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    Yep, we made it all the way here! 2018 was a big year of change for server and even more changes are coming in 2019. Hope it’s a happy and healthy one for you all. A big thank you to all the players and staff for staying in this awesome community. In March 2019, Grinderscape will hit a record of being online for 11 years! Inattention to all players and staff, we appreciate each and every one of you. Looking forward to hearing for the future updates? There are a lot of updates that should be coming in 2019, I will try to list some of them. Game modes (Classic, Ironman, HCIM - with unique highscores rankings) Automatic dicing system RAIDS 1 & 2 Construction skill Player Title System Clanchat Lootshare Pest Control Castle Wars Clan Wars (When we reach 150+ Players) Inferno Minigame Vorkath Redo Pk System & Add Tournaments Redo RuneCrafting, Agility, Slayer, and Hunter skill. Add Duo Slayer Pet Insurance Guide Book Cannon System / Chinchompas system support Boss Contract Shop Daily login Streak system 50+ New Tasks Spellbook Sorting Barrows Degrading System In-Game Highscores NPC Killtracker See you all soon
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    Donator rank information What Is Donator? Donator status is given to a player in game when he/she donates. GrinderScape really appreciates the support of the server, so they try to provide special qualities to the players (while keeping it fair to all-meaning it is not required to donate). Premium point items information Skilling tomes Fishing tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Fishing skill by rewarding 10M experience. Agility tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Agility skill by rewarding 10M experience. Mining tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Mining skill by rewarding 10M experience. Firemaking tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Firemaking skill by rewarding 10M experience. Woodcutting tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Woodcutting skill by rewarding 10M experience. Thieving tome - A tome of learning that focuses on Thieving skill by rewarding 10M experience. Skilling Supplies A box that contains the following skilling supplies. Mystery box A box that contains alot of items which item u get is completly random. Loot from 100 mystery boxes: Other rewards Crystal keys The loop half of a key is used with a tooth half of a key to make a crystal key. A crystal key van be used on the crystal chest in Edgeville. Loot of 100 crystal keys: Muddy keys A muddy key can be used on the closed chest in the centre of the lava maza (Wildy level 43) to obtain random loot. Loot out of 100 Muddy Keys: I hope this information was usefull. If you still have any questions feel free to PM me or another staff member.
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    Hello everyone, Today we have decided to promote Blake Xoxo to a server supporter rank. It all goes to his great aspects by having a lot of gameplay activity, great performance, and not to mention his great sense of humor helping new players get started within the game. Congratulations to him, and hopefully he will be able to do a good job Regards,
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    Hello Community of GrinderScape! As I am recently being promoted to Event Manager I will be hosting the first event called "The Race"! Because it is close to Christmas the rewards that are being given will be in the theme of Christmas. - Event Information - When will the Event start? The Event will start on 24th of December till the 7th of January 2019 What is the Event? The Event is to reach close to max or being maxed in the 2 weeks that are given. Requirements A fresh level 3 account with "Race" in front of your username for example Race Ascending Prizes First place shall receive: Full Santa Set with Santa Hat! Second place shall receive: A Sled and a pair of Dragon Claws! Third place shall receive: A sled and 150m in-game gp! Rules No trading money/items from other accounts to your Race account! All "Race" accounts will be checked. If you get caught trading items over you will be disqualified from this Event! - NO TRADING, All items have to be earned by yourself (Boss Drops etc) How do we choose the winner? The winner will be chosen by total level so the 3 with the highest total level at the end wins! May the best person wins! Little bonus! - Last day of Race Event you will do a deathmatch @ Wild Resource Area, the last man standing will get bragging rights! - The Event Team -
