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  1. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug with Graceful clothing when it could not be equipped. - Fixed Agility skill task when finishing Brimhaven Agility Arena obstacles. - Fixed Krystilia Slayer tasks which did not count when slaying monsters in The Wilderness. - Fixed Runecrafting skilling tasks not counting on certain type of runes. - Revamped the in-game announcement messages by removing old ones and adding latest ones. - You now have 1/3 chance of getting a BONUS barrows item when completing barrows. - Fixed an issue with Rock crabs being aggressive all the time which could lead to major afk boosting. - Fixed a bug with Abyssal demons teleporting outside the Slayer tower on their special effect. - You can now change your spell book from the Magic skillcape. - Fixed Prayer skilling tasks counting as Herblore in certain circumstances. - Fixed Mos'les harmless teleport location. - Fixed a bug where players could not teleport when frozen in The Wilderness. - Fixed an exploit with barrage spells targeting other players with lower levels. - Fixed a bug where players who do not attack first gets skulled. - Vorkath can now be attacked with Melee attack styles. - Fixed Vorkath Zombified spawn bug freezing upon mass clicking. - Fixed Demonic gorillas style switching after missing 3 consecutive hits. - Fixed Ahrim's gear set stat reduction effect. - Fixed a bug with Enchant spells not requiring runes or checking from Rune pouch. - Fixed a lot of account level statistics that weren't counting such as emotes played. - You can no longer place items on table when the global trading system is disabled by staff. - Fixed Fire elemental attack styles in the Smoke dungeon. - Ape atoll dungeon teleport effect implemented and teleport location is fixed. - Slayer task teleport for Aviansie's has been fixed. - Fixed several Agility obstacles that were reported and caused freezing issues. - Optimized skilling speeds (such as mining and woodcutting) to perfectly match OSRS and take into account the formula. Content: - Added support for Hunter potion creation & drinking. - Added support for Mithril grapple creation starting by Mithril bolts & Mithril grapple tip. - Added support to open all sort of item packs (runes pack, feather pack, etc). - Added teleport support to Lithkren Vault dungeon with barriers supported. - New jail zone revamped which makes it more torturing for those who break the rules. - Added support for Mining gloves effect: Regular mining gloves has 1/10 chance to skip rock depletion. Super mining gloves has 1/8 chance and Expert gloves has 1/5 chance respectively. Mining gloves can be purchased from the Mining skill master. - New system for skill tip messages to help you train skills: You will no longer get tip messages if you reach over the skill threshold high level based on each skill. While training your combat skills you will get useful tip messages to help you train the most efficient way. Supported skills: Crafting, Fletching, Firemaking, Prayer, Smithing, Thieving, Mining, Agility, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore, and Runecrafting. - Castle Wars minigame 1:1 OSRS: The aim of the game is to take the enemy's standard (flag) from their castle and return it to the standard in your own castle, gaining one point each time. You must prevent the opposing team from taking your flag by blocking them from your castle (place barricades, lock doors or collapse tunnels underground), or by killing them. Slain players will respawn in the starting area within the game, so both sides are constantly fighting with a near (if not totally) equal numbered team. This is a safe game, so if you die, you will not lose items. Each game lasts for 20 minutes, and the team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner. The only items allowed inside the Castle Wars area are potions, runes, and Combat-related items such as armour—with the exception of helmets, hats, scarves and capes. Food cannot be brought in, but bandages can be obtained within the arena, which are used to heal players in the same way as food. Alchemy spells cannot be used during the game. Lunar spells such as Heal Other and Cure Me can not be used during the game. The Dwarf multi-cannon cannot be brought into Castle Wars. Shut-out win (1-0) = 3 tickets to winning team, 1 ticket for losing team. Regular win (2-1) = 2 tickets to the winning team, 1 ticket for losing team. Scoreless tie (0-0) = 2 tickets for both teams. Regular tie (1-1) = 1 ticket for both teams. For each team, there is an underground cavern where they can wait until the next game starts. The time until the next game is displayed near the top of the screen in white print. The time to wait is always two minutes longer than the current game lasts, so if a game has 15 minutes left, the time to wait in the waiting area is 17 minutes. When a game has just finished, the next game will start in two minutes. One can leave through the portal of the god's color located inside the waiting area. Stepping stones, rocks, barricades, bandages, climbing ropes, pickaxes, buckets, toolkits, explosive potions and tinderboxes are all supported through out the minigame. The game instance will automatically be destroyed if no players are present in the minigame. - Added support for Dust devils Slayer's effect and Smoke dungeon area effects: The use of a facemask or a Slayer helmet is required to fight dust devils as they use clouds of dust, sand, ash, and whatever else they can inhale to blind and disorient their victims. They are also popular for Bursting/Barraging and Chinning in the Catacombs of Kourend or Smoke Dungeon on task. If a dust devil attacks you without a facemask, 14 damage is inflicted every second (without the facemask you get 20 damage every 12 seconds without fighting dust devils). While in the dungeon the player must wear a facemask, Slayer helmet or Slayer helmet (i) to protect themselves from the smoke. A Gas mask from will also work for the dungeon's smoke. Dust devils inside the dungeon will still bring your stats to zero with their special attack while wearing a Gas mask. Being in the dungeon without a protection, players will receive 20 damage every 12 seconds, although never below 1 hitpoint. - Added support to finishing off Desert lizards using Ice coolers. - Added 5% TAX for Staking upon currencies only: The tax system is very beneficial for the economy's sustainability and to keep it going well for everyone. This helps new players from being part of the economy as rich players will pay tax on their extreme high wealth which allows newly coming players to also adventure into the game and economy and be part of it while not keeping all the stacks of cash into the top oldest and richest players. This will also help us with more logging back-end system so we can track all the taxes and money flow. If there was no system in place, then you will not be enjoying the game as there will be literally infinite cash and whatever you make will be worthless, however, with this addition it makes it a perfect balance for everyone to enjoy and play. - Wilderness logout timer implementation: You can now request logout in The Wilderness after waiting for 10 seconds. Any movement or action will interrupt the logout. This feature has been requested by a lot of members and it also helps prevents players from logging out as soon as they see a player in The Wilderness. The logout request will be interrupted if the player goes into combat or gets attacked by someone or even an NPC. - A complete new home base setup: A major change in the home area which allows it to fit more players with a new attractive design. All the stalls has been grouped and nicely tied together. Skilling masters are now properly spread in the home area. Fishing rack area completely redone. Major section of shops area and stores has been revamped including new stores. Massive work on spawn system which has over 250 different spawn changes through out the whole map. New locations for starting zone, tutorial play, respawn zone, and much more. All teleports from levers and other objects are now matching the new home area. Updated the Weapon Minigame map. Note: Some map images may differ from the actual in-game due to final touches and improvements in the final version. Castle wars will only be enabled for staff to test before it is released to the public which should take a few days. Update notice: You must have an updated client to be able to play. Enjoy The Update
