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  1. Lisa

    You've contacted me in game 3zez, sorry to hear what happened to you. I'll pass the word to an admin + of your situation, stay in touch.
  2. Lisa

    Sorry to see that happen. An in-game administrator will make sure to verify what happened with your account & recover it for you! Stay in touch on forums or the discord channel.
  3. Glad to see someone having some real ingame goals! Have fun & enjoy your time!
  4. Lisa

  5. Lisa

    It would be awesome to be introduced to that world, I have few friends who work in programming and at Ubisoft but our situations doesn't allow us to keep contact since we have different lifestyles. I have my own idea about coding but am a total beginner, I will absolutely talk to you soon about it!
  6. Lisa

    Thanks you
  7. Lisa

    Completely entertaining !
  8. 1. OSRS items Store 2. Untradables store 3. Skilling points store 4. Agility ticket store 5. Tzhaar store 6. Richard 7. Guard 8. Miniworlds12 9. Sorcier X 10. Donnie
  9. Lisa

    Well done ! I just want let you know that due to my internet connection, I Xlogged in the wilderness resource area and it seems that nothing has changed. I stayed online during 10 minutes until I decided to ask someone to kill me with an alternative account and by then, I seen my account logged out. And thanks you for fixing the hunting skill it was the easiest 200m XP i've ever done ! (please don't reset it )
  10. Lisa

    Thats is not a bad idea at all, let me take the opportunity to also suggest that there are some annoucements which are disturbing. I was doing slayer and ''bronze boots'' were considered as rare drop and I had 120 monsters to kill. I let you guess what happend in the chat box. I've seen chaos runes, dragon med helm, dragon platskirts and a lot more of abundant items being annouced as rare drops. In my opinion, there should be a more efficient list of rare drops in the future !
  11. Lisa

    A +1 from me since day 1 OFC
  12. Lisa

    Very creative way to make guides, I count on you to keep it up ! it's an awesome start.
  13. Lisa

    It's also very confusing to train slayer. Chaeldar Teleport is'nt teleporting us to any slayer master.
  14. I am not sure if this should be reported. I had ghosts as a slayer task and I've found only 1 when I activated my enchanted gem. So we had to wait 20 seconds before it respawns when it's kille d. Could be better if there were more of them at this spot. Thnk you and I hope to see the game improve.
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