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    In-game Name(s) of the account you're trying to recover?: graeme In-game(s) of some alternative accounts you still have access too?: leg end How did you loose your account(s)?:i got hacked changed the password and then stopped playing for a while and cant for the life of me remember it Any other Info?:i got hacked and it was put up on a youtube vid had some interaction on here with someone to get items back ect ty
  2. graeme

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_BF5J8UPjI my account is around 2 min and you can see my name around 2:15 when he never re blurred it
  3. graeme

    I recently started playing again and logged on today to only find out that ive been hacked and left at the fally party room theses also I vid on youtube and my account is in it with my account being emptied it was posted by anonymous in the forums chat account name is graeme items missing is twisted bow,x3 trident of the seas, dfs, broken elite void top and legs, abby tent, trident of the swamp, 2 blow pipes, dragon claws, ags, archers ring, rune pouch rocky beaver and golem pets, occult x2 master wands and elder robe bottoms, justiciar helm, guilded med helm also my cash stac
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