  2. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed all Iorwerth Slayer tasks that weren't giving any points. - Fixed running regeneration rate and made it 1:1 OSRS with member rank benefits: * Bronze 10% faster rate, Ruby 20%, Topaz 30%, Amethyst 40%, and all the higher ranks will provide 50% regeneration rate. - Fixed the rope climb destination near Slash bash cave in Karamja's dungeon. - Fixed run energy bug on potions including Stamina potion effect. - Fixed a bug where adding player to ignore list will turn all friends offline. - Staircase at Rogue Castle has been fixed to prevent users from being able to walk anywhere. - You can no longer make fires under NPCs or near doors. - Resolved a problem with Mage's tower ladder problem causing freeze issue. - Birdhouses will now re-appear in Edgeville home area and works 1:1 OSRS. - Fixed Chaos druid slayer ring teleport destination. - The Blackjack gambling issue was hotfixed and will no longer cause problems. - Fixed some bugs with skill guides not showing our custom items to display properly such as Barrows whip. - Kandarian headgear will now count as a light source in game. - Fixed Toxic blowpipe special attack accuracy and sounds. - Runecrafting portals will now teleport you back to Aubury instead of home area. - Fixed the sailing boat located in Vorakth area. - Fixed a bug with Slayer task assigning Dust devils on 92 Slayer instead of level 93 Slayer. - Fixed Fishing attacking your harpoon visual bug. - Black knight titan boss instance has been temporarily removed due to it being in two locations. - Minor tweeks and revamp to the Yanille dungeon with minor requirement changes. Content: - Added the god leather shields to Clue Scroll hard rewards. - Added Graceful set gears equipment effects and weight reduction mechanism. - Wooden Shields/Dhide shields were added to Crafting/Fletching with proper OSRS rates. - Redwood logs can now be fletched. - Added support for the Contributor's rank in game: Staff will decide who gets this rank. The rank is a unique rank with no powers added yet which will be decided later. Players who get the rank will also get it on forums and on our Discord. - Added support for Lizardman cave for Slayer task's only including all the Agility obstacles to work perfectly. - Dragon Hasta special attack has been added 1:1 OSRS: The dragon hasta has a special attack called Unleash, which causes the next attack to have a 5% boost in accuracy and a 2.5% boost in damage for every 5% of special attack energy used. For example, a player with 100% special attack energy who performs the special attack will cause their next attack to have 100% increased accuracy and a damage boost of 50%. Sounds are also supported. - Brine sabre special attacked has been added 1:1 OSRS: The brine sabre has a special attack, Liquify, which doubles the player's accuracy, and increases the player's Strength, Attack and Defence levels by 25% of the damage dealt. The special attack consumes 75% of the player's special attack energy. Sounds are also supported. - Dragon knife special attack has been added 1:1 OSRS: The dragon knife has a special attack, Duality, which consumes 25% of the player's special attack energy. It causes the player to throw two dragon knives at once, with each knife having their own accuracy and damage rolls. This special attack is similar to dragon dagger's, albeit without an extra increase in accuracy and damage. Sounds are also supported. - Added support for new skilling masters which was heavily requested by players. * We now have Crafting, Firemaking, Agility, Herblore, Prayer, Cooking, and Runecrafting skill masters. * Each skill master has its own respective dialogue and tasks. * The masters will only assign you tasks based on your skill level and that you are able to complete the task. * The reward depends on the quantity and difficulty of the task. * Each master will reward players with the skill task points which can be used to purchase items from the store. * The skill items will provide XP boosts and effects. All skillcapes and hoods also do provide bonus experience. * Get-task interaction added upon right clicking task masters for quick and ease of use. * Revamped and redone some of the dialogues to make it easier and more detailed for new players to understand. - Skilling gear effects: Agility: Graceful set (only when full set equipped) - 20% bonus experience Boots of lightness - Weight reduction and 5% bonus experience. Penance gloves - 5% bonus experience and less chance to fall from Monkey bars. Spotted cape/Spottier cape - 5% bonus experience Agility skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Herblore: Herblore skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Herblore hood - 5% bonus experience. Prayer: Prayer skillcape - 10% bonus experience. Prayer hood - 5% bonus experience. Cooking: Chef's hat/Golden - 5% bonus experience and Cooking's guild entrance. Cooking aprons - 5% bonus experience and 5% less chance burning food. Cooking gauntlets - Stops burning at level with Gauntlets for certain Cooking level (check wiki for more) Cooking skillcape - 10% bonus experience and never burn food again. Cooking hood - 5% bonus experience. Runecrafting: Runecrafting skillcape - 10% bonus experience Runecrafting hood - 5% bonus experience. Decorative helmet - 5% bonus experience Decorative robe top - 8% bonus experience. Decorative robe bottoms - 8% bonus experience Fletching: Fletching skillcape - 10% bonus experience. Fletching hood - 5% bonus experience. Farming: Farmer's strawhat - 10% bonus experience. Farmer's boro trousers - 10% bonus experience. Farmer's jacket - 10% bonus experience. Farmer's boots - 10% bonus experience. Farming skillcape - 10% bonus experience Farming hood - 5% bonus experience. Crafting: Crafting skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Crafting hood - 5% bonus experience. Smithing: Orante helm - 5% bonus experience. Ornate top - 8% bonus experience. Ornate legs - 7% bonus experience. Ornate gloves - 2.5% bonus experience. Orante boots - 2.5% bonus experience. Ornate cape - 5% bonus experience. Smithing skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Smithing hood - 5% bonus experience. Firemaking: Pyromancer hood - 10% bonus experience. Pyromancer robe - 8% bonus experience. Pyromancer grab - 8% bonus experience. Pyromancer boots - 5% bonus experience. Firemaking skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Firemaking hood - 10% bonus experience. Fishing: Angler hat - 10% bonus experience. Angler top - 10% bonus experience. Angler waders - 10% bonus experience. Angler boots - 5% bonus experience. Fishing skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Fishing hood - 5% bonus experience. Mining: Prospector helmet - 5% bonus experience. Prospector jacket - 10% bonus experience. Prospector legs - 10% bonus experience. Prospector boots - 2.5% bonus experience. Mining skillcape - 20% bonus experience Mining hood - 5% bonus experience. Thieving: Rogue mask: 5% bonus experience. Rogue top: 10% bonus experience. Rogue trousers - 10% bonus experience. Rogue gloves - 2.5% bonus experience. Rogue boots - 2.5% bonus experience. Dodgy necklace - 10% bonus experience & 50% faster thieving from Miscellaneous stalls. Gloves of silence - 5% bonus experience & 1/5 chance to double steal from stalls. Thieving skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Thieving hood - 5% bonus experience. Woodcutting: Lumberjack hat - 5% bonus experience. Lumberjack top: 10% bonus experience. Lumberjack boots - 5% bonus experience. Woodcutting skillcape - 20% bonus experience. Woodcutting hood - 5% bonus experience. Agility skill has been redone to perfectly match OSRS 1:1 and bring a lot of new features to the game. Run energy restoration rate will depend on your Agility level as on OSRS. All existing Agility Courses has been revamped and done to perfection. Added support for falling mechanics based on the obstacle and your Agility level. You stop failing based on your Agility level for certain Rooftop Courses. All Agility obstacles/courses/rooftops will now work with their respective sounds. Agility skilling master which rewards Agility points used to purchase Graceful gear in different colors. Marks of grace can be obtained by using completing tags in Brimhaven Agility Arena. Graceful gear has been added to Grace store which can be bought for Marks of grace in Barbarian Outpost. New: Draynor Village Rooftop Course New: Agility Pyramid New: Al-Kharid Rooftop Course New: Varrock Rooftop Course New: Canifis Rooftop Course New: Falador Rooftop Course New: Pollnivneach Rooftop Course New: Relleka Rooftop Course New: Ardougne Rooftop Course (Highest experience) New: Brimhaven Agility Arena - New Agility obstacles has been implemented 1:1 Pyramid rocks God wars rock Grand exchange tunnel Edgeville monkeybars Lumbrdige swamp stepping stone Al-kharid mine shortcut Coal trucks log balance Ardougne log balance Southern Falador underwall North yanille underwall Draynor to Port Sarim shortcut Brimhaven stepping stones to Red dragons Lumbridge grapple Lizardman cave crevice shortcut Heroes Guild tunnel Shilo Village stone North Camelot log balance Cosmic Narrow Medium and Advanced shortcut Dwarven mine crevice Varrock Champion's guild shortcut Lumbridge grapple Light house obstacles God wars shortcuts All Revenant's cave obstacles Staple climbing Lava maze obstacle (Great for muddy chest) & MANY MORE. Note: Make sure your on the latest client V7.11 to be able to login! Upcoming Next: Farming Skill Revamp, Platinum Skilling Zone, New Home area, New items, and much more!
