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Rc guide 1-99 with specific details (CLASSIC) NEW

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People saying rc bugged wich is not completly the case there has been some great fixes ill show you trough how to get past those buggs/issues.


TIPS:  Shop where to buy rune/pure essence located ::shops NORTH WEST CORNER. "open skilling tools store"

          Bring 1 Talisman and use locate to teleport to the altar.

          Fastest way to bank is ::ge https://imgur.com/a/sVMdtob   ----- For Donator rank its ::dz  https://imgur.com/a/0c0mijk

         3 bond Donators don't need talisman after entering ::bank -----fastest way xp is banking only take out pure essence!

         Fire/Chaos/Law/Death altar specific spot details .  https://imgur.com/a/VqIOtQD


Information xp is based on 28 pure essence per inventory, Also from 0xp -99 max xp is 13034000.


LEVEL          ALTAR

1                   Air altar - 1334 xp          (meaning 9771 times bank before maxed)                                                                              

2                   Mind altar - 0 xp             (its broken)

5                   Water altar - 1856 xp    (meaning 7023 times bank before maxed)

9                   Earth altar - 2088 xp      (meaning 6243 times bank before maxed)

14                Fire altar - 2378 xp         (meaning 5482 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures!

20                Body altar - 0 xp             (its broken)

27                Cosmic altar - 0 xp         (its broken the way to it)

35                Chaos altar - 3190 xp    (meaning 4086 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures!

44                Nature altar - 3712 xp   (meaning 3512 times bank before maxed)

54                Law altar - 4002 xp        (meaning 3257 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures!

65                Death altar - 4234 xp    (meaning 3079 times bank before maxed) has to be specific spot check pictures!

77                Blood altar - 7129 xp     (meaning 1829 times bank before maxed)


Any updates or issue please report me ingame. I will fix this to keep up to date.






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Updated information + Requests.
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Cant see any pictures for some reason🤔
Maybe some new players dont know where to get tiaras/talismans - so maybe you could add this information aswell.

Also if you're donator(not this superextrahyper donator who can use ::bank), fastest way is using Talisman to get to altar, then ::dz to bank.  🤠

Nice guide, love that you calculated how many times you need to bank :D

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