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  1. Class Starts

    Killer update, well done looks amazing
  2. Class Starts

    Such a great list of fixes, and what an amazing update! So many cool things added, keep up the wonderful work Lou
  3. Juicy list of updates, well done great job as always Lou
  4. Class Starts

    Since I haven't yet done any Pking on Grinderscape, I can't really put my two cents worth in, but I agree with you on what you have said. It needs to be fair & equal, but if there is server messages stating that someone is in the wilderness, for whatever reason, then that's one of the things that draws attention to other Pkers. I was unaware of this "Banana Whip" also, so lucky I read through this thread & seen that, one of the main things to keep an eye out whilst out there in the wildy.
  5. Amazing list of updates, well done
  6. Anyone able to make a 3D signature?

    Inquired weeks ago, but haven't heard anything yet.

    Happy Easter to everyone also ❤️

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    2. Wrath


      i mean i got a spare laptop but its just for school work, and yea..blieve it or not they sell laptops with 100gb hard drives... ill try getting a job if i can after this semester. maybe buy somethign nice for myself for once other than liquor lol. i heard alienware is to expensive for the price though, was thinking of just making my own honestly


    3. 𝓜𝓻1𝓐𝓭𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷
    4. Class Starts

      Class Starts

      Out of all honesty, I really only got an Alienware for my development course I finished end of last year & yeah they are pretty pricey, but I wanted it for the quality more than just for it's price tag :)

      I've already owned it a few months and have it up for sale, in hopes I can get a decent price back for it, although I've only been asking $2500 for it, half the price I paid for it.

      But overall they're a decent laptop, does wonders for me :P

  7. Class Starts

    All the best with this mission, I applaud you big time for this. As most bosses & other things in-game take good gear to kill things, that isn't always the case. I've done things that seem impossible, and made it possible by doing it a different way/lower budget gear. For example, I know this isn't RS3 related, but for an example I managed to kill Arraxi in low budget range gear (Red D'hide, fury etc etc) & I managed to do so on a different server. I will be following this to keep updated on your progress, good luck mate!
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