  3. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug with the Traveling system which allowed players to skill during the activity. - Fixed a bug where players would reincarnate while doing an Agility obstacle. - Fixed a bug with Warriors guild dummies where you can still execute them after they're gone. - Fixed Birthday balloons attack style caching upon switching to another weapon. - Varrock bank door, Al-Kharid gates, and many more will now work properly once again. - Fixed Golden chicken equipment slot. - Fixed Bandits, Ents, Vampires, and many more emotes and mechanics. - Fixed a bug where you couldn't interact with Numpty in the Blast furnace. - Fixed the ladder destination in the Lava maze dungeon. - Fixed a bug with the Duel arena where players can spam click accept button to skip confirm screen. - You can no longer teleport to your Slayer's task using the Enchanted gem. You can use the Slayer's ring for that. - Tons of fixes on Hit delay system which should be now identical to OSRS. - The Banana whip will no longer skull your opponent due to many received reports. - Fixed an issue with Dwarf cannon where players lose it while doing Corporeal beast. - Fixed tons of ladders destinations such as Rogue's castle, Larran's chest shipwreck and many more. - The Wilderness boss spirit will now spawn once every 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes. - The bounty hunter teleport timer has been removed, and now it will only select players that are below level 20 in The Wilderness to allow players to skill and slay bosses in deep wilderness without target suddenly incoming to them as requested by many players. - The Wilderness skull will now last for 60 minutes, and will not be removed when using the Box of Health. - The King Black dragon area is now considered in The Wilderness once again. - Barrows will now be dropped on death when PKed in The Wilderness. - Fixed PJing issues that were reported by players in single zones. - Fixed Stamina potions effects. - Fixed a bug with Blackjack that caused players to keep winning. - Fixed auto retaliate bug when Zulrah dives and you were being hit by Snakelings. - Fixed a bug with some effect spells causing damage such as Curse, Enfeeble, and several others. - Fixed all binding spell durations 1:1 OSRS, and added support for Swampbark gear effects to increase durations. - The Kandarin's headgear 1 will now be considered as a light source. - Fixed the Slayer's cave Agility obstacles. - Fixed a bug with Instanced areas where the God wars interface would not go away even after leaving the zone. - Fixed an issue where players respawn in the Weapon Minigame and Battle Royale Minigame. - Fixed a bug where you couldn't attack Vorkath with Melee weapons. - Fixed a bug with Boss timers reset while in middle of combat. - Fixed a bug with skull where players would get skulled on retaliation. - Fixed two doors in the Stronghold security that did not work properly. Content: - Added Stronghold security boxes with great rewards and achievements for all the 4 levels. - Implemented Larran's chest 1:1 OSRS with boosted drop rates for BM/Coins and much more including Small/Large chest. - Added support for placing items on the tables. - Added support for damage stalling while doing Agility obstacles and playing emotes. - Added support for prospecting Essence mine and added many other missing ores. - Added support for Telekinetic grab spell: * Telekinetic Grab requires a Magic level of 33 as well as an air rune and a law rune to cast. * It is useful when picking up item spawns that are guarded by dangerous monsters, such as the wine of Zamorak in the Chaos Temple. * There are only a few items, such as Ahab's beer, and the dragon token which cannot be picked up with Telekinetic Grab. - Added items on ground in the Ancient ruins Wilderness, Lava maze, and Edgeville Wilderness. - Added support for Restore potions and Holy wrench/Prayer capes effect 1:1 OSRS. * A dose of restore potion restores levels of temporarily reduced stats in Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, and Magic equal to 10 + 30% of the related current level, rounded down, for each skill. * It does not restore Prayer points or any other skill that is not listed like a super restore. * When Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, or Magic are temporarily reduced, the amount of levels restored is calculated with: {Skill Level * {3/10} +10} for each of those skills up to the player's current level of that skill. - Added support for Konar Quo Maten Slayer master. * Konar quo Maten is a slayer master who is found in the Kahlith settlement on the summit of Mount Karuulm. * Players must have a combat level of at least 75 to be assigned a Slayer task from her. * 1:1 OSRS Task interval points rewards including every 10th task, 50th, and so on. * All the Slayer tasks with their proper weights, amounts are slightly reduced for some tasks. * Added all NPC spawns and shops in Mount Karuulm area including objects such as the elevator. - Added support for Nieve Slayer master. * Nieve is the second-to-highest level Slayer master, behind Duradel. She is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, next to the Stronghold Slayer Cave near the magic trees and the southern bank. * She only assigns tasks to players with a combat level of at least 85. * 1:1 OSRS Task interval points rewards including every 10th task, 50th, and so on. * All the Slayer tasks with their proper weights, amounts are slightly reduced for some tasks. * Players can get Boss tasks such as General graardor, and more by unlocking the Boss tasks requirement. - Added support for Krystilia Slayer master. * Krystilia is a Slayer master found in Edgeville's jail north-east of the bank. * She is a Slayer master who assigns the player monsters found within the Wilderness. * Only kills within the Wilderness count towards her tasks. * 1:1 OSRS Task interval points rewards including every 10th task, 50th, and so on. * All the Slayer tasks with their proper weights, amounts are slightly reduced for some tasks. * Players with combat level above 95 will get Wilderness boss tasks. - Added support for Boss tasks bonus XP rewards on completion. - Added many missing NPC dialogues in game including the resource area in The Wilderness. - Enchanted gem will now allow you to choose which Slayer master you want to teleport. - Added all the missing Slayer task NPC's and added many others which can be assigned: Jungle horror Cave horror Cyclops Lizardmans Hydra's Jogre Mogre Earth warrior Harpie bug swarm Killerwatt Adamant dragon Rune dragon Lava dragon Ancient wyvern Bandits Chaos druid Ankou Catablepeon Flesh crawler Minotaur Baby dragons Monk Fiyr shade Shade Cow Ghoul Guard bandit Ents Mammoth Black knight Revenants Monkey guard Battlemage Iorwerth - Added all the missing boss Slayer task which can be assigned: Zulrah Alchemical hydra Kalphite queen Barrows brothers General graardor Kree'arra Commander Zilyana K'ril Tsutsaroth Dagannoth kings Vorkath Cerberus Tz-tok-jad Barrelchest King black dragon Crazy archaeologist Chaos fanatic Scorpia Callisto Venenatis Vet'ion - Quest tab overhaul and revamp: * The Wilderness tab will now show all the Wilderness activity including Wilderness spirit boss information. * Added Bonus XP timer to know how long is left for the current rotating bonus skill event. * Added support to show the carried wealth in your inventory and equipment to be used as force chat to show other players. * Added a retroactive account information which displays a lot of your account activity such as chopped trees, stall thieves, barrows chest, clues completed, and much more! - Revamped the Teleport interface and added a lot of missing teleports so players know they exist including new ones. Note: Some Agility rooftops and obstacles, including some Hunter zones are still under work and will be completed within the next few updates. - Wilderness Avatars are now spread in the Wilderness and will attack any intruder they find. - NPC spawns and mechanics: * Added Greater demons, Black dragons, and Spiders in the Lava maze dungeon. * Added missing Dark wizards spawn in the Edgeville Wilderness, Lava maze and more. * Added Mammoth, Ents, Wizards, and Venomous spiders spawn in the Wilderness, including many other NPC's to make it more challenging. * Added Mogre's slayer task and their full mechanics/spawn. Next Update to include lots of Agility rooftops, courses, Brimhaven Agility arena, and much more! ENJOY!
