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vet'ion boss guide

Shark Black

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vet'ion boss

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keep mele prayer on vs this boss 

Vet'ion primarily uses a melee that can target players up to three tiles away from him. He also frequently uses an unblockable but avoidable magical attack that launches three lightning bolts, one at the targeted player and two randomly somewhere nearby. Lastly, he may smash his scimitar on the ground, causing an earthquake which deals up to 45 damage on all players within 6 tiles of him, though it's possible for the attack to deal no damage.

He's fought similarly to the Kalphite Queen in which he has two forms, a "normal" and "reborn" form. When he reaches half health in his first form for the first time, he summons two level 214 Skeleton Hellhounds that attack with powerful melee, and must be killed as they grant him complete damage immunity while alive. In the second form, they become level 281 Greater Skeleton Hellhounds that are even stronger and must also be killed

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best of luck on drop,good luck..thanks

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