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  1. Kyle

    Real hip-hop fans do. Eminem won without a doubt lmao, and I believe Nick and MrHat already proved why he did. Edit:
  2. Kyle

    stronger woman than jess. hbdfamalam, hope things are as good as they are now for ya.
  3. You rep hungry twats. 

    Rep if u agree

  4. Kyle

    No. Brad is a disgraceful member of our community. The way he performs his duties in this server is fucking dreadful. I appreciate that you guys have decided to take action on this issue, because I remembered it was mentioned before that everyone will not have the Respected rank as it will be reset. It kinda seemed skeptical seeing a couple of members with the rank AFTER that was discussed. I also think the same should be done for the Contributor rank. As much as there are people who have the rank at the moment, it was only given to a few people for their major contributions to the server, and giving it out as frequently will once again devalue the rank. If there seems to be no changes in regards to that, then at least improvise the rank's description.
  5. Kyle

    Congrats you loser. I hope you'll do a great job managing the team, just don't end up like Valar.
  6. Kyle

    Active member of the forums, and an avid GFX designer. I hope you stay more consistent, regardless of being the manager.
  7. Kyle

    IT's A sHaMe ReAlLy BuT sOmEtHiNg NeEdEd To Be DoNe. UnFoRtUnAtE ThAt It HaD tO cOmE tO tHiS. I just hope he can make a return and redeem himself if he has the chance.
  8. Kyle

    Your guide is well-detailed and accurate, I hope you make more guides like this, especially for the forums.
  9. Pretty simple. https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/95-request-for-discord-rank/ - This should be changed to "Discord staff applications" and be moved somewhere else (optional). People will get this context confused, just like I have.
  10. Kyle

    And if we did, we'd just be accused of copying someone else's server in which their owner 'claims' they make their content from scratch.
  11. Kyle

    More and more designers are coming through, glad to see that. Keep at it.
  12. Kyle

    Dammit I can't ddos you. Have fun moving out!
  13. Kyle

    Congrats on the promotion, Tristan. I know that this was well deserved knowing your capabilities back then. You as well as the other staff members from way back then should mentor the ones who recently became staff before this server had re-opened, seeing as they need veteran guidance.
  14. The earth is flat.

    1. Alex


      The moonlanding was fake, bollywood

  15. Kyle

    If you're Adrian, then I guess you've lost your brain cells while you were gone.
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