  4. Lou Grinder

    It's sad to see one of our oldest and most loyal staff leaving, everything comes to an end eventually. Thanks for spending time here! Hope you had some fun. Goodluck with everything!
  5. Lou Grinder

    Changes will be done for the Runecrafting: Only Wrath - Soul - Blood altars will be in the Wilderness, while rest are totally safe. This is to impose risk on the great benefits of the skill. Similar to Wilderness agility course which offers the best experience in game.
  6. Lou Grinder

    Indeed, we have to make some optimizations to the HCIM. I think what we could do is the following changes: Hardcore rank will be LOST if you died in the Wilderness above level 20 to a PvP/PvM (Most zones are below 20 and its obvious above 20 is a real risk) Hardcore rank will NOT be lost if you die to a player (PvP) below level 20 Wilderness. However, if you die to a PvM you will LOSE the rank. This way it will be perfect and fair.
  7. Hi there folks, I have been thinking and planning of redoing the whole architecture of the Wilderness in order to make it real wilderness and risky as well as rewarding. I have made a perfect plan and here is what I have come up with. Please note that most of the values are subject to change, and if this update will be done and gets approved, it will be done all at once or else it is useless. We can add or remove more features, but this will be a game changing to the player's experience and to the economy. List of changes: * PJ System: Fixing PJing system so you cannot attack someone who is under combat. * Moving lots of bosses/npcs and training areas into Wilderness: Zulrah/Vorkath/Mutant Tarn/Untouchable/BKT will be moved into the Wilderness into different spots with each spot got different level. The main reason for this is those monsters drop great items and it must be challenging to slay them and get the rewards. The eco is perfect and it will be the perfect time to do the switch in a proper way. In addition, following fixes will also make it more efficient, keep reading. * A few training areas are now considered The Wilderness especially for new starting ones so new players are excited to start PKing from the first start. They must learn it from the beginning. Rock crabs: Level 15 Wilderness Experiments: Level 15 Wilderness Neitznot: Level 8 Wilderness Hill Giants: Level 20 Wilderness Ice Giants: Level 20 Wilderness Skeleton Hellhound: Level 50 Wilderness Mithril/Rune dragons: Level 30 Wilderness Slayer Areas: Level 5 Wilderness Corporeal Beast: Level 25 Wilderness in the combat zone only. * Significantly improve the drop table for all monsters in the Wilderness: for example Zulrah/King Black Dragon/Tarn/Corp/Black Knight Titan/Vorkath will all have better and UNIQUE drops which are no found anywhere except from these drops in order to boost the Wilderness and killing them. * Wilderness Timer System: When you enter the Wilderness you are not allowed to Logout upon entering for the first 3 minutes. So after entering the Wilderness or any Wilderness zone you can logout if you are not in combat after 3 minutes. Relogging will reset the timer to 3 minutes so you must SPEND 3 minutes to be able to logout. In addition, teleporting outside the Wilderness will be quite different. Teleblock timer will be nerfed to 1:30 minute for non magic protection and you will be immune to teleblock for 5 minutes after the spell is cast on you. Teleportation when in the Wilderness via spells will channel for 3 seconds before teleporting you, and if you were to be attacked it will reset the teleportation spell, so this can also mean you cannot teleport while in combat. However, you can use teletabs to teleport but now they have a cool down timer of 5 minutes between each usage ONLY when consumed in the Wilderness. You can use them infinitely outside the Wilderness same as regular teleporting spells. * Wilderness safe timer: When you leave the Wilderness you can still be attacked for 10 seconds after leaving, and the timer changes depending on Wilderness level. Level 0-10: 10 seconds Level 10-20: 15 seconds Level 20-30: 20 seconds Level 30+: 30 seconds * Nerf food healing mechanics: so its either 1 tick slower (to be able to PKplayers) or we reduce the healing points of each food. * Fishing certain fishes: Sharks/Manta/Angler fishes will only be fishable in the Wildernss to boost Pking and not even available in any store. * Wilderness slayer tasks: Self explanatory. * Improve Wilderness stalls: You will only get bonus reward when you thieve from the Wilderness stall, the Wilderness Thieving area can show how many players are there in quest tab, and they will reward 2x more money. * Doors timer in Wilderness: Doors have 5 seconds stuck timer when opened/closed in the Wilderness. So if you open a door, you cannot close it only after 5 seconds. * Teleporting: Instant teleport to the Wilderness prayer altar which offers to exchange noted bones and also show how many players are there via quest tab. It will be the best Prayer XP in game. * Improve Wilderness Resource Area: even more by increasing XP gain, make it bigger and adding cool down timer when entering the area so you can only enter once every 10 minutes to prevent annoying Pkers. * Most Wilderness area's/activities will show in PVP quest tab: How many players are there including instant teleport, however there will be 5 minutes cooldown timer when u use any of those quest tab teleports to the zones to prevent people from teleporting often and annoying players. This is just an incentive to allow players to quickly PK but not abuse it. * Bounty target teleport: and assigning will have increased timer delay for usage. * Box of Health: It will have a cool down timer of 5 minutes. * You can only teleport to Bronze/Regular member's zone once every 15 minutes. * The Abyss will be considered Wilderness level 25, and all RC altars will also have wilderness level 10. No longer can use ::bank in any RC altar area. * New Pk points tokens: which are given to players upon slaying other players with the same anti boosting system we have, but in addition to that it will reward players more tokens if you have high kill count/low death or in a streak, as well if players have high death count (pvp) they will earn LESS blood money from all activities and also Pk points tokens. They can reset their kill/death count by speaking to NPC but they have to pay A LOT of money as sacrifice depending on their count. This is to prevent people from 1 iteminng in the wilderness and dying often. You better preserve your kc/death count. * Players with low death count will have better drop rates in the Wilderness, and the opposite to players with high death rates. Death rates is only increased if u die in the Wilderness. * After killing a player in the Wilderness (single zones only) you cannot be attacked for 30 seconds unless you attack any player which will break the timer. * Items on death: You will no longer protect 3 items on death if you are carrying only 3 items or if you total wealth carried is below 50m. You will LOSE all your items on death except if you use protect one item. You are automatically red skulled if you are in Wilderness level 30+ or above. Red skull does not go away in any way as it has 30 minutes cool down timer. * Multi PVP zone minigame: A minigame with a boss that rewards top damage dealers, scoreboard, and much more. Players who enter cannot leave for 60 seconds.
