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  1. Tradeable

    Amazing update! Keep them coming!!!
  2. Tradeable

    Nice guide, I like it when guide maker uses photos instead of blank text. +1 from that. I'd like to see maybe some rates how long does 1-99 take or certain levels maybe?
  3. Tradeable

    Thank you all, appreciate it.
  4. Introduction Thieving is one of the greatest skills to begin with. Fast to level up, great money and random rewards. Thieving is a great way to make money even if you are older player so its one of the most useful skills to get 99. There is a thieving guide, published before, but in my opinion it needed a little "update" - So here is mine (old one is linked down and credits from used pictures are shared to original poster.) Thieving Points + Costumes Thieving tasks are the only way to obtain thieving points. You can get thieving task
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