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  1. Since I started playing grinderscape I have enjoyed and loved how the server is. I have messed up in many ways and I'm sorry about that. I want this server to grow. Through this entire time I have tried to prove myself someone who is not only willing but wants to be in a position that can help the sever function. I have made a few mistakes but that is what makes me human. I love this server and want to see it prosper and grow. I really am sorry for my attitude in the past and I would like to apologize and improve myself for the future to come. Many who read this won't understand but for those
  2. It's now officially made. Just need to do minior tweaks and add other tips to it.
  3. Requesting rank: super donor Primary rank(Yes/No) -- Yes Proof: https://gyazo.com/569a48ef5eaee7195f49e3892003472d
  4. Welcome to DeathYoshi's starting guide to PvM! This guide will include everything from what items to buy to how to make money to buy equipment to start off with! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Index Part 1: Starting off Part 2: Gearing up Part 3: Slayer for Blood Money (BM) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 1: Starting off At the start you wi
  5. So.. At level 22 I got the mining pet I feel like it's the quickest pet to date? idk. 6264 is the exp when I got it.
  6. deathyoshi

    Requesting rank: regular donor Primary rank(Yes/No) yes Proof: https://gyazo.com/84019ef91e336681db86c47fbbcd5444
  7. deathyoshi

    Render (provide me with a link of the person you want on the signature): just want my IGN "Deathyoshi" Smudge/Regular Signature: Regular? Colors/choose what I think is best: maybe black and green? But if it doesn't look good you can choose colors. Text(just fill this and colors out if you want a text only signature): All capital letters/lowercase/both: "DeathYoshi" Discord name: deathyoshi#7142
  8. I would like a quick way to open up the forum from ingame, I have noticed a lack of the command "::forum". Yes ik there is the command "::thread ###" but it would be a nice addition to what's currently available.
  9. deathyoshi

    You might want to add training method and gear that should be bought to train with when starting out and then also list some cheap gear they could afford (Like bandos and tent whip) once they get some currency in the game Edit: Also maybe a boss they can start off with too that's easy to learn or is just generally easy to kill since there are a lot of custom made bosses)
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