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  4. hey lisa i win a dicegame and the other Player gives me not my win. First game i lost and i give them 100m cash. Second game i win and he must give me 200m but he teleports ago. After i tell snapchat(the grinderscape Player) and he will speak with him but he says he dont know me. the Name of the Player is 777 B. Show the screnns


    Bild 2.PNG

    bild 3.PNG

    bild 4.PNG

    bild 5.PNG

    bild 6.PNG

  5. Lisa

    You can receive the veteran rank if you send a valid proof of you playing back in the days. The proof can be any email from Grinderscape in the last years, per example the forums confirmation email or anything else you can find in your old files.
  6. Lisa

    Glad to see a new member joining the forums Enjoy your stay!
  7. Lisa

    Account sharing is, unfortunately, a permanent ban. Make a new account and make sure you follow the rules. Good luck!
  8. Lisa

    It's being deal with, thank you for the report.
  9. We've decided to promote you to be one of our Official Middleman, You have proven your worth to us and we see that you've become trusted to the community of Grinderscape, Congratulations & keep up the good work!
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    Trade completed
  12. Lisa

  13. Lisa

    An administrator will contact you in the shortest time, stay in touch. @Lou Grinder
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