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  1. Happy Birthday fam :)

  2. LadderGoat

    To be honest, i was waiting a long time for this, but god, you guys have done a really great job on this update! Keep it coming!
  3. LadderGoat

    I think vote tickets are already expensive enough on their own. Also, there's already an xp and drop rate boost when redeeming your vote, making that tradeable would be too overpowered in my opinion.
  4. Requesting rank: Legendary Donator Primary rank(Yes/No). no, primary stays as it is. Proof: Can i please just? lol jk
  5. LadderGoat

    Sign me up, LadderGoat
  6. Silly me... If i come up with anything in the future, i'll let you know. Ryou's suggestion isn't bad either.
  7. Hmm i'd just suggest to make it as in osrs. Get there a lever that gets you in wild, pull it again and return to edgeville. No other good idea's atm...
  8. LadderGoat

    Then i ask myself, what's wrong with this? Anyways i appreciate your support towards the server and the forums, just some more effort to make it look nice would've been in place in my opinion.
  9. LadderGoat

    Big thanks to @Valar again for finishing the remaining donator forum banners:
  10. LadderGoat

    Congratz with the promotions boiiizzz
  11. LadderGoat

    Welcome back
  12. I have to follow everyone on here except for West since he changed his mind. I haven't really seen you online the last few weeks and can't really tell a lot about you.
  13. LadderGoat


    damn bro that's insane
  14. I understand the way of thinking. An MM doesn't have to gamble that's correct.
  15. I've seen you quite a few times online and you're pretty helpful. Although being helpful has nothing to do with the rank of a middleman tbh. Never seen you hosting at ::dice or mming there. At least i think you can be given a chance to proove yourself trustworthy. Good luck further on your apply.
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