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  1. In-game Name(s): Jar Age: 22 Timezone: GMT +2 Will you be active?: Yes How much do you usually play per day?: Depends each day 2-12hours Why do you deserve to be in this group?: Because I have been helping people a lot, and have proven that I am Trustworthy. Any other information: Just a nice person from Estonia, I love to pet my cat, play Grinderscape and drink whiskey
  2. My only complain with this is... making rapiers 2.5M blood money, literally will make too many old players more richer than ever... Because from 1.9b rapier will go to 5b instantly... if a player has 100 C rapiers, means he/she has 190billion, but after that 500billion... so 310b will be banked instantly, and 310b means 775M OSRS GP = 1,000 Dollars into pocket from nothing. before taking such actions, you should consider making a reset for server because long time players who have those items in bulk is insane.... ! ! ! the best idea is yes to remove from blood money store! I highly suggest bob barter to sell all herblore supplies ( NOTED ) (limpwurts, eye of newt, wine of zamorak etc...) not by 1... every player has had a pain with this... its not OSRS....
  3. Jar

    Welcome to a new kind of event ! ! ! ALL PLAYERS ARE INVITED TO THIS EVENT ! ! ! Event will start at 18:00 +0 GMT, SERVER TIME AT ::DICE ! ! ! 2 PLAYERS EVERY ROUND ! ! ! Guide for Gambling is in the end of this thread ! ! ! 1) First game is Flower Poker with 2 players and 3 rounds, Player to win 2 out of 3 rounds will get into the next round If a Player gets left out it is because we have 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23 or 25 Players And for the Player who gets left out, will flower poker Jar, for a chance to win 2) Second game is First to 3 ( FT3 ) 2 players per game, ( IF ) we have more than 4 players for the final round - We will do a game of hide and seek ONE TIME ONLY ! ! ! the first 4 players who finds me, will get to the third round ! ! ! people who were in game and did not find me will receive a prize of 3) Third game will be for the last 4 players ! ! ! Special Event ! ! ! With the fourth player there will be a game of FT3 only ( ONCE ), The player who has the lowest % will be out and rewarded with a 3 GAMES OF FLOWER POKER AND 3 GAMES OF FT3 ! ! ! first game will be Flower Poker, Second game is FT3, third game Flower Poker, fourth game FT3, fifth game Flower Poker, sixth game FT3 The person with most wins will receive 1st place, the person with second most wins will receive 2nd place, and the person with the most loses will receive third place! IF 2 PLAYERS GET FIRST PLACE IN THE END GAME, EXAMPLE : 3 - 0 - 3 OR 3 - 3 - 0 OR 0 - 3 - 3 THEY WILL DO 1 GAME OF FLOWER POKER AND THE PERSON WHO WINS GETS FIRST PLACE! REWARDS: First place - Second place - Third place - Gambling guide for Flower Poker and FT3 is on ::thread 1642 GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY ! ! ! Jar
  4. Jar

    Welcome to Jar's Slayer guide! Everybody does slayer! so lets begin by starting off where to get a task? Edgevillage has 2 slayer masters, Turael and Vannaka wich are both for lower levels! Trade any slayer master to obtain a ( FREE ) Enchanted gem Slayer is a great way to make bloodmoney for that juicy elite void ! if you finish a task from Turael you will recive abit more than 2,400 bloodmoney if you finish a task from Vannaka you will recive abit more than 10,000 bloodmoney You can teleport to a slayer task using a enchanted gem there is also a higher level slayer master called Duradel if you finish a task from him, you will recive abit more than 30,000 bloodmoney, you can teleport to him with slayer's enchantment slayer's enchantments are obtainable from monsters poison spiders in taverly dungeon (level 64) droprate 100% (use anti-poison potions) scorpions in al-kharid mining cavern (level 14) droprate 10% black bears in east Ardougne (level 19) Droprate 10% greater demons in karamja dungeon (level 96) droprate 10% (Slash boss teleport) THANK YOU FOR USING MY GUIDE good luck with you're Grinderscape Adventure ! ! ! - Jar
  5. Hello everybody! This is a guide for how to gamble on Grinderscape ! There are 2 types of gambling games! Flower Poker ( FP ) and First To 3 ( FT3 ) You will need dice or dice bag to play First To 3 ( FT3 ) And mithril seeds to play Flower Poker ( FP ) ! You can get mithril seeds and dices from gambler ( FOR FREE ) For teleporting to gambling zone type ::dice ( INSIDE THE GAME ) Flower Poker - Each player must plant 5 flowers in a row ! Example - Both sides have 2 oranges and the other flowers do not match ! ! ! - That means both players have 1 pair so its a Rematch! - If both players have 2 PAIRS = Rematch, - If both players have 3 OF A KIND = Rematch - If both players have FULL HOUSE = Rematch ETC..... If one of the players has a stronger hand = WINNER ! ! ! The picture below shows all of the hands from first to last - weakest to the strongest. White or Black Flowers = Replant ( Rematch ) First to 3 ( FT3 ) - Both players roll dice or dice bag 3-5 times Each player rolls ( ONE AT A TIME ) The first player to get 3 times higher roll % Wins! Example - Jar got - 32%, 72% and 45% 6l6l6 got - 16%, 33% and 12% That means Jar won 3 - 0 Good luck to everybody ! ! ! Gambling is 50 - 50 ! ! ! be careful not to lose everything ! ! !
  6. Guide to start off Grinderscape Adventure, because Everybody loves Gold! Some players like to start the game off by earning Gold points inside the game Here is a nice guide to start you're adventure by Thieving! Start off by talking with Thieving master and ask for a Thieving task, he is walking around just outside of Edgevillage bank. He will give you a task to steal some kind of amount from one of the thieving stalls, Once you have finished the task, talk to Thieving master again for your reward you can choose Gold points or Thieving points, it is suggested to aim for thieving points at first for Rouges armor and Dodgy necklace, Once you have claimed Rouges armor set you will gain 75% more exp from every stall, and once you have claimed the dodgy necklace you will gain 25% more exp from every stall and finish your thieving tasks 2x faster. (Need both rouges set and dodgy necklace) for 2x to work. Example: Your skilling task is 200, instead of thieving 200 times you will have to thieve only 100 times Level requirements for every stall! Thieving Master Baker Stall - Level 1 Silk Stall - Level 20 Fur Stall - Level 35 Silver Stall - Level 50 Spice Stall - Level 65 Gem Stall - Level 75 Miscellaneous Stall - Level 99 Good luck to everybody ! ! ! - Jar
  7. Jar

    Hello players, Jar here, Tonight I will host an event at dice, Game is called Higher or Lower as many of you already know, Barry has hosted this game many times Everybody is invited to join, There will be only 3 winners in the end Event will start at 18:00 GMT +0 Server time! First place reward - Second place reward - Third place reward - Rules are on ::thread 1534
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