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    i mean sorry to se you go, since u can kinda choose the gametype u want to play, so either fast(normal) or (classic) which takes more time to lvl up but is also more fun(in my opinion), so i dont really see the problem here. I dont see the fun in a server if u can just get everything in 0,1 secs, you have to at least grind a bit to have fun with the game or everything just gets boring fast. you got a lot of positive thing about the server, the community is great, staff here always likes to help, great content, a lot of ways to play(you can kinda choose your own playstyle and still make bank and have fun), you are able to trade cash here for cash on osrs, you can buy BONDS FOR DONATOR RANK INGAME(you dont need to use irl cash, which is really great for people that actually really like this game and wanna get features too but dont have irl cash for it). Well yeah u got a lot of benefits with this server, its always trying to improve and if they make a mistake which no one in the server likes they will try to fix it as soon as possible. Hopefully you'll come back again peace.
  2. Hey, its Swag here, some of you may remember me or may not but i started late 2k19 and had some personal things to do irl so i took a bit of a break and i decided to come back around Feb 10th, and when i logg on, i see that my whole account got reset for some reason, and not just this account (swag) but all of my other accounts too (yo boi) and (money maker). I asked my friends, Lisa, Scramit, i am tanjiro if their accounts got reset but nope, only mine. I would love a roll back of my accounts so i can start playing again, or an explenation on why this happend to me.
  3. swag

    i support this 100% great idea!
  4. swag

    i mean why not, i dont see anything wrong with this
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