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  1. bluReaper

    Gratz Mate. Welcome to the team hope you do an awesome job. I know you will tho
  2. bluReaper

    These are all pretty nice. Voted for Valar#2 personally. GL
  3. Awesome. Great work guys!
  4. bluReaper

    Welcome back mate!
  5. wew Awesome update guys i now must get all whips Keep up the goodwork :)
  6. bluReaper

    Voted yes. hes a cool guy and I always see him doing his role well within the community. Top Bloke.
  7. bluReaper

    Gratz Zod. I'm Sure you will do great
  8. bluReaper

    I love it mate, Good job.
  9. bluReaper

    Thanks for this Keep up the good work. Grinder always god tier.
  10. bluReaper

    Thanks guys, it's always nice to come back and see whats been going on
  11. bluReaper

    Hey nice stuff bro. I dont know if these are free or not. But id love to get one from you, if you're up for it Something fitting with my whole 'dark theme' Would be nice. If you want a render or something, just let me know. Otherwise suprise me
  12. bluReaper

    Hey Everyone. Hope you're all doing well. My names Brandon. I'm 21. And a pretty big oldfag to Grinder. Orginially made my forum account in 2011. And was a SB mod and nerd in 2014. Its nice to see alot of familiar faces here and there. Just poppin in for nostalgia. I'll be here and there though. Found a random screenshot of my old profile. Gonna dig and see if i cant find more. Peace.
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