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  1. Keelow

    Great update, much thanks to the devs
  2. Keelow

    Nice guide ! Organized and easy to understand, well done.
  3. Another very well done and organized guide ! Much thanks to @Mikey and @Valar for the great work. Im looking forward to seeing more.
  4. Very nice and well written guide, I'd like to see more coming from you. Thanks for making this !
  5. Great update. Hope everyone enjoys whats been fixed and added!
  6. Great Update, Thanks !
  7. Great content ! A lot of work has been put into this and it shows. Great job
  8. Keelow

    Thanks for this update !
  9. Keelow

    Much love to those who helped put this update together.
  10. Keelow

    Useful guide , the community can learn a few things from this
  11. Nice update! Much appreciated
  12. how much do i need to bribe u with to make me a sig ❤️ 

    1. Valar


      Nothing lol just pm me on discord with your detailed request :) 

  13. Much love for the update and all to who worked on it ! Ty from the behalf of the GS community
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