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    Hello and welcome, to the Official Help Clan Chat thread. Our aim is for you to have a memorable, fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience while paying Grinderscape. We take all members; the 'Help' clan is an open clan, meaning anyone who would love to join can do so. There are many reasons why you should join us, and become a part of the Help community: - All kinds of help - Price Checks (Pc) - Yells - Buy/Sell Items - Buy/Sell Rsgp - Frequent Events - Giveaways - Active Members - Fun - Chat To get the help that you need, simply ask in the clan chat. Our main priority is to give you as much help as we possibly clan. To get the price of an item, just ask for a Pc on the item. Then someone will reply with the proper price. Yell is a text that's broadcasted to all players online, just ask for a yell in the clan chat and we'll help you get global recognition for your trade efforts. In Help, you can buy and sell items. Just state the item you wish to buy/sell, and wait for a reply. We host a multitude of events; nearly every day! We do PvM events the most, and giveaway based events as well. Drop parties, Hide 'n Seek & Trivia's are just some of the giveaways that we do. And of course, fun! Having fun is why we play Grinderscape, to be entertained! You are to abide by the rules for the whole time while in the 'Help' clan chat. Thse Rules must be followed by members and also by ranked members. 1. Flaming, derogatory language (Three warnings, mute-warning, duration mute, Ban). 2. Scamming (Permanent Ban). 3. Racism (Mute-warning, Ban). 4. Spamming (Verbal-warning, Duration mute). 5. Discussing about illegal substances (Verbal-warning, Duration mute). 6. Harassment [Trolling, Begging] (Mute-warning, Duration mute). 7. Advertising another clan chat [does not exclude PK-clans or Ironman clans] in Help CC (Permanent ban). 8. English only in CC (Short mute warnings). 9. Luring (Warning, Mute-warning, Duration mute, Ban). 10. No colors during giveaways, except the person hosting it (Warning, Mute-warning, Duration mute). To apply for ranks in Help, you must use this application layout: In-game name: What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain or General): What is your Timezone?: How long have you played for?: how many hours do you play per day?: How long you been a member of Help?: Do you have ::yell?: Why should your application be accepted?: Recruiter To become ranked as a Recruiter, you need to: Have played for at least 14 days. Have considerable knowledge of prices/solutions to problems. Be active (At least 4-5 days a week). Be willing to conduct and execute orders given by Administrators and Moderators. Corporal To become ranked as a Corporal, you need to: Have played for at least 1 month. Been a Help Recruiter for at least 2-3 weeks. Have extensive knowledge of prices/solutions to problems. Be active (At least 4-5 days a week). Be willing to conduct and execute orders given by Captain/General. Be an In-game Donator & the ability to ::yell. Sergeant To become ranked as an Segeant, you need to: Have played for at least 3 months. Been a Help Corporal for at least 2 months. Have an encylopedic knowledge of Grinderscape. Be fairly active (at least 5 days a week). Be an In-game Donator & the ability to ::Yell. Lieutenant To become ranked as an Lieutenant, you need to: Have played for at least 3 months. Been a Help Sergeant for at least 2 months. Have an encylopedic knowledge of Grinderscape. Be fairly active (at least 5 days a week). Be an In-game Donator & the ability to ::Yell. Captain To become ranked as an Captain, you need to: Have played for at least 4 months. Been a Help Lieutenant for at least 2 months. Have an encylopedic knowledge of Grinderscape. Be fairly active (at least 5 days a week). Be an In-game Donator & the ability to ::Yell. General To become ranked as a General, you need to: Have played for at least 6 months. Been a Help Captain for at least 3 months. Have an encylopedic knowledge of Grinderscape. Be fairly active (at least 5 days a week). Be an In-game Donator & the ability to ::Yell. Accquired Official Middleman Status. Have correct intuition when moderating the clan chat (e.g. Bans, Mutes, Promotions). NOTES; * You cannot simply jump ranks, you need to be a recruiter to apply for Corporal, or be a Corporal to become an Sergeant, ETC. * Once you are given the rank, this does not mean it is permanent. You will get demoted if you don't follow the specifications. * Joining another Clan Chat is not loyal as a Ranked member of Help. You will be demoted if such actions persist. This includes your alternative accounts also. * You will be demoted if you leave for more than 1 week without a reason before you leave/become absent. Do not bother to apply if you are an addict of staking or just gambling in general. Our ranked team is constructed around reliability. It's our wish that we won't have to worry whether or not a member of the ranked team will be quitting within the next day. If you're an aficionado of gambling, another clan chat is for you aspire to be apart of Help. Lou Grinder Rank: Owner Name: Rashed - IGN; Lou Grinder Timezone: N/A Rank: Co-Owner Name: N/A Timezone: N/A Number 1 Rank: General Name: Mark - IGN; Number 1 Timezone: GMT +1 Zod Rank: General Name: - IGN; Zod Timezone: GMT Isaac Rank: General Name: Isaac - IGN; Isaac Timezone: GMT +1 Crotchzapper Rank: General Name: Josh - IGN; Crotchzapper Timezone: GMT +0 Strawberries Rank: Lieutenant Name: ** - IGN; Strawberries Timezone: GMT +1 Shark Black Rank: Sergeant Name: ** - IGN; Shark Black Timezone: GMT ** Dandan Rank: Corporal Name: - IGN; Dandan Timezone: GMT ** Rest of ranks will be added once ranks are finalised.
