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Item On Death - Changes (Good to know)

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Hello grinders!


As everyone of you know we are slowly perfecting the server each and every feature, and this means we have redone our items on death mechanics. I will keep this short for you and easy to understand, but here is how the system works which is identical to OSRS so if you know it you can skip the reading.

All items are kept based on its value (examine) which is the market value. You usually keep the top 3 items assuming you are not skulled so they are protected. However, those items below follows different mechanics.


Items that can break (Void, Fire cape, Torso, etc):


Death under wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You will keep your items, kept but (broken). The pk'er receives 50% of its repair value in Blood money.

Death above wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You lose the item on death, but the killer gets rewarded 75% of its repair value in Blood money.

Non PVP (Die to a boss/npc):
Death over Wilderness level 20 to PVM (Boss/NPC) = You lose the item, but you get 75% of its repair value in Blood money (Inventory).

Death outside the Wilderness or under 20 wild = You keep the items but it stays in the broken form aka Fire cape (broken).


Chinchompasare always lost on death, if you die to a player they get them as a drop however.

Charged items such as Dragon fireshield, Craws bow, Serpentine helmet, Tome of fire, Scythe, etc - They will drop as uncharged if NOT protected on death. Revenant items will also drop their ether.

Untradeable items: They will ONLY stay on the floor for 60 seconds so you can pick them up and no one else will be able to see them even if lost on PVP.



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