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  1. Dkick

  2. Dkick

  3. Dkick

    Welcome Jack, And good luck
  4. Dkick

    Nice guide man!
  5. Dkick

    looks good, neatly organized
  6. Dkick

    What’s your favorite genre what’s your favorite song and who’s your favorite artist. personally my favorite genre is: Hardstyle my favorite song is Heb je even voor mij by Frans Bauer my favorite artist Frank van Etten
  7. Dkick

    Good luck Mavala
  8. Dkick

    Welcome Dani, i hope you enjoy this server. If you need something or just want to talk, feel free to pm me Dkick
  9. Good guide!, keep up the good work
  10. Dkick

    Welcome Mav, I hope you enjoy this server as much as i do, if you have any questions feel free to pm me. Dkick
  11. Dkick

    Good idea man, if you need something, you know where to find me
  12. Dkick

    Good luck with your adventures mate, nice to see what people are doing
  13. i know you as a friendly and helpfull player, active in cc and discord. good luck on your application.
  14. i know you for a long time now, active and helpfull. Try to help more in the cc and discord. Good luck on your application mate.
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