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  1. D 0 0 M

    im stoked for this update
  2. Some recent work.


    heres 2 dated link's: 


    Old DA portfolio


    40oz crew logo.jpg

    exls logo.jpg






  3. D 0 0 M

    Hey guys & gals. If you're lookin' for some GFX done, I'll be working on things periodically in my spare time; as I do this semi-professionally Check out my work posted on forums & instagram for reference I specialize in logo design / typography although I dabble in most styles and techniques. If you'd like to get some work done shoot me a PM.
  4. D 0 0 M

    thanks for the update ; I also fixed the link. Let me know if that works out better.
  5. i liek nugz 




  6. D 0 0 M

    Hey all. Looking at this SOTM post from June and this sounds pretty cool. Im down to making a submission. Check my normal people stuff out Here
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