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  1. Mercy

    1) I think we can all agree the notifications for people getting certain drops, items, or just when they kill that boss...It has become more like spam especially with the more players that join. Could we get this adjusted to only have notifications for very valuable drops? 2) Also, could we possible get a filter for the 'game' tab? To filter out things like "You get some ores. You catch a fish" All the little QOL suggestions I have at the moment, let me know what you think and feel free to add some.
  2. Mercy

    Just wanted to suggest using a chisel again on a serp, tanz, or magic fang for zulrah scales or blood money?
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  4. Mercy

    I wanted to suggest increasing the prices of runes, food, potions, ammunition, and any other consumables related. I know they are already a relatively high price, but drops keep coming into the game constantly. It would help having to pay a bit more in supplies for bosses instead of nearly nothing. Also, as another alternative.. I wanted to suggest paying for every session for higher level bosses. It sounds stupid, I know, but I think it would help quite a lot. I know everyone will most likely dislike these suggestions but think 'outside the box', at the current rate I feel there wi
  5. Mercy

    I really like these ideas. I would consider adding a donator chest and adding a key to loot tables. It could contain new cosmetics or even some items already in game. It could be the same rate as loop half keys. I'd be more than happy to suggest some items that this chest would contain, if this interests you all.
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