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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Member Of The Month Poll

Member Of The Month Poll  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for who you think should win the Member Of The Month for the month of June.

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  • Poll closed on 07/01/2022 at 09:59 PM

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Hello everyone!

We have selected the players who according to the community should have a chance at becoming the Member Of The Month!
We as staff team have also kept our eye out for players being helpful and out of everyone we have chosen our top 5 players.
Please vote on the player that you think is the most helpful and deserves to win the Member Of the Month rank and title for the month of June.
The player with the highest amount of votes will win.

The poll will close on 01-07-2022 23:59 so make sure to cast your vote before the poll closes!

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Thank you for everyone who votes for me! And Goodluck to everyone else! Great to see little events like this re-engaging the community <3! Massive support for these types of things!

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Good luck to everyone and well done all for being selected for the 1st MOTM 

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