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    Hey Valar, Yes donations are perfectly working at the moment with no any reported issues. We need to add some more logs tracking, OSGP limit, and have middlemen ready before making the rank ready. ETA I don't know, but all I can say is probably more than 2-3 weeks minimum.
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    First to reply That's a huge lists of updates and I look forward to every single one of 'em! Happy New Year Everybody!
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    I agree and would like to see you as Middle-man for the Grinderscape community! Just need to wait for the rank in-game to come into action. Need Kaz/Isaac to agree with this also.
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    In-game Name(s): Legends Age: 19 Timezone: UTC+2 Will you be active?: As always How much do you usually play per day?: 5-8hours in day sometimes more if i don't have plans for the day Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I'm very friendly guy and i like to help players with everything, since been in this server i seen some peoples getting scammed because not used an Middleman and i'm feeling bad when i see scammed peoples so i want to be a part of the community to help them as Middleman. Any other information: I will be more active in-game because i like this server alot and also thank you that for GrinderScape is back.
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    Very nice this will help so many players, thanks so much for making this!
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    Congratz Blake! I think you will be a great addition to the team and helping players along the way Goodluck
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    Congrats to you, welcome to the team.
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    Gratz Mate. Welcome to the team hope you do an awesome job. I know you will tho
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    Very deserved, helps so much welcome to the team brother
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    Fellow players, Today i want to congratulate @Ascending as Event manager, He will take care of all events taking place that will be dicussed by the team. Again congratulations and I'm sure you will be doing just fine. Love, Isaac
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    Goodluck to all participants i'm sure this will be an exciting event
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    This is a really cool idea, I'm diggin' it. We're talking about skills as well eh, it's gonna be a crazy one!
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    Back when there was no wildy course in GS, barbarian was the only option. However with that it would have taken so much time. So eventually wildy course was opened. I had great hopes, that with this agility was trainable again. So i checked it out. It was pretty good. Only problem i saw was that the rock hopping animation would take like 30 seconds to complete. That aside, the xp was decent. Decent enough to train. Now with this new update, the xp rates were halved. Before you got about 100k+ xp per course, now its halved at about 50k+. Considering that before you got 60k xp per magic log in firemaking and that its fast to do. Anyways, compared to other skills, its gets really boring since it gives low xp AND is not afk-able. EDIT: Since i dont want to make another post, i'll add more info to this post. First i noticed that the hourly xp event does not work in wildy course (have not tried it with other courses) and secondly, the rope swing at wildy course is repeatable, meaning once you complete the animation, you can run back to start of the rope swing and do it again. Also it still gives xp. Now im not complaining since i think it can make training agility faster since it needs all the buff it can get because i presume that the update for agility and its courses will take quite some time to come out.
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    Thank you, welcome to the team. Cant wait to see whats in store.
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    Honestly, the staff on this game are questionable at times... I mean we saw a good chunk of them try and ruin the server not so long ago. Unfortunately, there's no staff structure in the works, and if there is it is terrible. We need Moderators, Senior Moderators, Head Moderators, and Staff Managers to run an effective staff team. Right now it's just a load of players who have no sense of professionalism and go about doing whatever they want, which is fine. The majority of bug abuses and racist behavior is filtered out but it's these kinds of situations, where a player may be a little impatient bugging the staff member, they choose to turn around and IP-mute people because they can and would rather that then actually help. It's a poor staff system imo.