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  2. Keelow

    Welcome back to the server ! Hope you enjoy your stay
  3. lew

    Thank you for the update and the hard work you and the dev team put in!
  4. Isaac

    Welcome back, good to see older faces around nowadays :).
  5. Netflix

    Thanks for the update
  6. nickedge2012

    Not sure how many people are still around from 3+ years ago, but if you have, you might recognize me, but most honestly wont. Former Server supporter before having to leave due to a lot of personal IRL stuff that was going on, but now im finally at the point that I can get back to playing this game. a lot of change has happened but I have never been able to stay away from this game. If you remember me, feel free to HMU ingame. Glad to be back!
  7. Keelow

    Thanks for this update !
  8. Guest

    Cool update thanks!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Strix

    Awesome stuff thank you!
  11. Lou Grinder

    Bugs and Fixes: - Improved cape particles resizing on resizeable modes. - Resizable mode frame resizing support. - Fixed screen mode setting in interface not setting on logout. - Fixed mystery box rewards container. - Fixed top and left borders of game frame in fixed mode not repainting when switching screen modes (after new resizable changes). - Fixed trade window showing the name Blake for everyone and the item prices listing. - Using smouldering stone on dragon harpoon will now work properly. (Thanks to Lomax) - Several other minor fixes after the big update which should improve overall experience. Content: - New Fremmenik Store in Relleka! (Player requested) - Summer sale!!! Up to 40% discount on premium items store! LIMITED TIME ONLY - PVP item sets (Vesta's, Morrigan's..etc). - The client is now fully resizable in fixed mode. (Requires client update)
  12. Last week
  13. In-game Name(s): ( Anime ) Age: 21 Timezone: Eastern Will you be active?: Yes How much do you usually play per day?: 6 - 8 Why do you deserve to be in this group?: Well, I am honest and straight forward, I am respected by many players who I've helped grow to help them have the best experience possible. I will be active and dedicated to prevent scamming, I will use all the information to my knowledge to help players with pricing of item's and locations of npc, I look forward to be part of the staff family and play a bigger role in the server family. Thanks anime. Any other information: Grinderscape was the first server I ever played in 2013, And I have always had deep love for the server and it's community. I hope to see it strive and become the top server around.
  14. Congratulations on getting your Omm title! keep up the good work
  15. In-game Name(s):Skybro/Skyflash88 Age:23(birthday in 9 days so gift me noobs) Timezone:gmt+1 Will you be active?:Pfff you know it baby How much do you usually play per day?:work hours from 9am to 4pm(dont question how I play so much at work, my boss doesn't why should you xd) Why do you deserve to be in this group?:Well I don't know if my sexiness counts but I'd say my nice personality most of all Any other information:Not really, this is my 2nd application and everyone knows me so not much needed to say. Love you all and gl to me! xdxdxd
  16. Alright boys and girls. This is the best inventory for hydra. You can also bring 3 pray pots and one range pot and rest food if you cant use overloads yet but you will get max 2-4 kills. This way you get 5-8 kills. This is the max setup but if you want to try it out the first time you can bring black d hide and t bow. Be careful if you die in hydra lair you can't get your stuff back!! Here is the route to hydra since some of you may get mixed up at finding hydra. Alright before entering drink your overload and 1 sara pot and turn off your auto retaliate this is very important. Once you enter pray mage and rigour and stand at the square i am standing in the picture above. Each time stand there its the best spot you'll understand why along the way. So keep mage pray all the time and start hitting green. At 800-850hp the blue one will come out. Don't panic. He will come closer to you and you will stop hitting. Don't do anything just wait 4 seconds and then click on him. This will bring you back one square and you start hitting him(if you directly click him without waiting you will just walk back and back). At 500-550 hp the red one will come out. We do the 4 second thing on him too but for the red one we have to be careful. Sometimes he will stun you and spit fire and this is the tricky and only hard part of Hydra boss. What you do once he stuns you is turn off run and you start walking. I will put a picture below on how I walk away from fire and I recommend doing this route too. So in my picture the fire in the north and the west are the places you dont want to walk. So what we do is start walking north till the border of north fire area and then east till we hit the wall and then south and west and it should be finished. After this just keep hitting hydra at a safe spot with no fire and at 250-300 hp the gray one will come out. He doesnt do anything just keep praying and hitting and you'll kill in no time. Like I said guys a very easy boss so no reason you should be afraid of hydra :). Gl to everyone.
  17. I would trust you with that Job good luck mate
  18. Netflix

    Lisa, i cant place picture on forums idk why but it says my files are to big. When you are online ingame i Will show you or someone else who can help me Ty
  19. Wasn't on for past days so can't say anything Best of luck with this application!
  20. Lisa

    I can confirm I seen your normal donor icon in-game Could you please post a proof of your super donator rank i'll keep the thread open in the mean-while
  21. You are very active and a nice guy in general, and I think you can be trusted with this rank. Goodluck with your application. Greetz Number 1
  22. Requesting rank: Dicer, Donator and super donator Primary rank(Yes/No) Proof: you can see i have the ranks in game to
  23. A little rushed through on the application. You are active within the community and haven't seen you break any rules or being disrespectful/immature etc. Best of luck to you !
  24. In-game Name(s): Netflix. Age: 22. Timezone: Amsterdam. Will you be active?: Always. How much do you usually play per day?: so much as possible, 4-8 hours a day. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: i want to help ppl and everyone can trust me. Any other information: there are not Always mm's online and i want to help the server and everyone who play's this server.
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