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  1. Flower

    Congratulations to everyone, well deserved promotions for sure. Our staff team is looking strong!
  2. Flower

    Thank you for the chance to become a member of the ingame staff team, thanks to everyone! Always feel free to PM me ingame if you need any assistance.
  3. Flower

    Good luck to everyone in the tournament, have fun!
  4. Fantastic update, good job to those on the development team and everyone who tested these updates.
  5. Flower

    This is a good rule, I am glad to see this implemented.
  6. Flower

    Thank you for your bug report!
  7. Flower

    This is an interesting idea, I am curious to see this roll out in the future.
  8. Flower

    Goodbye Isaac, thank you for your work you have done here. Good luck on your future endeavors.
  9. Hello everyone! In this thread I explain exactly what the Respected rank entails and how it works. Respected is exactly what it means. Members who get nominated are not solely contributors in the community, but also interactive members throughout the forums, and show respect, kindness, and offer their assistance even when not asked. The member being nominated for respected must display respectable characteristics and be consistently a good member of the community. The idea behind respected is not to solely contribute, but show respect and earn it in return, among everything else stated. That being said we are here to nominate @shark black for the respected rank, the reason we are nominating him is he is a very helpful, nice & friendly member of our community. He is a middleman meaning he helps out by making sure all rsgp trades go smoothly, helps out at ::dice if anyone asks him to do so etc. , we believe he's helped out long enough to have a chance at receiving the respected rank please vote yes or no below & explain your reasoning behind it
  10. Flower

    Thanks for reporting this, we'll have our development team look into this.
  11. Flower

    Congratulations to the both of you and welcome to the team @Velvet T3ars!
  12. Flower

    Thank you, a member of upper level management will submit this into consideration.
  13. Fantastic update, thank you Rashed. Thanks to Zod as well for being a campaign dev. Also thanks for those who tested to ensure the update was prime for rollout. Glad to see the ingame progressing positively!
  14. Flower

    Thank you, I am glad to be back on as a staff member to help the community. Good luck to everyone else that was appointed to a position.
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