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  1. In-Game Name(s): Diamond Host + Kodai Wand Age: 19 Timezone: EST Will you be active?: Yes, i have been playing since 2011. I am always here to help the community. How much do you usually play per day?: It all depends because I just started school from 8:30 AM - 2:20 PM EST : Mon-Thurs. Chances are I will be on atleast 2-3 Active Hours per day, however im 100% active on discord should someone request me. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I have experience with MM before, I know what is expected and needs to be done and how to organize osrs / rs3 to GSGP via the spreadsheet. I am also very well known and trusted. Any other information: Like i previously mentioned i was already an MM on this server and know how to do the job already, i have completely returned to the sever and willing to help the community and take some workload off of staff members if there are no MM online I will always be around.
  2. Diamond Host

    I agree with making it worth more but also idk if i like the idea of making it harder to get, you can just increase the price of items in the store, making tat problem go away and more BM would be flushed out of the ECO. Good ideas tho.
  3. +1 from the King of Diamonds very active and well respected around the community, would make a great MM and also we need more that are active and not one once a week XD Good luck homie
  4. Diamond Host

    Love the update keep up the great work as always !
  5. In-game Name(s): Diamond Host Age: 19 Timezone: EST US Will you be active?: Ill be as active as possible to do what needs to be done and help as much as I can. How much do you usually play per day?: typically 3-7 Hours when I can be on. I work all day on weekends. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I have very respected and trusted in the community, very well known and can be helpful to anyone that needs assistance. I am also very experienced in staff on rsps along side knowing the detailed and specific rules of gambling and trading with osrs. I am very careful and make sure i provide the best possible service and time needed to get things perfect. Any other information: I have been playing Grinderscape since 2014 and have been very active, respected, and known in the community since then and will always have a love and passion for this community.
  6. Diamond Host

    trading 63M 07 Gold
  7. In-game Name(s): Diamond Host Age: 19 Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) (United States) Will you be active?: Yes, I am a veteran of Grinderscape and was one of the biggest gamblers back in the day. Most of the old gambling community would probably know me. I am on everyday since I knew it has been back up. How much do you usually play per day?: I normally play around 2-5 hours a day, weekends sometimes less because i work from 7 AM to 6 PM. Weekdays im on everyday around 2-5 Hours. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I have been Trusted Host / Trusted Dicer on on of the biggest rsps beside this one, and have great knowledge of how the system works and how people need to act, gamble smart, ect. I do take jobs i have very seriously and don't take crap from anyone. I will heavily over look ::dice like it is my ::home. I am at ::dice or ::duel most of the time i'm on anyways so i figured why keep asking for one to come, instead ill be there head of time 80% of the time anyways. I do sometimes pvm, but im a gambler at heart. I have held bets on servers with over $5000+ worth of value, so I can be very trusted when it comes to high values, i donate a lot as it is so, i feel no need to lose my job and scam people when i will have money anyways. I also have a good concept of osrs and rs3 if someone needed to donate or swap over with that, im also very active on discord so anytime im requested on needed 80% of the time i will respond and show for my request. Any other information: Like i said before i take my jobs very seriously and heavily enforce rules, as well as my knowledge for all games and systems of gambling on rsps's. I am a very friendly person and easy to get a long with, first impressions are huge for me, so if you get on my good side, very hard to come off of it
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