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  2. Had an account that was donor

    Hey mate, With accounts, all was reset so you would need to login and start a new one in-game. In terms of getting donator/dicer ranks back, they will be given back once the benefits are added back ingame. Do find the invoice in the meantime as this will help the owner cross-check.
  3. Had an account that was donor

    Hey back on the old server I had this account which was a dicer and also and account that was a donor. The donor accounts name was Davey but I can't seem to recover the account through the forums for whatever reason. Would there be anyway to get that account back? Also what are the substitutes for old donors/dicers? Edit: Haha oh shit forums kept old sigs as well looool
  4. another way to download the client?


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  6. Community Update

    Cheers, yeah with donations it may be difficult but maybe we can create a system similar to the one we had after the full reset to reclaim. Or we can go old school and get Lou to go through every donation invoice when a player provides the invoice ofc Also everyone hang in there, the updates are going to be great.
  7. Community Update

    Nice work clearing up these things
  8. Community Update

    Great stuff!
  9. Community Update

    Awesome, good news
  10. Community Update

    Hello everyone, Wiki - As most of you might know that we've opened up the Wiki again, We're currently sorting it out and changing a lot of stuff around as the server is now 07-based. If you find anything that needs to be changed or anything that's wrong on the Wiki, could you please contact Isaac or myself so that problem can be solved ASAP. Other then that, we hope you guys are love playing Grinderscape so far! Server - I'm getting a lot of questions which is linked to the server such as old donations, when is the release, etc. For the old donations we're currently working on what we're going to do about it. (Don't worry, we will sort something out! Remember, you must have proof to receive any sort of previous donation back.) As for the Server Release, we currently have no set time on when we are planning to release but it will be very soon, we have got some big updates coming up which is very exciting! (Your accounts will NOT be reset once we release the server so get on the grind ASAP!)
  11. The Crew - Weapon Game [Re-Opening]

    Let me in on that
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  13. hi adam  I was dicer but I need 5 claws for it if u can or tell me how I can get it back sry for ur time

    1. Daxx


      Hello Oday, 


      I don't know why you've tried to get in contact with Adam about this situation but it is what it is. You won't be getting 5 Dragon Claws for your dicer rank, although if you have proof/evidence of you the dicer rank such as Paypal then you will receive Premium points.

  14. WTF Happened to this server???

    There was some issues that led us to start a fresh client/server so we're basically in beta right now. Once we add more features and fix bugs we can finally start advertising the server.
  15. I used to play back in HighSchool - 4/6 years ago, wtf happened to this server????? Does anyone still play?
  16. hi i think you know who i am um can you know how to get my acc back cuz i forgot pass i think maybe you could help me :D 

  17. Hello, Download this Link > https://www.grinderscape.org/download If that doesn't work, could you please connect to our Discord as we will be able to get back to you alot faster and get this problem solved, Thanks!
  18. been trying to play for a long time, cant seem to find a downloader to help me idk if its jar or winrar that i need to use i need help to play this game again lol
  19. Isaacislife

  20. Server Updates 3/04/2018 - Major fixes 1#

    Thank to Jinrake for everything and Lou for nothing.
  21. Bank goals/Skilling goals

    Well, Partyhat set now complete(at a very high price lmao), 180m Pray xp(nobody would sell me bones ) 200m Thieve xp completed, finally. Just need runecrafting and hunter for maxing now. Not too far off the goals set. Currently missing: H'ween set, 3a sets, spectral and arcane spirit shields, rainbow phat.
  22. Vutr's Moderator Promotion

    Ayyy congrats! I thought you deserved this a while ago haha. Good man. Glad you got it. Good luck and welcome to the team
  23. Server Updates 3/04/2018 - Major fixes 1#

