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    Yes skills aswell
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    Thank you Jess are you returning to GS?
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    Thank you Valar
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    Thank you!
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    Thanks zodd!
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    Hello Community of GrinderScape! As I am recently being promoted to Event Manager I will be hosting the first event called "The Race"! Because it is close to Christmas the rewards that are being given will be in the theme of Christmas. - Event Information - When will the Event start? The Event will start on 24th of December till the 7th of January 2019 What is the Event? The Event is to reach close to max or being maxed in the 2 weeks that are given. Requirements A fresh level 3 account with "Race" in front of your username for example Race Ascending Prizes First place shall receive: Full Santa Set with Santa Hat! Second place shall receive: A Sled and a pair of Dragon Claws! Third place shall receive: A sled and 150m in-game gp! Rules No trading money/items from other accounts to your Race account! All "Race" accounts will be checked. If you get caught trading items over you will be disqualified from this Event! - NO TRADING, All items have to be earned by yourself (Boss Drops etc) How do we choose the winner? The winner will be chosen by total level so the 3 with the highest total level at the end wins! May the best person wins! Little bonus! - Last day of Race Event you will do a deathmatch @ Wild Resource Area, the last man standing will get bragging rights! - The Event Team -
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    Good luck on your adventures!
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    Thank you bro!
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    Thank you I'm sure we will have great events upcoming!
  10. Welcome to my Event Team Application! In-game Name(s): Ascending Timezone: GMT +1 (The Netherlands) Discord: Ascending#7587 Will you be active within the Event Team?: Yes I will be active in the Event Team How much do you play per day?: I play 5 hours average per day, since Christmas is around the corner I will be online even more. Why should we accept you into the Event Team?: I have a lot of good ideas for events in mind, and I think its a nice idea to bring back the events to the GrinderScape comminity. Do you have prior experience in hosting events?: I do have experience with hosting events before on different servers. Like I said before I have plenty of good ideas aswell bringing back old events. Thank you for taking the time to read my application! Ascending / Pim
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    Nice update Lou!
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