  8. Bugs and Fixes: - Major performance rework for the instance system which caused the server to slow down. - Fixed wrong amounts of Pimpz santa hat in the voting store exchange. - Fixed a bug with clue task showing negative values of your clue value. - Added gilded rubber chicken to the Gilded mystery box. - Fixes a few typos with the Weapon Minigame, and changed the kill counter from 10 to 25. - Iron Man game modes are now able to play Weapon Minigame and the Battle Royale. - You can no longer pick up your cannon if you do not have enough inventory slots required. - Lots of rework on items on death mechanics so that imbued items are now no longer imbued upon death drop. - Improved the entering QOL mechanics of Cerberus and Jungle demon. - Skull sceptre now teleports players to Dagannoth kings instead of The Untouchable. - Added missing graphics and sounds for Kamil boss. - Minor improvements on our logging system which can be used to improve the server performance. - Removed multiple Guthix robes set in the Mystery box. - Possibly fixed a bug with Blast Furnace which showed the message to wait for ores to process. - Fixed a bug with Blue ankou gloves causing them to disappear when banked. - Improved Hans dialogue in Lumbridge as part of our motion system rework where he says Help! and walk back-wards. - Massive improvements to the NPC aggression system and the way they retreat if pulled far away. It's very close to OSRS now. - Fixed the Ogre gate which is required for clue scrolls. - Fixed the wrong equipment model of Steel full helm (g). - Fixed a bug where barrows equipment did not drop on death in PVP. - Fixed a bug where you keep on receiving the message "You have been poisoned." when you are actually protected. - Dagannoth kings now count as Dagannoth NPC type for the Slayer skill. - K'ril Tsutsaroth and the minions now count as Greater demons task for Slayer skill. - You can no longer use the bank command in the Minigame lobby in the Home area. Content: - Added Hardened fighter's torso and Army fighter's torso: * They can be obtained by slaying Cyclops in the underground area only. Similar to the regular torso. * They are breakable on death and cost more Blood money to repair than the regular one. * The items are untradeable unlike the regular Fighter's torso. Army fighter's torso Hardened fighter's torso - Aquais Neige Minigame has been perfectly added to the game with tons of features: A new island by the name of Aquais Neige has been discovered in the northern areas of Grinderscape. The island is covered with melting glaciers and huge water fountains. The island sits above sea level and was spotted by one of the ancient ocean travelers. There appears to be a hidden cave between two mountains and ancient rumors claim it leads to a secret place where dangerous monsters dwell. The island has been found by trolls and some other species in the past, and according to their information, anyone who is able to survive and complete the challenge in Aquais Neige will be rewarded by the ancient aquatic gods. The hostile climate deals damage to players that are not properly equipped against the ice blizzards. Aquais Neige sits on a completely new region done from over 9 different maps from scratch that surrounds the Aquais Neige island. It is a safe minigame. Players who die keep their items and respawn outside of the icy cavern. They are able to rejoin after waiting for 5 minutes without paying any fees. The game consists of 30 waves of challenge where each wave consists of several monsters that use different mechanics which range from defence drain, freezing, different attack styles, and much more. Players who are able to complete the challenge and defeat The Inadequacy in the final round will be rewarded with a Hydro cape which is a best in slot cape for magic PVP, and in addition to that, they will also be rewarded with Hydro tokens which can be spent outside the minigame to purchase different items including the new Hydro set which is a defensive/magical gear. Note: Sounds/Music/Ambient sounds are fully implemented the region. This also includes over 20 dialogues within the minigame. Recommended requirements: * A minimum combat level of 120 with a very strong Range/Magic defensive gear. * Enough food and potions to be able to survive the 30 waves. * Energy potions are vital for moving around the area and running from monsters. * Prayer potions/Super restores are important for being able to use protection prayers for long. * Protective gear against the ice blizzards in the zone. Waves: * Each 5 waves consists of different NPC's where the last wave of each 5th wave will consist of the two same NPC's which is an indicator that the next wave will contain new monsters with new mechanics. Wave_1(Water elemental) Wave_2(Water elemental/Icefiends) Wave_3(Water elemental/Icefiends/Water wizard) Wave_4(Water elemental/Icefiends/Icefiends/Water wizard) Wave_5(Water elemental/Water elemental_2) Wave_6(Icefiends/Hydro troll) Wave_7(Icefiends/Hydro troll/Ice spider) Wave_8(Icefiends/Hydro troll/Ice spider/Ice giant) Wave_9(Icefiends/Hydro troll/Hydro troll/Ice spider/Ice spider/Ice giant) Wave_10(Icefiends/Icefiends_2) Wave_11(Hydro troll/Hydro troll/Hydro warrior) Wave_12(Hydro troll/Hydro warrior/Water elemental/Ice spider) Wave_13(Hydro troll/Hydro warrior/Water elemental/Ice spider/Ice giant) Wave_14(Ice giant/Hydro warrior/Water elemental/Ice spider/Hydro troll) Wave_15(Hydro troll/Hydro troll_2) Wave_16(Armaros/Water elemental) Wave_17(Armaros/Water elemental/Icefiends/Ice spider/Water wizard) Wave_18(Armaros/Ice giant/Hydro warrior/Ice spider) Wave_19(Armaros/Icefiends/Water wizard/Hydro warrior/Ice giant) Wave_20(Armaros/Armaros_2) Wave_21(Krampus/Hydro warrior) Wave_22(Krampus/Armaros) Wave_23(Krampus/Armaros/Icefiends/Ice spider) Wave_24(Krampus/Armaros/Icefiends/Ice spider/Ice spider/Water wizard) Wave_25(Krampus/Krampus_2) Wave_26(Nykur/Water elemental/Hydro troll/Icefiends) Wave_27(Nykur/Water wizard/Ice giant/Icefiends/Ice spider) Wave_28(Nykur/Hydro warrior/Hydro troll/Ice spider/Water elemental/Water wizard) Wave_29(Nykur/Nykur_2/Krampus) FINAL_WAVE(The Inadequacy) Monsters/NPCs: Water elemental: * Water elementals have a combat level of 34. Despite their low combat level yet their Melee attacks are very powerful and almost ignore their opponent's Defence level. Each accurate hit will drain their opponent's Defence level based on their total hit. They are easily killed and not considered any difficult. They are considered Elemental type of NPC's. Water wizard: * Water wizards have a combat level of 54. Intermediate humanoid players which have a Magic level of 55 and consistently using Water blast spell against their opponents.They are easily killed and not considered any difficult. They are considered Human type of NPC's. Icefiend: * Icefiends have a combat level of 75. They are creatures that created from hardened ice which uses Melee attacks. They share intermediate defensive and offensive stats. They are considered Demon type of NPC's. Hydro troll: * Hydro trolls have a combat level of 117. They are Troll type creatures which uses both Melee and Ranged attacks against their opponent's. They are weak to crush attack types and Ranged and share intermediate Defence skills. Ice spider: * Ice spiders have a combat level of 97. They are long existing type of spiders which are venoumous to players and uses Melee attacks. They have no Defence skills at all adnd are very easy to slay. Ice giant: * Ice giants have a combat level of 144. They