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    Hey guys. The contest is over, and winner for this one is Donnie! He got a few extra points for his use of the fire cape. Truly a fiery theme. Even though 2nd place doesn't get anything, I'm giving 2nd place to Number1Pk for the fireplace and lit fires around him in dragon and with the lava blade. Donnie message me in game for ur 500m when you're on
  2. mt851

    I don't think enforcing 500m cash in a bank is a good idea. Most people don't keep that kind of gp in their banks. Or even if they do, they're quick to buy items they need or whatever with it. Most people gamble with items anyways, or they even gamble with all their cash. I agree there should be a solution to players getting cleaned and just logging out, or perhaps a minimum time played to allow gambling? This way people feel more vested into their account prior to gambling. I agree we need a grand exchange or something. I don't know if I would say it's vital to the economy, but it would be helpful to sell things when not around. Having a mega whip would be interesting. I'd be curious to see how OP it would be, because describing it the way you have, sounds way too OP. And if it's not OP, why make it better than the rapier? Or maybe make this mega whip include the rapier as an ingredient to craft it? idk. I would love more wiki-editors. Honestly I think the server supports should double as wiki editors because they have the knowledge.
  3. What: Grinderscape Outfit Competition Where: Here in the forums Theme: This time around we will be focusing on a theme. If you submit an entry, and it doesn't follow theme, I will still consider it; however, following the theme will ensure judging points over non-theme outfits The theme is.........................FIRE Try to incorporate fire, red, hot, designs into your outfit. How do I compete?: You get one submission. Screenshot what you think is an amazing outfit in-game and post it to this thread. If you post multiple times I will still only use your first submission as your entry, so make sure you choose your best outfit! Prize: Winner --> 500m GP How long do we have: February 10th, 2019 by midnight eastern time, is when I will choose the winner
  4. mt851

    I vouch for this as well.
  5. mt851

    I think it should be an even more amazing pop up. I agree there should be acknowledgement of such an achievement, but instead of a global chat message similar to a yell, perhaps you can implement a floating pop up window, that is small....like 100px x 30px....and it fades into view in the bottom right hand corner of our viewport, and just says "XXXXXXX is now maxed!". It could be small enough to not interrupt your gameplay view, but noticeable enough to give them the attention they deserve for such an achievement.
  6. In-game Name(s): mt851 Age: 25 Timezone: Eastern Will you be active?: of course How much do you usually play per day?: 3 - 4 hours Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I've been involved with things in-game that require middlemen for some time now. I understand the need to be careful and take screenshots to verify when you're trading back stuff. I'm fairly known in the grinderscape community, and I'm pretty sure people think I'm friendly and a "chill dude". I just hit a month of being back with Grinderscape, and I believe I have logged on everyday since I started. I'm also a veteran, showing my loyalty to the server 6 years later. I treat other people with respect, and have been fair with all the duels I've participated in. I'm a bit older too, and would say I'm more mature than others. Any other information: I'm married too, so my wife must think I'm mature enough to marry right? xP
  7. mt851

    Pretty sure Donor Bond is worth about 5b+, and you're offering 900m.
  8. mt851

    I think it makes sense to allow repairs with cash; however, I don't think it's a reason to devalue blood money. The current emphasis and extra value over blood money makes things like slayer tasks, and other things that reward bm, more exciting. Because you earn Bm from slayer tasks, you'll want to grind our slayer more. Because you can get BM for pking, you'll pk more. Especially because you know you can buy a rapier with enough of it. It's an alternative way to start a solid bank, as the rapier is worth 5b+.
  9. mt851

    Killaz I believe this exists already. In the guides area I believe it shows drops from bosses and mobs. And I think there might even be something like that in your quest tab. Also, you can teleport to an npc and right click to view their drop table if you really want to know without asking.
  10. mt851

    Wow that really sucks...hopefully staff helps you out.
  11. mt851

    I think we all look pretty snazzy, what about you guys?
  12. To extend on what Donnie mentioned, to remove the cache, if you're on a windows, it's normally located where your 'Program Files' or 'Program Filesx86' folders are. Most caches have a period in front of them, which means you'll need to go into your windows folder settings and toggle the 'show hidden folders' to 'on' or check marked or something. Once that's enabled you should be able to see some sort of 'grinderscape_cache' or something. In regard to the internet being a potential culprit, it's possible the router you're connected to has firewall restrictions around the port grinderscape uses to connect to its server. If the router is blocking outbound traffic to that port, you wouldn't be able to log in. Other possibilities are local computer firewall properties and potentially anti-virus.
  13. mt851

