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  1. gentstudent

    Sweet update! Now I gonna play more times
  2. gentstudent

    I found what I need to do, and I think more players if they have this screen. Search in you're folder to GrinderScapeCaches. if you search for Grinderscape you will find it. Dubble klick on this folder and open this folder. You will see this screen: Delete all the folders, but you don't need to delete the GrinderScape.jar Once you did that klick on the jar client and you going to download all the stuff u need for the server And now you can login.
  3. gentstudent

    Hello, I'm a Mac use and played the server for a couple hours. And now I want to play again but the client don't let me play. Who know the problem? - I redownload the client - Closed hem tons op times and reopen it Hope we found a solution, and maybe it will work for the other ppl who have the same problem. #alwayspromote G3ntStud3nt
  4. gentstudent

    Hello and welcome to my first ever made guide. Today I gonna show you how to start slayer and A the best trick not every player know when that start First, go to the grindscape teleports, and go to the slayer master who is in the green. For me it was Turael Find Turael, He is mostly in the house. If he is not he walks around. Right klick on him and ask for a assignment and accept this one Gongrats!! you got you first task! The next thing every player need when they do a slayer task, is a enchanted gem. Go back to a slayer master and klick right on him, and ask for a trade. You see a lot of slayer items but you need the enchanted gem. Left top of all the items. Right klick on the gem and you can use some different things: Activate: You wil be teleport to you slayer task Check: you can see how many kills you have left. Partner: if you do a duo slayer task you can see here with who Log: here you can watch you npc kill streaks. I will help this topic up to date, Thanks for watching this guide and I hope it helps you a lot First upload : 5 march 10:14 amsterdam #doitforgentstudent
  5. gentstudent

    if you are a student just add this one on snapchat. g3ntstud3nt #doitforgentstudent I will update a.s.a.p if they have a new snapchat
  6. gentstudent

    Hello, I just want to sell some millions from osrs to make a better stack on this new server ( for me) If you want to trade with me pm me in game and the price are: 1m>700m I have 15m left<3
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