are bulky defensive giants type of NPC's which uses heavy Melee damage against their opponent's. They are weak to crush attack types and magical spells. Hydro warrior: * Hydro warriors have a combat level of 167. They are bulky defensive warriors type of NPC's which uses heavy Melee attacks and also uses Magic spells (Ice blitz) to freeze their opponent's for 4 seconds. They are weak to crush attack types and magical spells. Armaros: * Armaros have a combat level of 244. They are one of the most evil and cursed reptiles. They use Melee and Ranged attacks against their opponent's and also heal themselves of nearby NPC's when attacking. They have Intermediate Defence skills. They are considered Demon type of NPC's. Krampus: * Krampus have a combat level of 381. They are demonic horned anthropomorphic figure. They use very heavy Melee and Magic attacks (Water wave) against their opponent's and can attack from far range. They have high defensive skills and are weak to crush and ranged attack styles. They are considered Demon type of NPC's. Nykur: * Nykur have a combat level of 421. They are evil shapeshifting water spirits of Folklore that emits harmful magical waves in their presence. They use heavy Magical attacks from a very far distance. They have low Defence skills and only appear in the semi final rounds. They are considered Hydra type of NPC's. The Inadequacy: * The final boss The Inadequacy have a combat level of 512. It appears in the final round and is considered the hardest of all monsters in Aquais Neige. It mainly uses powerful Magical attack which could kill the player in a single blast. In addition to that the boss also uses two special attack types. Earthquake attack is a channeled special type of attack where The Inadequacy charges and creates an earthquake which damages players until they take cover under the waterfall to avoid the damage. Spread attack is chanelled special type of attack which emits destructive blasts on the ground randomly which deals damage to the player standing on it. Both special attacks last for 10-15 seconds and only one type of special attack can happen at once. The boss will be moved to the center of the minigame upon using any of its special attacks. Three minions also spawn once the boss loses more than half of its health. This is the hardest stage where players must safe spot minions to make it easier to kill while running away from the boss. The boss has very low Defence skills. It is considered Hydra type of NPC's. Cyrisus ranged: * A level 126 humanoid type minion which uses ranged attacks with Magic shortbow and Karil's gear. Has a 20% chance of using special attack which bypass the opponent's defence and hits twice. Cyrisus magic: * A level 126 humanoid type minion which uses magic attacks (Ice blitz) with Ancient staff and dragon gear. Freezes the player for 4 seconds if the attack is accurate. Cyrisus melee: * A level 126 humanoid type minion which uses melee attacks with Abyssal's whip and Ahrim's gear. Has a 20% chance of using special attack which drains user run energy. Note: All minions use identical stats of their equipment with a 99 Defence skill. * Sounds are fully implemented for all the NPC's along with their mechanics, hit styles, attack speeds, and all the other features perfectly. * You can send a logout request before finishing the wave. * You can only enter the minigame once every 5 minutes. Rewards: * Upon completing 30 waves of challenge and defeating The Inadequacy the player will be rewarded with a Hydro cape and Hydro coins as a reward of completing the difficult waves of Aquais Neige. Players will also get rewarded a portion of Hydro coins upon dying or exiting the cave, and the amount varies based on the wave level. Store: * The store accepts Hydro coins as a currency of exchange for their goods. Hydro set: * Hydro set is a defensive/magical gear which requires 55 Magic and 60 Defence to equip. Extra media and prototyping of the Aquais Neige: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH-sxft4BIg P.S: A new client is required to play and some of the Minigame mechanics might be altered and is susceptible to changes.
  9. Lou Grinder

    Its on the thread how every single item is obtainable. Stats are similar to the item there aren't any modifications except for a few items which are coming soon. Bronze-Rune whips share similar stats with slight changes to bronze-rune equipment but this time in a whip for better accuracy.
  10. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed the Colorful max hood being lost on death, now it will break just like the cape. - You can no longer use protect prayers in the Weapon Minigame. - Iron Man game modes now gets 70% reduced experience instead of the past 30% reduced experience as requested. - You can no longer use ::bank command in the Public Minigame lobby in Edgeville. - Fixed Amulet of glory teleporatation issue above level 30 in The Wilderness. - Fixed a bug where barrows items would not drop upon death or in The Wilderness. - Fixed a bug where some Kurasks where not vulnerable to leaf weapons in Slayer. - Fixed a bug with Blast furnace where the conveyor belt stops moving when its fully loaded. - Fixed Warriors guild Animated armour duping armour pieces when leaving regions. - Minor bug fixes in the Bronze members skilling zone. - Fixed a bug where Woodcutting and some other skilling tasks did not work properly. - Fixed a bug with Black knight titan boss being safe spotted. - Fixed staff of balance equipping properly with animations. - Minor typo fixes on server messages. - General fixes on the server engine and performance improvements tweaks. - All custom items that have head equipped will now show proper dialogue animations. Content: - Added support for 170+ custom items to be note-able including every single item from the new items. - Added support for a new Exotic limited quantity items store: * The store can be found by trading the Double agent from in many different areas. * The store quantity items will stay the same even on server restarts meaning once the quantity reaches zero it will remain zero for the rest of the time. However, a few items that has been added which are also obtainable from clue scrolls, but they were added as a kick boost to players who want to get them quick before doing clue scrolls. The rest of the items are not obtainable in any other way. * The list of items that are obtainable in-game are the ones starting from berets up to the end of the store. THE REST IS UN-OBTAINABLE. - If you are not in the Wilderness, or in (Battle Royale/Weapon Minigame) you get: * Diamond member 35% less Prayer drain rate. * Titanium member 28% less Prayer drain rate. * Platinum member 20% less Prayer drain rate. * Amethyst member 15% less Prayer drain rate. * Topaz member 10% less Prayer drain rate. Image: Left: Regular account / Right: Titanium member - Added support for Neitznot faceguard creation and disassemble. - Massive work on 170 new items added into the server for economy balancing and more: * Some of the most valuable items includes: Hardened fighter torso Army fighter torso Trimmed void sets Barrows whip Dragon scimitar (p++) Golden sled Golden fox Gilded dragon set Midnight partyhat Midnight santa hat Midnight h'ween mask Dragon shortbow Gilded bones (1kg) Invader h'ween mask Dracula h'ween mask Birthday partyhat Blue ankou set Colorful gnome scarf New client will be required to play, and coming soon is a new Minigame called "Aquais Neige" which will be here to obtain a new Water cape.
