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  2. Dreamzz

    i don't see anything that staff needs to handle here? XD he says idiot and poor fuck thats not that toxic but i guess staff will look at this
  3. jJoe_L

    Name: Drunkstoned https://gyazo.com/8232b7901599e6cfd67dc06c9f8bc5b3 https://gyazo.com/5e6c44cef0705d8c9f181254f4596bc9 https://gyazo.com/127708e4e9e2b15594beaeef226c4176
  4. I wsa in a duel and my wifi went off and when it came back on only 1 of my accs were able to log in And now i cant login into Tim Can you log it out plis
  5. Yesterday
  6. skilling gear is lost on death sir, sorry if no one told you this.
  7. Yuno the vibe man, the grind isn't stopping anytime soon
  8. The duo himself, yeah the snaps gonna be lit. Keep up the grind
  9. All the best duo, enjoy the states. You have my snapchat you know what to do
  10. what a small world, where are you from then?
  11. wow, what a small world. what part are you from if you dont mind me asking?
  12. i think i remember someone else telling me that no matter if ur skulled or not u always lose the skilling outfits in wildy, not sure if thats the case since ive never checked though.
  13. If you died in the wildy resource area and got skulled by a banana whip then you would have lost everything. If you can provide evidence to show this wasn't the case then something may be done. unfortunately until then its lost.
  14. I died with 3 items of the angler outfit. The 'items kept on death screen' tells you you will keep it. It were the only items i had with me. @Lou Grinder
  15. master jo111

    That’s literally 5 minutes from me man.
  16. Timebrawler

    This will be handled, thank you for the report.
  17. master jo111

    What part of Arkansas? I live in Northwest Arkansas.
  18. I've spoken to yourself in-game and i believe this has been resolved now.
  19. https://gyazo.com/6b5c40e01f3e6464abf8ecbdb32bc311 I told him trading is down atm and he continues to say this
  20. https://gyazo.com/a027d85c83e50c5a773da8902bb04bfb https://gyazo.com/9293d1c2c0b530851d3a1aa42a236b31 1 mbox said i won said i won arcane and i was glad but then it showed 3rd age can i get arcane instead? It gave me 3rd age amulet but said i won an arcane Im kinda salted Can a nyone help me out ill give the admin the amulet
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