    Open until Sunday now!
  14. I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about. This update is perfectly fine. You have two complaints and think it's crap? As far as the timeline goes, it probably would have taken you half a year to fix some of the stuff he fixed in this. Especially considering the holidays. A month to make another major release is good amount of time to release an update like this. If you don't like the wildy, stay out of it. If you don't like the boss contracts, don't take them on.
  15. What: Grinderscape Outfit Competition Where: Here in the forums How do I compete?: You get one submission. Screenshot what you think is an amazing outfit in-game and post it to this thread. If you post multiple times I will still only use your first submission as your entry, so make sure you choose your best outfit! Prize: 1st place --> 500m GP Runner Up --> 50k Blood Money (BM) How long do we have: January 20th, 2019 by midnight eastern time, is when I will choose the winner and the runner-up. 1st Place Winner: Blake XoXo Runner up: Boosie pm me in game to get your prize ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any questions, pm me on the forums or message me in-game when I'm online. I will be the only judge for this contest.
  16. This makes me happy. It probably feels good, Lou, to have an insanely large list of improvements and fixes that you can show off to people. It's one of the feel goods of coding in my opinion.
  17. mt851

    Note: These changes are meant to be a collaborative effort. Please request for changes or argue against changes in a polite way. Before you take a look, the main/only changes I've made are to items that are in the premium point shop as well as their economy value as it stands. The logic I've used to re-calculate everything is based on a donator's ability to buy any single item or set in the premium points store and get the same economical value out of that item as every other item. You'll notice there are some insanely cheap items in the premium store using that new formula, and my recommendation around the items price below 2000 (except for third age), is to remove it from the premium store because it's possible to obtain said items from boss drops. the other option is to move them to the blood money store. I have increased the GP value of some items, and decreased the value in other items to get the ratio of GP/Premium Points equal to 100k which you can see from the images. Having cheaper options in the donation store (while still maintaining that economy ratio) will be more appealing to new comers and old players to donate to Grinderscape. The economy will still be pretty stable because it was a pretty balanced price decrease and price decrease from different items. Players would see more of a change on the premium point costs than anything. Having some of these cheaper premium point items will also tell players that Grinderscape isn't just trying to steal people's money and that Grinderascape wants them to be able to obtain solid items at a reasonable price. Grinderscape's player base most likely has younger players, less able to get access to money to donate. And if they do manage to convince their parents (or spend their own money on donations) to donate to Grinderscape, they will get more bang for their buck, and Grinderscape will get more of a consistent stream of donations (in theory). You'll see some players become slightly richer from this, and some become slightly poorer. This is OKAY because Grinderscape doesn't have osrs gp swap yet. Once the economy stabilizes from these changes (which will happen quickly), you can start to consider OSRS GP swaps, but we will leave the trade ratios and OSRS gp values to another discussion. I highly recommend reading all the text above before reviewing the images. Yellow highlight is the new updated price from before Two yellow highlights in a row means the premium point price and the economy price have changes Yellow highlight is the new updated price from before Two yellow highlights in a row means the premium point price and the economy price have changes Note: These changes are meant to be a collaborative effort. Please request for changes or argue against changes in a polite way.
  18. Requesting rank: Extreme Donator Primary rank(Yes/No) Yes Proof:
  19. mt851

    Damn man it probably took you longer to write up this goals post than it will to actually complete your goals haha. Looks sick, and best of luck. If you can resist dicing your items that is
  20. mt851

    Welcome back man. Good luck on the grind, there'll be plenty of us to grind with you
  21. mt851

    Another option is adding a custom way to craft the darts using dragon items + feathers. If a play has a dragon dagger, a dragon longsword, a dragon scimmy, whatever, and they have 10 feathers, and they use them on eachother, it will consume the dragon item, and 10 feathers, and turn it into 10 dragon darts. Just an idea.
  22. mt851

    In the last couple of years I have really been slacking on learning boss fights. I'd love to do that on grinderscape after I get max combat stats and start doing more bossing.
  23. In-game Name(s): Mt851 Timezone: Eastern Discord: dragonk520#9717 Will you be active within the Event Team?: yes How much do you play per day?: a few hours at least Why should we accept you into the Event Team?: I love to organize things and I know how to gather people. I have a few different ideas on some events I think a lot of people would really appreciate. One of those ideas is a duel arena tournament, but everyone is boxing or ddsing. Winner gets something. I'd love to host some races and maybe some scavenger hunts. I'll explain the scavenger hunt in the prior experience section. Do you have prior experience in hosting events?: In old grinderscape I was always doing hide n seeks and trivias, goodie bags and all that jazz. You can only do so much when you have to give away your own bank haha. In the past I would have people be in specific places that gives out clues to the next person when the participants get to them. The last guy will have some award to hand out. Those are just a couple ideas, but maybe I could talk with the devs about coding some events in. I used to code mini-games into server in the past. One of the mini-games I was proudest of was a christmas event that required you to collect snowballs that spawn in random places on a mountain, and use them on a demonous santa and try to keep him at bay (no safe-spots) so he doesn't kill you. When you completed the task you'd earn christmas points based on how fast it took you, and there was a custom store that accepted those points to win neat christmas themed items. It was pretty fun haha. I'd love to think of new event ideas and use old ideas that have worked in the past as well.
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