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    You must download Java from www.java.com
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    Sorry to hear that and glad your all good now. Welcome back
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    Bank PIN removed.
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    Sent you a PM!
  5. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug where players did not get any clues or pets if they had a placeholder in their bank. - Added smart pathfinder for NPC's and made protection prayers work according to OSRS wiki. - Fixed PVP bug causing players not to get Blood money reward because they are connected from the same address. - Lots of staff commands fixes. - Switching weapons during combat without auto retaliate will not cause it to attack. - Fixed JAD boss combat mechanics. - Fixed infinite NPC's recursion. - Fixed a flickering issue caused by position facing. - Large NPC's can now attack you if you stand inside them. - Fixed a lot of bosses spawn timers and attack distances. - Non-reachable players will not be attacked by any boss multi-attack. - Fixed clan chat first name not displaying properly. - Made prayer for PVP more precise in decimals instead of integers. - Fixed skill guides stats for barrows in the defence interface. - Defenders will now turn into broken upon death and can be fixed with Blood money. - Fixed West Ardougne clue dig location in an unreachable spot. - Fixed Kitchen knife ranged attack style into melee combat style. - Fixed the reported safe spotting issues with adamant and rune dragons. - Redone the pathing mechanics and fixed the issue with NPC's tracing to targets. - Fixed knife and dart projectile curve rotation upon hitting. - You can no longer use the wilderness obelisks while tele-blocked. - Fixed classic game mode herbloring bug giving 0 XP! - Fixed Equipping a staff (E.g fire staff) Does not count for unlimited of the corresponding rune when enchanting bolts. - Buffed Ghrazi Rapier accuracy by 15%, damage by 14%, and the DPS. - Rebuffed the Void's armours damage boost. - Fixed a bug where Kamil & The Untouchable did not count towards total boss kills count. - Lots of blood money shops changes, mainly prices and item additions. - Fixed Kree'arra minions animations properly, and fixed the flickering issue. - Buffed the Agility skill XP from 100% up to 165% depending on the course. - Removed the gates close to Lumbridge farm for clue scrolls locations, and fixed a lot of broken clues. - Made sure that players can only ever be attacked by one player in single zones. - Made the combat damage cached in the server. - High alchemy no longer resets your walking movement. - Increased the clan chat ban delay from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. - Price checker prices are now more precise. - Fixed Elder's maul drop from KBD. - Lots of new staff commands, and other fixes. - Added ::dz command "Requested by donators". - Fixed a major bug with NPC aggression being delayed. - Kalphite queen safe spot and other bug fixes. - Rune and Adamant dragons bug fixes (reported by players). - Fixed a bug with HCIM causing the player to disconnect. - Bandits pickpocketing and drops have been added. Content: - Added null-safe channel closing: * This should help reduce all the server nulls, and possibly fix the issue permanently. - Complete new boss mechanics system: * What this means is that the bosses combat system is 99999x better. Now bosses will have proper defence stats such as crush, stab, including the attack stats similarly to on OSRS. * Melee combat bosses will be weak to certain melee attack styles such as lunge, and vise versa. * A completely new system for managing and adding bosses. * Upgraded the combat system formula for all bosses to match OSRS accordingly. * Much more reliable and accurate stats for all bosses. * Damage and defence calculations are 100% accurate now. * Tons of new mechanics added for over 15 bosses, few more bosses left to be merged to the new system. - Loot share system implemented: * Full loot share system has been implemented with proper saving on the clan chat. * Once you join a clan chat it will show if the loot share is turned or off. * A unique custom loot share to be fair for all players. * System functionality: If the loot share is turned ON, and an NPC dies within the radius of 10, any player will get a chance to get the drop and it will be displayed in the clan chat. - Switching items and equipment speed should be minorly improved, for now, will be redone soon to perfection. - Redone clan chat: * Viewing clan settings will now show the proper configuration of the current clan chat. * You can now make your clan chat and have any custom privileges customization. * Loot share 100% functionality. * Now all the privileges and actions of the clan chat should work properly. * Clan chat now saves all the settings properly. - Updated the ::mycommands command! - Added death plateau obstacle & rock climbing to reach clue scroll areas. - NPC Collision prevention system & route algorithms: * Now NPC's route will be properly calculated. * The clipping will prioritize so that it will not collide with another NPC in most cases. * Alternative route selection will now be available for NPC's. - NPC Kill Tracker: * You can access the interface via your quest tab. * NPC kill count is retroactive, meaning it will all the old kills you did before. * Supports all types of NPC's & bosses. * Displays the average kill time, best kill time, and more will be added in the future. - Dynamic Password Changer: * All passwords are now properly encrypted. * The interface allows an easy, reliable password change. * Supports case sensitive passwords. * Minimum password characters is 4 and the maximum is 14.0. * Requires you to re-enter your new password twice to reduce possible mistakes. - Dragon Bolts: * Addition of Dragon bolts (p, p+, p++) with 100% functionality. * Addition of Dragonstone bolts (topaz, ruby, sapphire, emerald, dragon, onyx, pearl..etc) * All effects and bonuses of the bolts are perfect according to OSRS wiki. * You can now crush Superior dragon bones with pestle and mortar. * Note: Bolts drops & enchanting feature will be added soon! - Redone the music system: * Music fading supported. * Sounds and music volume adjustments is perfected like OSRS. * Client will retain the saved settings you keep so you don't have to ON/OFF every time. * FPS should increase by a lot as the new system is much more stable and uses the compressed sounds/music. - Client fullscreen centering camera is now 100% perfect. - New Boss Contract Shop: * The long waited for shop is finally released. * You can trade Ashild in Edgeville to see the shop. * All past boss contract points will appear on your account! * Each boss contract gives points depending on the boss's difficulty. - New music regions have been added such as: * Zulrah Shrine * Lunar Isle * Asgarnian Dungeon * Edgeville * Kalphite's Lair * Kalhpite's Boss Lair * Gnome Stronghold * Slayer Stronghold * Sand Crabs (Not original music) * Cerberus * Hydra Zone * Alchemical Hydra's Lair * Jungle Demon * Giant Sea Snake * Falador Party Room * Fun PK Zone * Clan Wars * Warriors Guild * Revenant Caves * Pollivineach * Sea Troll Queen & Miscellanea * Al Kharid Crocodiles * Ape Atoll * Elf Warriors Isle Note: New client is required to be able to play!
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    Most of these items can be obtained from Crystal chest and the mystery boxes. For the dragon (g) you can find it from Adamant or Rune dragons.
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    Refunded your items @Skybro you can find them in your inventory.
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    @whyhavealyfe add me on discord and I will help you fix it Lou #7946
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    I have sent you a private message.
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    I have sent you a private message with all the details.
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    Congratulations mate, you totally deserved it
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    Will work on that soon.
  17. Bugs and Fixes: - You can now repair barrows that are completely broken to zero. - Cleaned up and improved the code aspects for items lost on death. - An issue with bank PIN showed every time you tried to do an action will no longer happen. - Added XP gaining when using the Charge spell. - Buffed Dragon Godsword's, Heavy Ballista, and Dragon claw's special attack. - Nerfed Void effects upon players requests. - Nerfed Kodai's wand by up to 20%! - Degrading items will no longer degrade in minigames. - You can now decant super combat potion. - Added nicer formatting for the estimated bank value. - Fixed rounding issue in number formats. - Wilderness warning will no longer pop up when leaving the wilderness. - More improvements and fixes for the bank PIN system. - Fixed a lot of bugs that had to do with reported bosses. - Changed the logout logic in the wilderness. - Upgraded the current trap system for Hunter skill. - Hunter traps will now expire after one hour. - Added a bank booth east of Donator's zone. - Fixed random trees spawning in wrong places issue. - Smithing rune bars will now require 7 coals instead of 8! - Fixed issue when run energy is decrementing when not running and following a player. - Fixed Justiciar set combat effects to work out 100% perfectly. - Fixed Moss giant attack speed in the wilderness is too fast. - Nerfed Void's damage and accuracy by 10-15% depending on combat style. - Nerfed magic accuracy in general. - You will no longer get a pet drop if you already have one. - Increased the repair prices of some items. Content: - New Sanction System: * Supports timed bans and sanctions. * Discord integrated with lots of dynamic settings embedded. * Ability to check the time of ban, duration, who did it, reason, and much more. - New bank booth feature: * Using items on bank booth will give you the option to un-note x, or all items. * The feature can also be used to note items based on certain quantities. - Added Extended anti-fire potions support. - Using Saradomin's light on Staff of dead combined will give Staff of Light. - New Hellcat-kitten pet: * Can be found in the Blood money store for 150k BM. * Has a small minor fun dialogue. * 100% functionality just like all other pets. - Shops & Prices changes: * Redone the premium points store with a lot of new items. * Prices changed for most of the items in the premium store, some nerfed and some increased. * Removed most of the items from the Blood money store so that they can be used to boost the economy buy and sells. * Increased the price of the elite void set since its the strongest in-slot item and should be hard to get. - Upgraded and optimized the drop system formula. Note: You have must the new client to be able to log in.
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    Great and helpful guide, thanks Barry!
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    I have reset your password and sent you the details as a private message. Please don't forget to change your password as soon as you log in from your quest tab for security purposes. Note: Setup a bank PIN for maximum account security (Takes 30 seconds to do it)
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    Good luck mate!
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    Sad to see you leave mate, you have done a great job Thanks for being part of the community, and good luck with everything else your doing. Hope to see you around.
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    Will PM you soon about it, you can also talk to Lisa on game for more information.
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    Will have a look at it soon.
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    Sent you a PM!
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