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  2. Hello i would like to exchange these tokens please for osrs gp https://ibb.co/PT2gNfS
  3. Lethal

    Hello i would like to exchange these tokens please for osrs gp https://ibb.co/PT2gNfS
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  6. I'm not sure how long you've been in-game, I haven't seen you much at all, but it's going to be a no for now.
  7. Valar

    Glad to be of service
  8. In-game Name(s):Bashar Age:18 Timezone:GMT +2 Will you be active?:Yes ofcourse I will be active. How much do you usually play per day?:5-6 hours. Why do you deserve to be in this group?:Because i'm a decent guy, Not talking about myself or even showing off to be honest literally I like to be an OMM, since I've been an omm before in a different servers, Being an omm for the server makes me proud of my self and gives me more feelings, Mostly like being a great player I'm a guy which likes to support in any rank pretty sure I know how omm works, Being an omm should owning a trust, Without the trust you wont even reach the OMM rank, I really hope that I get accepted since I think I deserve this spot, To be honest I am an old player which I started few days ago I would like to be supporting more as I tried to support with getting dice rank again. Any other information:No
  9. Old Username/Ingame Username:Bashar Proof(ingame crown/Billing e-mail):
  10. papi

    Awesome the first one is awesome thanks a lot and sorry about posting in the wrong section @Valar
  11. tom

    Nice stuff sean
  12. Barry

    keep it going dude! always looking forward to the next installment!
  13. Hey, another achievement! I just cleared: This is the loot she gives and the proof: She thicc: Cya on the next one!
  14. Valar

    Made these for you P.S.: this topic needs to be moved @Isaac @Strawberries
  15. Valar

    nice guide yes
  16. Dreamzz

    Nice guide will help alot
  17. Dreamzz

    Thanks for making this post
  18. Dreamzz

    I agree with this post. void is to op fr
  19. Dreamzz

  20. Hey everyone I was just wondering if there was someone able to make me a cool Artwork with my name for my forums something that uses the colour in the outfit, would be super cool thanks! Papi
  21. Akou

    Nice guide as always
  22. Mule

    Very nice, I'm sure this will help many players!
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  24. Welcome to the Brimstone key Guide! This guide will include all things related to the brimstone key from how to obtain one and where to use it. Enjoy! Key; What is a brimstone key? how do you obtain a brimstone key? Where do i use a brimstone key? What do i get for using a brimstone key? What is a brimstone key? A brimstone keys is an item which is used to open up a chest which rewards you with various items. Below is what a Brimstone key looks like; How do you obtain a brimstone key? Brimstone keys are obtained by killing Hydras or the Alchemical Hydra boss which requires 95 slayer to attack. They also have the chance to drop from the RDT (Rear Drop Table) when killing NPC's throughout Grinderscape. Where do i use a brimstone key? Brimstone keys can be used on chests within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon which can be accessed via the Alchemical Hyrda boss teleport. This is where to find the chests; Chest three is the safest to open as the other two spots have hydras guarding them. What do i get for using a brimstone key? Brimstone keys are mainly used to obtain various skilling supplies ranging from raw fish to runite bars. Sometimes various amounts of GP (Gold Pieces) can be obtained ranging from 10-25mil. Below is what was gained from using 100 Brimstone keys; I hope this guide has helped you understand what the brimstone key is and is used for! Special thanks to Corvus Vitae for supplying the majority of the keys to make this guide possible! -Barry.
  25. lew

    Excellent work to the dev and staff involved.
  26. Mule

    Worst post you've ever made. -1
  27. Surgeon

    Goooooood gooooood!
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