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  1. Nevarykit

    Nice fam! Now keep it up for that 200m hehe
  2. Nevarykit

    Yo that's a big achievements which require so much patient, I only want to wish you all the best completing this!
  3. Nevarykit

    Yeah mate, it's nice to see you again too, we'll meet around
  4. Nevarykit

    Nice effort, Barry, a nice, well informated guide. Appreciate it!
  5. In-game Name(s): Nevarykit/Montis. Age: 22. Timezone: GMT +2 (Europe, Lithuania). Will you be active?: For sure, I've had an Official Middleman post at the past, so I really know, that this position requires to be active, like to be a big part in the community. How much do you usually play per day?: I work on myself now, so I have like lots of free time, which I like to spend in GrinderScape, cause I just got back here, after a break, and i feel very big nostalgy being here again. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I am really loyal part of GrinderScape, im here from early ~2009. I can say, that from start of the project. Actually, I did some brakes, but, you know, life is changing, things are changing, so every person has some problems which can stop your way. Now I am back with new "power" and I really want to get back to the official middleman post, I really liked to help people here doing trades etc., I am so helpful in real, I just feel pleasure to help others. I love GrinderScape, and I hope you will remember me and help me to be a special part of Grinder again! Any other information: I had really many screenshots of the past, when I was applying for this post, but it was really early, so, I haven't saved them. I found just like duel arena wins screenshots, and some jokes from the past. Thank you for your time, I hope you will understand me and take a right solution. With regards, Nevarykit
  6. Nevarykit

    Yoo man, for sure, I remember you too, it's nice to hear from you again. I hope we will meet in game, added you!
  7. Nevarykit

    That's incredible!
  8. Nevarykit

    Yeah man, I can truly remember you, but yeah, i guess we havent communicated for real. So, I hope we will in future. Thank you!
  9. yo, lads. It's the great time when I decided to get back to the grinderscape community, and the nostalgy got me owned. I just found a folder named "GrinderScape" in my archives. I think it was my achievements, many photos with duel arena wins, etc. It was from ~2009, 2012, 2014. It's really nice to remember that good old days. I will put them there, and share that nostalgy with you, guys. https://imgur.com/a/yFfa1CC
  10. Nevarykit

    Good day to you guys, I really missed GrinderScape community, I was with you from the start, early ~2008-2010, and I was loyal for GrinderScape only, the best memories, the best times etc. Now, after a break, I decided to get back to you, to be a community part again. As I can see there was a restart, a new fresh start not only in game, it's even on forums. But news is always great, isn't it? My friends, I just want to hear from you, who is still here, the veterans, who can remember me from the good old days, who I communicated with and etc. It would be great to see you still there! With regards, -Nevarykit/Montis
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