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  1. Ascend

    Nice one Barry! No doubt you'll do good
  2. Good luck Mikey Excited to see the progress
  3. Ascend

    Thank you both!
  4. INTRODUCTION First of all, let me introduce myself. I've been a casual hcim player on osrs after quitting and came back a month ago to climb the rankings there. On 28th of February, the tbow incident happened and I joined GrinderScape during downtime. I've been enjoying my time way more because of the small'ish amount of people and the amazing community. I plan on staying here for a while now that I've discovered GS. I have been hyped since I've joined the server to start an ironman at the release of the update, since I'll be able to properly compete in the high scores. Today is finally the day I can introduce my hardcore ironman: Descend The goal is pretty simple: maxing and staying at the top of the leaderboards. I plan on making this my main progress account, so Ascend will just become an alt I practice bossing or methods for skilling on. NOTE: more goals might pop up later, these are some obvious things. I plan on adding screenshots for any noticeable progress. I might also make progress videos if you guys want that Currently learning Premiere so should be a nice exercise.
  5. Amazing big update! Really looking forward to the new content and the new modes to play Keep it up
  6. Ascend

    Damn, nice goals! Really looking forward to the updates, perhaps you can do a quicker progress showing? You can screenshot stats or something to show what you've done Good luck and see u on gs
  7. Ascend

    True that, looking forward to the outcome
  8. Ascend

    Okay great! I already like the 3 top ones though, gives a new dimension to the mode. The trading part is indeed a problem, even if they pk a friend with the stuff. Don't think you can fix that in any way now that I think of it (unless you can only trade with other Classic modes)
  9. Ascend

    Things I like from the suggestions: - Slayer task +10% reward, with 20% less - The unique cape (love that suggestion ) - A unique skilling area The others might be a bit OP if they can trade with other players. - Stalls are fine, but I think people would just make alts for cash and thieve on a classic account. - Skilling points are fine maybe, since most of it is for the player itself. - Participation award might be a bit OP too if they grind certain activities to get a lot of participation points; donator bond will be worth less. Some things come to mind when I think about classic mode: - No weekend combat bonuses, maybe even no thieve bonus if the +35% goes live - Skill of the hour bonus is higher for classic players, to encourage grinding hours - I'd say only cosmetics from premium points shop, as it would highly impact the highscores and make it a bit P2W to have BIS instantly. (Question: is this the case for ironman modes too?) Overall very happy to hear that Ironman modes are going live soon, can't wait to play!
  10. Hi y'all! Today I decided to make an in depth (and subjective) guide on how to do bossing contracts effectively. Since you get boss contract points as well as cash + blood money rewards, these might stack up pretty nice for when the contracts shop opens. GETTING STARTED Bossing contracts cost 1,5M to start and 2M to cancel. A contract asks you to do a certain boss in X amount of time, if you complete it you have an enhanced chance of getting a rare drop and you get contract points + (blood) money. You can start a contract at the minigame icon at ::home, in front of the furnace. Talk to , just like in the picture below. Items/gear/stats I recommend to GRIND the contracts (doesn't mean u can't do them with lower stats): 80+ ranged 42+def (void, but higher is highly recommended) 74 prayer to get rigour, but 70'ish is fine to not spend any pray pots on tasks (will explain later!) Gear like above for starters. If you have bolts for rcb/dhcb/acb use them and get money through doing this to buy a tbow for yourself. Also bring a spade, tinderbox and candle for Giant Mole in your inv if you plan to camp contracts. I have decided to make a tier list that is my opinion - but I will add why I think these are great tasks/needs to be skipped. My opinion: Tasks in the wild that will be in deep wild and still hit a lot in the fight is not worth my risk/time when I can skip S TIER: These tasks are great for money and/or time as they don't have a lot of risk involved and are quick and easy points. Jad - Mage/range Jungle Demon - Mage Giant Mole - Melee Ice troll king - Melee A TIER: These are simple and quick, but involve risk in the wild. Crazy archeologist - Range Vet'ion - Mage B TIER: A bit more risk involved for the reward, but still do-able if you don't want to skip to only get A/S tier tasks. Venenatis - Range Chaos elemental (if you use lower tier gear, you might not be able to do this one in time) - Mage C TIER: I don't recommend doing these as you will need a lot of food/dangerous to get out of King Black Dragon - Mage Black Knight Titan - Mage? REWARDS The bosses are pretty good for GP and Blood money. For example, Jad gives you 20M cash and 800 bm. Little test I did for the guide: Start -> 150M End -> 400M (excluding the blood money, I think I killed like 30-35 bosses in total during this time) If you guys have any questions about this or if you need extra information added here, let me know
  11. Ascend

    Hello! I'm selling sanguinesti staff and bulwark for some cash, or we can arrange a swap for a tbow with one of these + cash, or both for a tbow. Hmu here or ingame if I'm online
  12. Ascend

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