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  1. Not sure if it has been noted or not but i'll make this just in case. Like few months back i was able to charge my jewellery (RoW's) at Fountain of Rune at 47 east wildy. Now i went there with my ironman and there is no obelisk-like thing to charge stuff, only pool-like thing that the obelisk is supposed to sit in. There is, however, the animation that is supposed to be on top of the obelisk. https://gyazo.com/c715ebb924633d9d244eb4ef0f0bb9ca Im not sure the uncharged jewellery have the bonus effects like for example RoW has. But if the recharging method has been changed i would like to know, otherwise it's a bug.
  2. Hmm, yes, i see your point. At this point i'm wondering who gave the idea to nerf void so heavily. I see a simple solution of either not being able to use void in wild or it will be loseable in wild. I get that it requires no skill with only helm switches. The only reason void is/was best in-slot was because of it's set effects which overshadowed void's low defensive stats. To conclude, i think a suggestion is in order.
  3. Nice update ! Except r.i.p void. Sad to see it had to be nerfed because of pk'ers not being able to handle it. Also i don't believe it's best in-slot armor anymore because of the nerf. Regardless, good work !
  4. Gnfx123

    So much content, it was definitely worth the wait.
  5. Gnfx123

    High alching Toktz-xil-ul says it's worth 400k each. Actually it's about 25k ish.
  6. Gnfx123

    If you mean guides in forums then its not updated. Not to my knowledge atleast. Same with the drop list in the help tab. The ingame drop list is a good idea, however, as i said, it needs to be updated.
  7. Gnfx123

    I see that with this new update there are loads more ways to get bm. With this i'm sure the entire concept and value of bm is sure to change. Still, repairing items, if needed to be paid with bm, should be atleast somewhat reduced.
  8. Best update so far. Keep it up guys !
  9. Requesting rank: Donator Primary rank(Yes/No) Yes Proof:
  10. Gnfx123

    Would be nice to pay item repairing in regular money not blood money. First, it is sometimes scary to boss with void and other breakable items because you have an option to wear RoW to increase drop rates or RoL to save you in case of DC or other kind of shenanigans that might happen to kill you. Second, literally nobody sells bm because is so valuable, even if you got loads of it. With that, it sort of bring this topic ever so smoothly into the topic of blood money in general. I'd say bm is too much emphasised at the moment, thus nobody selling it.
  11. Gnfx123

    Basically, higher lvl drags be hitting dragonfire through dfs like it's not even equipped. One time doing mith drags, one hit me 28 3x in a row (with dfs and antifire potion). I dont know and havent tested ancient wyern shield nor dragonfire ward on how effectively they repell the dragonfire dmg but dfs is surely lacking.
  12. Gnfx123

    Back when there was no wildy course in GS, barbarian was the only option. However with that it would have taken so much time. So eventually wildy course was opened. I had great hopes, that with this agility was trainable again. So i checked it out. It was pretty good. Only problem i saw was that the rock hopping animation would take like 30 seconds to complete. That aside, the xp was decent. Decent enough to train. Now with this new update, the xp rates were halved. Before you got about 100k+ xp per course, now its halved at about 50k+. Considering that before you got 60k xp per magic log in firemaking and that its fast to do. Anyways, compared to other skills, its gets really boring since it gives low xp AND is not afk-able. EDIT: Since i dont want to make another post, i'll add more info to this post. First i noticed that the hourly xp event does not work in wildy course (have not tried it with other courses) and secondly, the rope swing at wildy course is repeatable, meaning once you complete the animation, you can run back to start of the rope swing and do it again. Also it still gives xp. Now im not complaining since i think it can make training agility faster since it needs all the buff it can get because i presume that the update for agility and its courses will take quite some time to come out.
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