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  1. Hmm, yes, i see your point. At this point i'm wondering who gave the idea to nerf void so heavily. I see a simple solution of either not being able to use void in wild or it will be loseable in wild. I get that it requires no skill with only helm switches. The only reason void is/was best in-slot was because of it's set effects which overshadowed void's low defensive stats. To conclude, i think a suggestion is in order.
  2. Nice update ! Except r.i.p void. Sad to see it had to be nerfed because of pk'ers not being able to handle it. Also i don't believe it's best in-slot armor anymore because of the nerf. Regardless, good work !
  3. So much content, it was definitely worth the wait.
  4. Best update so far. Keep it up guys !
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