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  2. Valar

    Awesome! This will draw much more activity to the wiki! Great job guys!
  3. Hello Grinderscape, Just making this thread to finally announce a full boss drop guide. This can be found by clicking here - https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Bestiary/Monster_%26_Boss_Drops you can also access this using the ::drops command in-game. Be sure to use Ctrl F for easy searching . Bear in mind, some drop rates may be inaccurate and will be updated. Furthermore, some monster drops will be added to the guide at some point. As usual, please let us know if anything is missing or if there are any human errors. Thank you for reading - The Wiki team
  4. Isaac

    Added as requested. ~closed
  5. Isaac

    Thank you for mentioning this, I will work on changing the subforums. ~closed
  6. Isaac

    Try resetting your wi-fi router or using hotspot. if this didn't help pm either me or @Lou Grinder. ~closed
  7. Valar

    That makes sense, it should be like that indeed!
  8. vutr

    Server has been reset, try now! Let us know if this is persistent
  9. Kyle

    Your guide is well-detailed and accurate, I hope you make more guides like this, especially for the forums.
  10. Pretty simple. https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/95-request-for-discord-rank/ - This should be changed to "Discord staff applications" and be moved somewhere else (optional). People will get this context confused, just like I have.
  11. Discord name(s): Jesus Tabor (#1 Loyal) Timezone: GMT+10 Will you be active on the Discord's team?: Yes, discord is the one location I can be active daily. Do you have prior experience moderating on Discord's/Forums?: Yes, I have been discord staff for grinderscape previously, so my experience comes from there. Why do you deserve to be in the Discord's team?: Well, other than the fact i'm clearly active in the timezone where everyone else is asleep, I know how to handle situations. I have the reputation as one of the most active people on the entire discord, and I believe I am respected enough, and worthy enough, to fulfill discord moderator duties. What do you expect to get out of joining the Discord's team?: I expect to help get the server off to a flying start, as it's only new people are constantly joining the discord and asking questions if no one is able to help in-game, or just engaging with the community as a whole.
  12. Surreal

    Your account might be bugged/nulled and stuck logged in, or it could be some other server-side issues.
  13. Great idea Great idea green common, blue, uncommon, purple rare, dark red super rare
  14. red melon

    yeah agree
  15. Hentai

    I was only able to use saras altar once camped there for about 30-40mins
  16. This right here! maybe add different colors to different values / items
  17. kibar

    Getting this error when trying to login, any fix? I logged out last night and have been logged out for roughly 18 hours.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Valar

    Nice so people can actually calculate now (like me) !
  20. Valar

    Should be once every 5 minutes ngl
  21. Entry Fee

    A lot of people ask what bones give the most exp, and how much that actually is. It's now right here, and I can direct them to this thread if they ever wanna know. Great job.
  22. Jessica

    Thank you
  23. vutr

    nice post
  24. vutr

    yeah i noticed that too
  25. Hentai

    Can only pray one time even after waiting 60 seconds
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