    Nice Lou, That's what we like to see, alot of bug fixes and some quality of life improvements. Good to see you do something with the suggestions of the community! Now keep comming with updates like this so we can fully release the game!
  24. Incredible! You’re doing a fantastic job! Keep it up
  25. Awesome update, Grinder. Keep up the amazing work!
  26. Hello there, I have some good news for you fellows! This week been working very hard on fixing a lot of bugs on the server. I am preparing the server to be ready to become a full eco/pk server without any bugs. Our core systems have been vastly improved which will help us create new tasks, skills, bosses, and much more! Some server changes have also been done that has to do with the RSA, ISAAC, Packets to process per second, and other encryption to make the server even much more secure. Now let's make the talk shorter and show you the list of fixes: - You can no longer use the AFK command while in a duel or trade! - Added law runes in the runes store. - You can no longer use the skull command while in combat. - Afro making your head invisible fixed. - Fixed magma helm stats. - Colored slayer helmets should now equip properly. - You can now trade rainbow partyhats, black santa, and much more items. - Partyhat and specs fixed. - Fixed private messaging bugs and now it shows if a player logs in/out. - Ring of life added. - Mage bank levers fixed. - You no longer lose all items when dropping a destroyable item. e.g barrows gloves - Attacking others in duel should be fixed. - Freezing on death fixed. - Fixed guthan's helm untradeable and bugged. - Fixed ladders noclip at edge general store. - All wild teles fixed no messages now. - Teletabs now work even if you are in combat. - You can no longer us blurberry special in a duel. - Buffed Kodai's wand now it hits harder and works perfectly. - Twisted bow hitting 99 at duel arena will no longer happen. - 3rd age bow and Dragon hunter cross bow works with increased bonuses. - Colored dark bows will function the same as dark bow. - Frozen and Volcanic whips now work properly. - Godswords (or) should now work properly. - Dragon sword works properly now. - Clicking on equipment stats will auto refresh your max hit. - All thrownaxe's are added into game including dragon's. - Ancient mace functions as a mace now. - Dragon sword added with correct anims, equipment stats. - Dogreshuun crossbow, phonix crossbow, hunter's crossbow added with their ammunitions. - Perdu is no longer upstairs in edge. - Musketeer's hat making head invisible fixed. - Maxhits now display properly (Will be a donator feature later) - Kalphite Queen going into walls fixed. - Golden Apron making arms float fixed. - Sagacious Spectacles making head invis fixed. - Rainbow phat, black hween, fox, chicken are now tradeable. - Ladders in dagannoth cave causing noclip fixed. - Dragon scim (or) now works properly. - Dragon (g) and many premium items can be traded now. - You can now light candles, bug lanterns. - Amulet of damned effects added. - Occult amulet effects now work properly. - Added Dwarven rock cake which functions perfectly now. - Infernal cape has 2x firecape stats and is extremely rare. - A list was sent to me on Skype with all items proper stats requirement was done. (Thanks to whoever sent it). - Fixed mummy's mask making your head bugged. - Katana emotes fixed. - Sled functions properly now. - Twisted buckler has proper equipping stats. - You do not lose running energy when on sled! - Boots of lightness promotes 50% energy regeneration, or if you are afk. - Redone all the event task action system to properly use server cycles. - Over 100 items equipment stats, requirements, and animations were fixed. - Added beer drinking with player drunk state added. - Skillcape's equipment requirements were fixed. - Fixed noclipping into banks. - Changed the interactions with mounted max cape, bank booths, and few others objects. - Removed deposit bank booths from edge. - Added minimap icon near stalls in edge. - Donators can use items on bank to note and un note them. - Unholy blessing can now be equipped properly. - Mining and smithing shop added at edge shops area. - Updated the premium store with new items and item prices are changed slightly. - 3rd age axe, pickaxe, bow, and many other items are now functioning properly and are extremely fast for skilling. - Crystal bow functionality added! Donators have infinite charges! SLED: NEW PREMIUM STORE: BEER DRINKING SYSTEM: ITEM ON BANK TO NOTE (DONATORS ONLY): DWARVEN ROCK CAKE: CRYSTAL BOW WORKING + CHARGES! (DONATORS INFINITE CHARGES): OLD SYSTEM: NEW SYSTEM: Make sure to download the newest client for best experience!
  27. Vutr's Moderator Promotion

    Congratulations Vutr, Welcome to the team.
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