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  1. Never heard of you tbh, anyway gl on the app
  2. Seems like you already posted an application on 3 July? Anyway u seem like a nice guy. gl with the app.
  3. username: Dev requested rank: OMM dont have a proof atm since i am on my phone, check mm list
  4. Havent see you in-game, gl with the app
  5. Gz on mm man!

    1. Dev


      Thanks bro!

  6. Thank you all for the positive reply’s! I really appreciate it
  7. In-game Name(s): Dev Age: 20 Timezone: GMT+1 (Amsterdam) Will you be active?: Always How much do you usually play per day?: I usually play 4-6 hours a day (if its not more :p) Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I deserve to be in this group because i want to help the community. I should describe myself as a nice and mature guy. I always get up with the people in the clanchat and help them with questions. People who have seen me online knows how i am. I am also an old grinderscape player and just came back to grind with the people around here. My account on the site is just new so dont bother about it Any other information: I want to help people ingame, especially with gambling. I hate it to hear from people that they are scammed. I think most of the dicers know me, they describe me as a loyal and trusted dicer. On the old grinderscape we had a trusted dicerrank, I want to become an official middleman to achieve this role again. Feel free to give me feedback on my application and i respect every kind of commentary!
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