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  1. hi stan my main bummerpure. when i log in my inventory pops up and it acts like its gonna load up then gets stuck at the loading screen and the screen is black. i have tried everything. i have cleared all my cache and history and even re-downloaded the game several times. the weird thing is i can log into a new character just fine. i heard other people are having the same issue can you help me please?

  2. bummerpure

    thank you
  3. i can make a new character and log in just fine. when i log into my main i can see his inventory and its a black screen saying please wait loading. its some kind of -bug please help! i heard other people had the same issue
  4. bummerpure

    my screen is stuck at the loading screen to and i can see my inventory plz help -bummerpure
  5. opened my emails and found an email from you guys in 2019 says pm mod grinder for a great reward and give you guys my email address. i used to play and donate a few years ago, joining back up to get my reward! -bummerpure
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