  11. I've read every single comment, thanks to everyone
  12. Hey guys, Got many questions about the new cape and amulet in the PvP-Store in Edgeville. They are considered the best in-slot based on certain stats for certain equipment mostly melee. They cost 10 million Blood money. Here are the stats comparison: Cape of skulls - Infernal cape - Ava's assembler - Imbued zamorak cape: Wilderness champion amulet - Amulet of fury - Amulet of eternal glory: Enjoy!
  13. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing NPC's to sometimes become invisible in the Slayer tower and some other locations. - Fixed an issue with Blast furnace causing the conveyor belt to stop moving after adding many ores. - Fixed a bug causing the server to crash after being online for many days, including general lagg. - Significant improvement on the server performance grade work which should make everything smoother. - Fixed dropping hunter traps on the ground and scanning for overlapping objects. - Fixed Alchemical hydra death drops and added automatic respawning for the instance. - Mysterious man event will not happen in any instance including the fight caves. - Fixed an issue with Duel arena where sometimes you spawn in the offset and cannot move. - Fixed issue with the Dwarf multicannon where you can use it on other NPC's under attack. - Multiple players can now take from the thieving stalls at the same time. - Iron Man game modes are not allowed to enter the Weapon or Battle Royale Minigame. - Fixed Poison pools for Vorkath including the zombified spawn not being removed. - Fixed the equipment requirements for all Max capes to include Farming and Hunter. - Items equipment models and slots fixed for the items: * Cyclops head * Lesser demon mask * Greater demon mask * Black demon mask * Old demon mask * Jungle demon mask * Fedora * Clown mask * Clown gown * 3rd age druidic staff * Ham joint * Swift blade * Staff of bob the cat * Bunnyman mask * Staff of balance - Fixed Jungle demon melee attack delay. - You can now access the Dagannoth ladder area which had obstacles blocking the path. - Fixed missing Max cape emotes for the imbued version of the capes. - Fixed a bug causing players to become stuck in the random event upon relogging. - Fixed an issue where some NPC's take a delay to retaliate to the attacker. - Moved Infernal skilling items to their respective Skill master instead of the Skilling point store. - Scorpia boss respawn timer was nerfed from 2:30 minutes to 15 seconds according to OSRS update. - Prayer skill XP changes when using bones on altars: * Ectofuntus: Giving the best bone XP and can be reached by teleport or using the Ectophial from Slayer store. * Gilded altar or Wilderness Chaos altar: Second best bone XP and can be found in the Wilderness or Ruby Member's zone or above. * Regular altars: Third best bone XP and can be found in most cities. - Fixed a bug with regular teleports where a player could potentially get 250m XP. (Please reply here with your username for a great reward for reporting this). - Fixed a ground items visual bug where some items show as multiple where in reality it is just one item. - Updated the degradation timer for most items (c) and barrows to be more optimized (E.g: PvP Items now only last for 15 minutes combat time). - Fixed several typos in dialogues and other server messages. - You can no longer use auto type if you are muted. - Fixed an issue with the trading system if players spam click the accept button. - Fixed the clue scroll Uri bug respawn issue. - Fixed Lumbridge city shack door which is required for a clue. - Fixed Ogre pen loose railing climbing which is required for a clue. - Tweaked Edgeville map to fit the new stores. - Removed the Wilderness Avatar's teleport and added the drops instead into the new PvP-Store. - Fixed a bug where you receive negative XP when crushing chocolate bars. - Clue caskets rewards are now stackable as on OSRS. - Fixed Ice gloves effect in the Blast Furnace Minigame. - Fixed a bug with wrong degradation for Karil's top and Guthan's spear. - Classic game mode drops rare chance nerfed by about 10.00%. - Fixed a bug causing players to freeze after being stunned when pickpocketing. - Fixed a bug Bounty target teleport not removing any runes when teleporting. - Fixed Swift blade and Ham joint attack speeds like on OSRS. - Fixed all other Turoth in the Slayer that did not work with Broad/Leaf equipment. - Fixed Ardougne max cape Monastery teleport location. Content: - Finally! Motherlorde Minigame is now finally 1:1 OSRS for all players who wish to obtain Mining XP: * Full zone functionality including the entrance, rocks mining, pay-dirt, fixing the wheel and more. * All NPC's dialogues has been added 1:1 OSRS. * Zone music region implemented. * All objects within the zone works including small details such as crate searching. * Rockslide will not spawn if you are standing in the spot. - Colorful gnome scarf has been added which can be recolored into any color (Not yet obtainable in-game). - New clue scroll rewards has been added: * Medium clue: Amulet of defence (t) * Hard clue: Fremennik kilt * Elite: Highwayman mask (t) - Added support for Infernal harpoon with proper charging and cooking for Tuna, Swordfish and Sharks. - Added support for Ardougne capes teleporting method for all the different variants from Monastery and the Farming patch. - Items on death mechanics completely redone to match OSRS: PVP: * Death under wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You will keep your items, kept but (broken). The pk'er receives 50% of its repair value in Blood money. * Death above wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You lose the item on death, but the killer gets rewarded 75% of its repair value in Blood money. Non PVP (Die to a boss/NPC): * Death over Wilderness level 20 to PVM (Boss/NPC) = You lose the item, but you get 75% of its repair value in Blood money (Inventory). * Death outside the Wilderness or under 20 wild = You keep the items but it stays in the broken form aka Fire cape (broken). Other: * Chinchompas: are always lost on death, if you die to a player they get them as a drop however. * Charged items such as Dragon fireshield, Craws bow, Serpentine helmet, Tome of fire, Scythe, etc - They will drop as uncharged if NOT protected on death. Revenant items will also drop their ether. * Untradeable items: They will ONLY stay on the floor for 60 seconds so you can pick them up and no one else will be able to see them even if lost on PVP. - Added Prifidinnas NPC spawns and started the base work on the Crystal armours and the zone. - Added support to view Mystery-boxes rewards in the Premium store: * You can do that by speaking with Party Pete in Edgeville home. * Allows you to view any Mystery box rewards from the dialogue. - Two new Member's rank Titanium Member and Diamond Member, including name changes: * The Titanium member's rank is now automatically obtained upon spending $750.00 or more. * The Diamond member's rank is now automatically obtained upon spending $1,000.00 or more. * Member ranks has been renamed (Regular member -> Ruby member) (Super member -> Topaz member) (Extreme member -> Amethyst member). - A complete new Bronze member's skilling zone with great features added: * You can teleport to the zone using your quest tab members section. * A fully established map area with the desert