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  1. Everyone saying this update is amazing is definitely in denial lol sure most of this stuff is good but you ruined the wilderness making it extremely easy to camp high reward bosses with no risk and on top of that boss contracts give way to much gold and this update took extremely long regardless of the reason. 2/10
  2. u look dead

    Currently the only way to obtain dragon darts is from the BM shop so i think there needs to be a monster that drops them or a boss. Maybe add a drop of 25-30 dragon darts to dark beast and a drop of 50-75 dragon darts to KBD would give people some more options to get them instead of paying with BM
  3. u look dead

    yeah it should have if i cared to report him lol which i don't i just find it really funny
  4. https://gyazo.com/2bf67ed43a1c513c4c10e9b6939a982f https://gyazo.com/c5ff36615fc7e5515f121435d96b3b07
  5. u look dead

    Good update, but Saradomin's tear doesnt work
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