but in game this is a popular request GE : same as above, again relating to convo with barry, with bigger playerbase could be implemented COMBAT STYLE ON EXAMINE : with new combat OSRS rework - we need to go to osrs wiki etc to find weaknesses, which is fine-ish. Would be AWESOME if the text when we "Examine" an enemy told us their weakness. The example I wrote in game was when you examine a black dragon it could say: (whatever it normally says about it) PLUS OSRS info such as weak to range and stab damage - to give players an idea of how to kill stuff in PvM with all the combat reworks DEGRADABLES : as mentioned above, change vestas to allow for more melee BIS variety etc etc BUGGY ITEMS : things like vestas chest, dragon platebody, cow shirt shoutout moo bois are all buggy/ don't like load/ look properly? I'm sure you know what I mean PHEW, I think that's it for now This is such an awesome server that everyone enjoys playing etc etc, it's been a shame to see less interest/motivation from a bunch of regular players in the last week or so, a bunch of people quitting and so on In game and discord has been complain-y and all that stuff and I 100% take some of the credit for that, it just seemed necessary to really get our point across from the players perspective about some of the changes. A lot of this stuff I'm pretty confident you're already working on/ aware about so excited to see what happens next /discuss
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