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  1. Njburton

    10/10 would barry again.
  2. 10/10 would zood again.
  3. Njburton

    died at volk, tp'd back and my stuff didnt appear and also relogged and still nothing, zod came and saw that volk was bugged... is there a way to get my stuff back? lost 'tbow' 'peg boots' 'neck of anguish'
  4. Njburton

    tbh, i dont think the slayer tasks need altering, otherwise it will mess up the eco... too many people with tbows + rapiers.
  5. In-game Name(s): Njburton Age: 26 Timezone: GMT Will you be active?: i'm always active, usually around 4-6 hours per day How much do you usually play per day?: answered above ^ Why do you deserve to be in this group?: i've done a few mm and recorded all actions, i get along with alot of people and try my best to help out new members! Any other information: below is just one of many mm's i have done thanks.
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