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  1. Story

    If you're going for a promotional video, i think valar did a great job on that, everyone elses content was great aswell good luck to everyone.
  2. Story

    PVM: Default area map: NightMare zone map: Starting the game will be a 2 minute lobby where you can be team up with up to 2 others players (3 max size teams). Of course the map will scale according to players with either hp or amount of monsters spawn. There will also be a buy-in of 3 tiers, low (1-5m), medium (5-10m), and high (10-20m) (?). High tiers will allow a multiplier that increase the points gained per kill. Points will be provided given the damage dealt and monster killed Details: Starting out will be only default spawnables for meele, hybrid, or pure setup. As you kill each other monster it will drop either supplies (pots/food) or uncommon chance for gear upgrade. Best gear dropped could be barrows for armor, whip for weapons etc. (in order to avoid high value item smuggles?) In this area, all items will instantly show up if you drop it so you can easily share between teammates. Rounds: Each round will be substantially harder than the previous round. The rounds will include current osrs bosses but with other bosses in the room simultaneously. E.g. all 4 gwd bosses at once. Final boss round can be a custom boss (?), dungeoneering boss, or 3 jads (because why not). Can work out details of this later on Rewards: As each round is successfully completed, a % of the buy-in will be given back. So definitely do your best to complete it. Additional rewards will be points for the BR chest that can be shared or separate from PVP BR chest.
  3. Story

    More rewards for pking even if players have no risk. @Surreal the weapon could have abit less str bonus than the actual weapon so its a bit harder.
  4. -Please make the ingridients in the(herblore) shop notable but the max you could buy is (100) at a time. -make it an option to buy un noted water vials at the shop aswell as noted. -i think there should be an option for players to search for an item that they want in game, it tells them what monster drops it. -cooking guantlets should burn less food. -make the accuracy on ags better, i hardly hit with it. test it out if you need too. -there should be Clue's that are dropped from killing players/ wildy bosses :: task could say kill 1 kbd then 1 crazy arc, it could be a mixture of wildy bosses and chaeldar slayer master tasks (with a higher drop rate bonus for rare rewards) -we could make a weapon that players will get each week and it is a free weapon that you claim could be (range/mage/meele) weapon, maybe a spec weapon or a regular weapon. It starts off small and with low dmg. Then as you get kills with it, it becomes stronger, once you get to a certain amount of kills, you get a casket or a goodie bag or something with a item.(pvming) -Make a weapon that you get free each day. Starts with similar stats as dragon scim for Every kill (with the weapon) it will upgrade it. 3 First kill makes it as good as whip. then 7 kills makes it as a tent whip. at 15 kills it makes it a godsword. after you get up to 25 kills with the weapon it turns into a goodiebag/ casket that gives some good rewards.
  5. Story

    might aswell make a pet that'll send everything to your bank as well lol. if custom pets is what you want i have lists of suggestions for that.
  6. Story

    never looked at the rewards lol, does it give an additional drop rate bonus aswell?
  7. Story

    Things we should impliment into the game : Colored slayer helms: Red,Green,Black,Purple (gives 5% more drop rate) -obtained with slayer points + non tradable or tradable whatever you guys like. -Frost/Lava Whip coloration: Should also be applied to the Tent whip. Barrows: If you've already killed that Barrows brother (but you logged and you forgot where you left off) once you dig and you've already killed that brother, it should say "you've already killed this barrows brother" - It could even tell you which barrows brothers you have to kill. -FKEYS: when i log out they reset, could that be fixed aswell as add a "save fkey options" or "make this default" "fix the speed of the Prayer Switching" https://gyazo.com/57d6c66f1091462edf54276c7df39476
  8. Story

    1. What i think should be added is a Achievement , when someone gets 40 defence 40 attack 40 str, they'll get full rune, once they get 60 attack they'll get a scimitar something along those lines. 2. I've mentioned the draining of the prayer, it does drain quite fast even at a high level and im 84 prayer. 3. Custom pets is a no no for me, this isn't a custom server its an Osrs based server, if it isn't on osrs i don't think it should be in this game. Thanks for your time, Story.
  9. Story

    i think tome of fire only helps the fire surge hit higher but i could be wrong thanks for your support guys!
  10. Things we should add into the game : https://gyazo.com/bef8fee69842c5b5db5ced83a82019b6 (Armour is delayed when i click it, it should be much faster than this.) https://gyazo.com/8063b17cbe4a57ffe096960599a174c2 Adding fire sruge into the game -amulet of glory(with charges) should let you tele from level 30 it says i must be in lvl 20 to teleport. Also eternal glory have you teleport from 30wild https://gyazo.com/73da5d0b280cfda7a8cfa92840b4ef6d [FunPk Suggestion] once i kill my opponent my stats should restore and my special attack aswell. Ardy cape 4 should be second best mage cape, best ingame mage cape is god capes (imbued) if i put the option of my whip on defence to train defence, it should stay there. not go back to attack when i switch from claws back to my whip. (if its to prevent from pures gaining defence levels, just have an option for pures to ::lockexp on defence.) : https://gyazo.com/420615a8586044162e9739fc02dfbc64 when you turn into the rock you cant type in "help" cc https://gyazo.com/011b9032af3dfe3d90072c71b409fc2a When i click the quick prayer option, it should remove any prayers that i have activated even if it isn't saved on the "quick prayers" https://gyazo.com/0d494f99cec14d914838864e80545b56
  11. Story

    Tbh since ::home is at Edgeville i think the majority of people will try and sell their things there, unless we make that movement and let it be known in-game that ::Ge is where the market is.
  12. Story

    With time, the pkers will come as the server fixes its issues but only time will determine that, i think the servers great and im not one that loves training and pvming so much. Thanks for your kind words
  13. Story

    i haven't began my rune crafting journey yet so i wouldn't know. You do have a point there, i suppose i was thinking too far ahead
  14. Story


    thought about it after i posted it, said to myself ill fix it when i'm off work. a few moment's later...... here we are lol.
  15. Story

    Why not make ::GE (inside safe spot with a functioning bank, Box of Health, The Prayer Alter that changes your spell book) (feel free to add any suggestions to this spot) the outside of the (Grand Exchange) could be used as a PVP location https://gyazo.com/444e7470b5ec24cbe79c22842be5b97a Another safespot : https://gyazo.com/016c4c902630eccbc760fab0dbc6436f https://gyazo.com/ccea2ef07e58b677b4019d597b59af44
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