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  2. Magnata

    3 years old forum account btw Start trouble for the 3rd time?? what you talkin bout
  3. Valar

    Thats not proof. Send valid proof first. Screenshot from your joining time on grinderscape. BUT If you're here to start trouble for the 3rd time you wont be here for long.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Acolyte

    hey sup
  6. Requesting rank: Veteran Primary rank(Yes/No) yes Proof: I play since 2012, Name on old forums: Username Ak7 aka Magnata.
  7. Last week
  8. Trantur

    Lou i have tried to contact you in game maybe you were afk. Is there something you can do? Really cant afford to lose my magma helm.
  9. Valar

    Hi and welcome back! Make sure the make a forum rank request with the proof for vet rank
  10. Lou Grinder

    Can you please link your other account from old forums, or any other proof? I don't really see it on the old forums.
  11. Requesting rank:veteran Primary rank(Yes/No) veteran Proof: played since 2012, veteran rank on the last grinderscape forum
  12. Opy

    hey brothers ,msg me if you played gs back then and remember me & can I have the veteran rank pls
  13. Thank you guys for the quick response. On September 17 2018, I messaged Lou on discord on my discord account "Kwantran" my account had been nulled. During this time, is when I lost 100m cash. I did not mention the cash in my discord message. When a logged back in a few weeks later, I withdrew most of my gear, and found that my account was still nulled. I messaged Lou again on discord on October 7 2018, and again Lou fixed my account quickly. Although Lou fixed my null, I have not received my lost items back yet. I took a break between September 17, and October 7, and did not play in between this time. Perhaps I made a mistake, and the null was not yet fixed. Thank you for your time.
  14. Lou Grinder

    Should take effect within few minutes,
  15. Lou Grinder

    You can't be nulled twice. The reason is you got nulled. The first time was due to a script being run through some accounts. After fixing your account and refunding you the items, I guarantee it cannot happen again. Already compensated players who got nulled from the script and they never had any issues yet.
  16. When my account became nulled, I withdrew some items from my bank but i could not redeposit them or click on them. I relogged, and all of the items i withdrew had been deleted. A week later I was nulled again, and again some more of my items were deleted. I lost 100m cash, an abyssal tentacle whip, a 3rd age melee helmet, a dragon defender, elite void melee, and an infernal cape. Thank you.
  17. Requesting rank: Ex-Staff (Co-Owner), Ex-Staff (IGA), Vet Staff, Veteran, Respected, Graphic Designer, and Super Donator. Primary Rank (Yes): Respected Proof: Rashed (Lou Grinder) - I've been around since 2008 and at a time in 2013/2014 I was the co-owner of the forums and an in-game administrator. I was a shoutbox moderator, global moderator, and in-game moderator before that time and spent a long time to achieve those ranks. There was a time where I earned my way as a respected player and re-earned it upon coming back, during those times I provided graphics that were used for Grinderscapes advertising, advertising on other official platforms with large audiences (ie, Hackforums), players signatures, an official middleman clan, and created the userbars that are still used to this day. Finally, I've donated every year from 2010-2014, and times during 2016-2018, including recently (over $200-$300 overall through all the years). I may be asking for a lot, however, my account on the forums has been erased several times and, now that I'm active again I hope to be able to help other players, spread the graphic love, and be a role model player both on the forums and in-game. Also, my proof is Rashed (Lou Grinder), Icarly65, Zod, and any player that's been around for many of the years between 2008 and now. @Lou Grinder @Icarly65 @Zod
  18. Lou Grinder

    Sad to hear this. You have done an amazing job here and all the good old days. Hope you the best in your future and life mate
  19. Jessica

    We will miss you ANT Education comes first and Goodluck in uni (you won’t need it tho since you’re clever )
  20. Brad

    Grinderscape will never be the same. :,( i miss u already
  21. Number 1

    Dam Anz! I really appreciated you as a staff member. Goodluck with uni! And I hope to see you back in game whenever you got the time. X
  22. Never steal names you imposter! Thanks for your duties and goodluck! Greetings The real Number 1
  23. Valar

    Will miss you Anz !!
  24. Surreal

    Unexpected indeed brother, maybe we'll see you back someday.
  25. Kazuhira Miller

    You will most certainly be missed, Anz. I hope you take care of yourself my man. I wish you the best of luck mate.
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