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  1. Ldm

    good luck to all!! Very good changes and cant wait for you guys to show what your'e capable of!
  2. Ldm

    Congrats to all! Wish you all the best of luck
  3. Ldm

    Congrats on promotion!
  4. Ldm

    Awesome work guys! Keep it up! Appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to the updates.
  5. Great update Lou and Stan! Keep up the good work! Nice to see a lot of bugs get focused this update!
  6. Very good guide dude!! Turned out nice!! Thanks for making this!
  7. Ldm

    sad to see you go brother, Thanks for everything you've done for the community and myself.
  8. Ldm

    Welcome!! Congrats on the promotion!
  9. Ldm

    congrats to all! well deserved good luck to you guys!!
  10. Ldm

    please work on hunter. It should be a way higher catch rate. For classics hunter is the worst skill to train. If you wait for them to go into traps more than half the time they don't even get caught. So you have to place traps on the chins but every time you get on top of one they move or only set off the trap.
  11. thank you guys!!! this is an amazing update you all so much!! thanks for all the hard work!!!!
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