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    this is bummerpure, i was using my cannon in level 14 wilderness on the green dragons and it wont let me pick it up ive tried relogging and talking to the cannon guy. i have to log off there is no staff on at the momeny barry allan knows and alot of people know its glitched out. if i could get my cannon back that would be great thanks,bummerpure i took a screenshot but i do not know how to post the screenshot on here.
  2. hi stan my main bummerpure. when i log in my inventory pops up and it acts like its gonna load up then gets stuck at the loading screen and the screen is black. i have tried everything. i have cleared all my cache and history and even re-downloaded the game several times. the weird thing is i can log into a new character just fine. i heard other people are having the same issue can you help me please?

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