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  1. Smiribland

    KAZ 4 LIFE
  2. Smiribland

    Goodluck with the wiki
  3. Smiribland

    GZ mate
  4. DOPE AF!!!! thanks for this awesome update
  5. Smiribland

    Welcome back to our community
  6. Smiribland

    Welcome to the new community friend
  7. Smiribland

    Thanks for doing the shop changes!
  8. Smiribland

    thats sad to hear, hope to catch up sometime on game
  9. Smiribland

    Much respect and love to you. best of luck!
  10. Finally thanks!!!!!
  11. Smiribland

    Yes please
  12. Smiribland

    Congrats to all
  13. Smiribland

    Time to play again for this amazin update
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