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  1. I was at Abyssal Demons with my HCIM "Gajeel". Tried to PM someone and my Client Crashed and now i died because my pray went off and lost my Status .. I also lost my Slayer Tome i had in my Inventory
  2. Natsu

    Im a "new" Player. I started like 1 Day before the big Update. I like most off the Update, the Changes for the Bosses to use more different Equipments is really good. But why did you nerf the Bloodmoney, while making all prices go up? Also the new Home Tele is total bad, since it takes really long and is just annoying. And the Combat Xp Nerf just hits new Player. It´s a pserver, so it shouldn´t take hoooooours to train your skills. Classic Accounts take Ages now. My Suggestions would be: - Bring back the old Home Teleport - Make the Xp till 99 higher, so it´s easier for New Player. At 99 slow it down so it´s a long term Goal. That would help new Player but make it harder in long term. - Some Bosses are incredible Strong now, they should be balanced a bit (for Example GWD Bosses) - Bring Barrow Gloves back to Blood Money store for new Players - Stop that Bosses hit HEAVY trough Prayer, Alchemical Hydra hits 40 even if you have the right Pray - Bring back the old Price for Double exp Rings or let them be timebased, not based on uses like for 1 hour
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