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  1. Nevarykit

    haha im still waiting
  2. Nevarykit

    U wont get any help, mate. Like more than 5 people, with me, got hacked last week, we lost our items, and it's like nothing happening. It's not our fault that security is bad, i was forced to leave again..
  3. Nevarykit

  4. Hello, nice to see you mate, and yeah, it was a complete reset, in forums, in-game.. Now staff is returning only ranks on forum and in-game. U won't get your items or stats back, but u will get like dicer, donator, veteran rank if u had it.
  5. Nevarykit

    my password is like letters and numbers, no way to hack it. and they should refund it, by watching the trade logs, who traded my stuff from my acc and they should ban this motherfucker who hacked like few people last week.
  6. Nevarykit

    I got the same problem this morning.. I hope we will get some help..
  7. Nevarykit

    Okay, and this day.. During this week i saw too many posts that people got hacked, and now, i just locked in happy about the update, and when i opened my bank, this happened.. I wasn't that rich, but i lost my bandos gear, about 500k Blood Money, bout 1,5B cash, etc.. Have you guys received any help?
  8. Nevarykit

    Ahh, finally we got it. A working dfs, clues in our banks will finally be used.. We love you, and thank you for this biiiig update!
  9. Nevarykit

    Nice fam! Now keep it up for that 200m hehe
  10. Nevarykit

    Yo that's a big achievements which require so much patient, I only want to wish you all the best completing this!
  11. Nevarykit

    Yeah mate, it's nice to see you again too, we'll meet around
  12. Nevarykit

    Nice effort, Barry, a nice, well informated guide. Appreciate it!
  13. In-game Name(s): Nevarykit/Montis. Age: 22. Timezone: GMT +2 (Europe, Lithuania). Will you be active?: For sure, I've had an Official Middleman post at the past, so I really know, that this position requires to be active, like to be a big part in the community. How much do you usually play per day?: I work on myself now, so I have like lots of free time, which I like to spend in GrinderScape, cause I just got back here, after a break, and i feel very big nostalgy being here again. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I am really loyal part of GrinderScape, im here from early ~2009. I can say, that from start of the project. Actually, I did some brakes, but, you know, life is changing, things are changing, so every person has some problems which can stop your way. Now I am back with new "power" and I really want to get back to the official middleman post, I really liked to help people here doing trades etc., I am so helpful in real, I just feel pleasure to help others. I love GrinderScape, and I hope you will remember me and help me to be a special part of Grinder again! Any other information: I had really many screenshots of the past, when I was applying for this post, but it was really early, so, I haven't saved them. I found just like duel arena wins screenshots, and some jokes from the past. Thank you for your time, I hope you will understand me and take a right solution. With regards, Nevarykit
  14. Nevarykit

    Yoo man, for sure, I remember you too, it's nice to hear from you again. I hope we will meet in game, added you!
  15. Nevarykit

    That's incredible!
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