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  2. jordan83221

    Well, the problem is they're named exactly the same which means they should do the exact same things. Not to mention I was told by a player that this was the thing I was looking for. I figured they just had the price incorrect on the website as they do with a few items...
  3. jordan83221

    So, I was lead by a player showing me, in Donator zone, where you can buy a Colorful Halloween Mask for 2b$. However, it doesn't work and only shows as red. And I assume this is meant to be but in a way, this is an issue or false advertisement. Do I really care? Or do I just pretend like I have 30b for a normal Colorful Halloween Mask? Wondering if I'm supposed to get a refund for the false advertisement or just not care cause it's still technically worth 2b$. Let me know what I should do, thank you. PS: Need account set to Super Donator plz
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