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Thieving Guide: 1-99 and Beyond


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Mt851 Thieving Guide

1-99 and Beyond 💰

Thieving on Grinderscape is as easy as ever, but there are a few things I want to clarify for new players that you may not know.

What is the dodgy necklace?

You can purchase this fantastic necklace from the thieving master for 3,000 thieving points. It speeds up your stealing from the miscellaneous stalls to twice as fast, as well as gives you extra XP per steal (if you're interested in getting to 200m exp faster). 

What are thieving points and how do I get them?

Thieving points are a currency earned from completing skilling tasks from the thieving master. 

What are skilling tasks and where do I get them?

For every skill, there is a master that can give you a skilling task. Depending on the difficult of the task they give you (or how long the task takes), you will earn a different amount of thieving points. For instance, for the thieving master, when he gives you a task of stealing 200x times from the gem stall, you'll get around 500 thieving points as a reward. On average, your tasks will reward you ~100-200 points though.

What about rogue armor? Is it useful?

If your goal is to get to 200m exp as soon as you can, then getting the rogue armor will increase your XP gains. Each piece gives you extra % XP gain.

What does the miscellaneous stall give you?

If you haven't reached level 99 and you really want to know what the stall gives you, it's primarily cosmetic items.

Below is a screenshot of all the items I received stealing from the miscellaneous stall until 100m exp



Every time you steal from a stall, you get GP. From level 1 - 99 was approximately 250m from my experience. It's pretty great money if you ask me, and for something you can sit there and just click on, it's probably the easiest way to make money without doing too much work.


Do you have a recommendation on leveling up thieving faster?

If you're a donator, the method that I normally use is when you get close to having a full inventory of items, just shift + click the items you would normally bank (that are mostly worthless) and continue to steal from the stalls. If you're really good at this, you should be able to drop all of those items in between 3 stall clicks, while keeping up with the stall refreshing after a previous steal. 


Steal from stall --> shift + click 8-9 items --> steal from stall --> shift + click 8-9 items --> steam from stall --> shift + click remaining items you need to drop

You can also just shift/click drop as you receive the items.

Outside of that, getting rogue armor is helpful, and wearing your skill cape after 99 (which gives extra % xp gain) to keep getting exp faster is helpful too. 


TODO: add screenshots of bank from thieving miscellaneous stalls to 100m thieving exp

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