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  1. If the goal of NPC aggression is to emulate OSRS, then the current aggression system needs tweaking. If the system we currently is custom, disregard this post. At the moment, it seems like all NPCs that have aggression will stay aggressive regardless of your combat level. Using the OSRS wiki as reference, most NPCs that have aggression should only be aggressive if the player is less than double the NPCs combat level.
  2. Ahrim

    Currently, revenants drop Ancient Artifacts, but they have no use. I'd love the ability to trade them to the emblem trader for cash or blood money.
  3. The hard clue with the anagram "ERR CURE IT", should be solved by talking to the "Recruiter" npc in West Ardougne. Unfortunately, the recruiter doesn't currently exist in-game. Thanks!
  4. What a great update. This will hopefully revitalize the community more-so! One question though, is the large update every 4 or so weeks the model you guys would like to move forward with concerning updates, or is the goal to have smaller, more frequent updates?
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