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  2. Tarquin you're a disgrace to the staff team.

    LMFAO we all agree with you fishy, hes a fucking disgrace, well said, good job he resigned tho right? Lou please choose your staff team more wisely in the future, instead of ones that leak irl information in that Discord Straight up Tarquin, you're useless as fuck.
  3. Tarquin AKA Anonymous AKA whatever names he tried to hide himself under is just a fucking disgrace plain and simple as that. He paid Grinder for his Forum Admin rank - WOW YOU EARNED IT MAN! You have no experience in administration so gtfo all your name changes show it and post deletions as well. You steal people's information through your own discord server you tried making but no one even uses it anymore. You add forum ranks to yourself you haven't even earned, You're clearly not a Vet Staff that's for sure. You have no experience in managing a forums, it shows because Grinder has to do it all for you. Such a great Forum Admin we have, He just posts shit Lou tells him to in news & announcements round of applause ladies n gents. Stop trying little Tarquin...
  4. The Grinderscape Situation

    Any updates to speak of? How's everything going, Lou?
  5. Anyone willing to edate? Call me on 07401065734 or add me on discord Drew#3868 !!

  6. The Grinderscape Situation

    To stay updated with the whole Grinderscape project you all should join our discord server - https://discord.gg/xJrXuH
  7. The Grinderscape Situation

    Is this still happening?
  8. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    I got an Xbox One but i Cba playing it lul, gets to boring
  9. Rank request by: Jjike

    Congratulations, Please keep active on forums as it's a requirement for the Veteran Rank aswell as the 3 Years, Thanks! ~ Closed
  10. Requested Rank: Veteran Desired Primary Rank: Veteran Proof: (Please provide proof you're the owner of the account (Take an ingame screenshot of you stating "This is (forum name)'s account")
  11. I'll be playing again and i might donate when I finish working this season, 'good to be back
  12. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    No Playstation?
  13. The Grinderscape Situation

    Grinderscape4life <3 , its really sad to see this , but , feel free to ask me for help , im ready for everything and im gonna be the first one who play this RSPS agian , GS4LIFE <3 Grinderscape4life <3 , its really sad to see this , but , feel free to ask me for help , im ready for everything and im gonna be the first one who play this RSPS agian , GS4LIFE <3
  14. The Grinderscape Situation

    Very interesting.
  15. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    Nope no xbox
  16. Tarquin has aids and crippling depresison, #DONT JOIN HIS DISCORD HE WILL TAKE YOUR IP AND LEAK IT


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    2. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      I left it tom!!!



      Cause its full of retardsss


    3. ANZ


      Wtf? men :( You left and called us fake friends :troll: 

    4. Yolo Zombie
  17. Earlier
  18. -(>WHILE WE WAIT<)-

    While we wait just wondering if anyone got the Xbox one and want to play while we're waiting for Grinderscape to re-release. Comment below your Gamertag and Which game you want to play. I have most of the Call of duties, 2k18, Fortnite, and some other games. If I don't reply on this thread feel free to message me and add my Gamertag @DCG Quads <---
  19. The Grinderscape Situation

    Broke my hart seing this action from pb600 man jesus christ this is really sad man
  20. hello

    Hi i remember you @bloodbird
  21. Hey mate, you should text me at 306-241-9509 or snap me at roblewa9 id like to ask you a few questions bout that developer position.

  22. any news on the server ?


    1. ANZ


      Not sure there is no fixed date. But I think they should take all the time needed so everything is done right. For now Join the discord and chill :D https://discord.gg/UQwg5Ne

  23. Edatescape coming soon :troll: 

    1. Yolo Zombie

      Yolo Zombie

      Edate me daddy xxx

  24. I hope this server gains its old former glory

    Welcome back and hope to see you in-game as soon the new client is up and running. The new server should be up by this month if not they're going to open the 2011-2012 Grinderscape so either way there going to be a running server this month.
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