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  1. Sophie/Venom

    As you might have noticed from the banner and title of this thread, this will be the first installment of the latest Wiki Updates that have been going on the past 2 weeks. The Wiki Team as a whole has decided that we will make these threads, roughly every 2 weeks to keep everyone updated, on what's been completed, what we are working on next, and even snippets of the future plans that we have for the Wiki. We also hope to have a section on the Forums very soon for everyone to be able to put in Suggestions of what you might like to see on the Wiki, or even just to help us find things wrong in the different sections of the Wiki, being typos, images that no longer work, etc. What have we completed? We have deleted several sections of the Wiki to what we think isn't really needed, or is now outdated for our version of Grinderscape. Those that we have deleted are listed below: Chromatic Dragon Eggs Prayer Curses Shooting Stars in Minigames These are the pages that we have fully updated, and completed: Spellbooks Official Middlemen Donator Benefits Achievements Commands Forum Ranks Ornament Kits Participation Points Skilling Points Combat Equipment Effects Player Killing Locations Premium Points Voting Points Money Making (still some things to be added, like Dicing when it's in-game) Thieving Skilling Guide Most of the pages that we have fully completed were in the General Guides Section of the Wiki. Which you can check out here. Some of the icons in this section were also changed. What are we working on next? Our next goal is to get the Skilling Guides section fully completed, with all of the updated exp and the best method to get that 99. We also have a goal to get the Boss Drops command in-game changed to ::dropsboss due to the future plans that we have with a certain section. And again as mentioned above, we hope to have a Suggestions section, where you as the players, can help us find faults in the Wiki, or by letting us know what you want to see. Since there are only three of us currently actively working on the Wiki, we would like people to come forward and apply for being part of our team, and to actively help us work on everything that needs to be done, please only apply if you are serious about working with us, as we won't take any slackers. If you wish to apply, then go here. - The Wiki Team
  2. Sophie/Venom

  3. Sophie/Venom

    Welcome back Koen! Can't wait to skill with you again
  4. Sophie/Venom

    Gz Anz!! Well deserved
  5. Sophie/Venom

    All are good suggestions, I'd agree with all of them.
  6. In-game Name(s): Venom Age: 21 (22 soon) Timezone: GMT Will you be active?: Yes How much do you usually play per day?: Lately at least 6 hours. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I have previous experience being an OMM from the old days (was OMM for about 8-10 months), and I still remember how to do them. I believe I'm still trusted by a lot of people that still remember who I am/was. I know I have my duties with the Wiki now, but I won't allow that to waver from what I need to do in-game, when I'm called upon. Will work hard as usual with anything I'm asked to do. Any other information: That's about it. Trades:
  7. Sophie/Venom

    Yeah I'm pretty sure in reality it's like 1:25 like the "rares". Otherwise I guess I just have extremely shit RNG to only get 2 Unique drops
  8. Sophie/Venom

    Daaaamn. Nice Update, thanks Lou
  9. Sophie/Venom

    Loot threads were one of the things I loved to make when I originally played GS. So I figured that I'd bring that back, and get back into making them. I'm gonna try and keep this up regularly, by getting at least one loot thread done a week. This of course depends on what I'm killing, how long it takes to kill the NPC, and also it depends on my free time IRL, as well as how much time I spend working on the Wiki. Lets get into it! Drop Table: 100%: Common: Uncommon: Rare: Very Rare: Untradeables: My Loot: Note: The items you don't see in the drop table above, are all from the Rare Drop Table. Note: This was all done without a RoW. 100%: Common: Uncommon: Rare: Very Rare: Untradeables: This took me about 16 hours in total to complete. If you wish to see more, react to the thread as it'll help me find out if people want to or not. Also if you have an idea or what you wanna see next, then go ahead and comment that below, and it might get chosen for next week! Thanks for checking the thread out Unfortunately I had to edit this cause it seems like spoilers aren't currently working correctly... So sorry for the long thread. - Sophie/Venom
  10. Sophie/Venom

    Welcome back
  11. Sophie/Venom

    Wooooooooo!! Gratz Anz! You'll do amazing! PS: Don't fuck up.
  12. Sophie/Venom

    Gratz Sean. Something you deserve. You're always dedicated to the Graphics side of things. Don't fuck up now... Love ya
  13. In-Game Name: Sentinel/Venom (Will probably be on Venom more) Timezone: GMT Will you be active within the Wiki Team?: Of course. Do you have prior experience editing a Wiki?: I used to be a Wiki Editor with GS a while back, for 8-10 months or so. Creating sections by myself and creating video guides. Why do you deserve to be in the Wiki Team?: I feel like I'll be able to have something to focus on again if I were to be accepted. I work hard when I am accepted into a certain role, and definitely wouldn't let the team down. What do you expect to get out of the Wiki Team? : Nothing at all. The team will get my time and dedication.
  14. Sophie/Venom

    Requesting rank: Veteran, and Ex-Mod. Primary rank(Yes/No) Vet please. Proof: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/358664434324865025/479936452529225733/sophieproof.png (It's only a month away pls. It's my birthday in 12 days gimmie it. <3 )
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