scent and scene. * Full region music coverage. * Over 54 different objects and map tiles including extreme details. * Ability to train several skills including a thieving stalls area. * All objects and shops are fully functional. * Over 35 different NPC's in the region including Snakes, Monkeys, Skill masters, and more. * Altar area, bankers, items on ground, and much more. - Added missing imps, fishing spots, ducks, gulls, monkeys, snakes and spiders through many different areas through the whole map for more realistic look. - Added support for Miles at the Chaos altar in the Wilderness including the double door fix. - Added a few new items for Medium clue scroll rewards, which has been suggested by @Aurimeelis: * Explorer's ring 1,2,3,4 * Falador Shield 4 * Kanadrin headgear 3,4 * Desert amulet 2,3,4 * Western banner 3,4 - New items has been added to the game through different sectors: * Fedora (Skilling point shop) * PvP Items, Wilderness champion amulet, Cape of skulls, 3rd age druidic, and much more (PvP-Store) * Infernal items (Obtained through the skilling master of the respective skill) * Should parrot, Clown set, Rune dragon set, Demon and Dragon masks, Ham joint, and Staff of bob the cat. (Premium Store) * Colored gnome scarfs, Evil chicken feet, Spiked manacles and Jester cape (Voting Exchange) * Mole slippers, Frog slippers, Bear feet and Demon feet (OSRS Items Store) * Bunnyman mask (Skilling Points Exchange) * Fish sack (Fishing skill master) * Mask of ranul and Gravedigger mask (Minigame store)
  14. Hello grinders! As everyone of you know we are slowly perfecting the server each and every feature, and this means we have redone our items on death mechanics. I will keep this short for you and easy to understand, but here is how the system works which is identical to OSRS so if you know it you can skip the reading. All items are kept based on its value (examine) which is the market value. You usually keep the top 3 items assuming you are not skulled so they are protected. However, those items below follows different mechanics. Items that can break (Void, Fire cape, Torso, etc): PVP: Death under wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You will keep your items, kept but (broken). The pk'er receives 50% of its repair value in Blood money. Death above wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You lose the item on death, but the killer gets rewarded 75% of its repair value in Blood money. Non PVP (Die to a boss/npc): Death over Wilderness level 20 to PVM (Boss/NPC) = You lose the item, but you get 75% of its repair value in Blood money (Inventory). Death outside the Wilderness or under 20 wild = You keep the items but it stays in the broken form aka Fire cape (broken). ------------------------------------------------------------------ Chinchompas: are always lost on death, if you die to a player they get them as a drop however. Charged items such as Dragon fireshield, Craws bow, Serpentine helmet, Tome of fire, Scythe, etc - They will drop as uncharged if NOT protected on death. Revenant items will also drop their ether. Untradeable items: They will ONLY stay on the floor for 60 seconds so you can pick them up and no one else will be able to see them even if lost on PVP. Enjoy!
  15. Bugs and Fixes: - Minigame initial rewards dropped to 10,000 Blood money instead of 50,000 while instead of getting 10,000 extra Blood money per player it's now 12,500 which means 135k BM with 10 players and 60k with 4 players, respectively. - Charged items now move their charges when being transferred to another item (Ex. Magma Helm). - Fixed looting bag item depositing. - Cannon will now ignore poison effects and ammunition effects. - Anti botting events will no longer occur during a minigame under certain circumstances. - You now face items when picking them properly. - Fixed broken skull mechanics that were reported by players. - Fixed some broken items costing a lot of Blood money for repairs. - You can now pick up all sorts of Flax on the ground. - Fixed an issue with Agility not giving you tokens upon completing a course. - Minor improvements on the Rug Travelling mechanics. - Ava's max cape will now be working properly with the effect. - Fixed an issue where you can use knife on knife with Sacred eels. - Dragon spear special attack only stunning once has been fixed. - Colorful items will now properly display to other players around. - Bastion/Battlemage potions are now available in the BM store. - You can now drink anti venom potions bought from the store. - Minor changes on the doors system which should make them work properly now. - Corporeal beast will now automatically retreat if left out of combat for 60 seconds. - Corp entrance timer reduced to 10 seconds instead of 60. - Fixed god wars issue where kill counts were not being counted. - You should no longer get stuck while walking through Obelisks. - Minor bug fixes on Farming patch appearances. - Slight delay fixes for trade/duel when pressing on accept button. - Fixed Verac's flail running animation. - Fixed an issue where players would respawn in the anti botting event location and keep on getting rewards. - You will no longer receive the daily login reward while in The Wilderness or in a Minigame. - Fixed the Rock Golem pet dialogue. - Giant sea snake boss instance removed due to many ACB's in-game to compensate for its value. - Fixed a lot of broken items equipment such as (t) armours, Spiny helmets, Cow armour and more. - You now require 99 Hunter and Farming in order to equip the Max cape, and not limited to other maxed stats. - Fixed an issue causing some players to not show while in the same region. - Fixed an issue with item spawning on floor showing as multiple items which is not correct. - You now require Warrior's guild tokens to be able to enter into the rooms. - Untradeable items now vanish upon death if they are not protected. - Revenant items will now decharge and drop their charges when you die with them unprotected. - Fixed an issue showing Scythe of Vitur graphics in the Mutant Tarn room instance. - Minor region area fixes to allow NPC random chats to work properly such as Warrior's guild basement. Content: - Added support for ::rules command as requested by players. - Updated the doors system to work properly with the region system update. - Added Varrock East Bank downstairs item spawns. - Added ::repeat command for auto talker with various improvements: * Added a fall back timer when using the commands to prevent spam. * ::repeat allows you to repeat what you were saying after an interruption for ease of use. * Added message filtrations support for auto chat. - Random Frog event in case of botting with detection algorithms including token exchanging. - Lots of work and improvements into our anti botting system, including visual changes. - Blast Furnace Minigame with Complete Full Support: * Ordan the Ore Seller with ore deposting. * All dialogues are supported. * Area on ground spawns support. * Region music support. * Coffer support with up to 2147m. * NPC's are well operating the Blast Furnace. * The process for operating the Blast Furnace is as follows: Place coal and/or ore on the Conveyor Belt. Cool down smelted bars with a bucket of water or just collect the bars with the ice gloves equipped. Collect the bars from the bar dispenser. Repeat. - Baseline work started on Pest Control. - Motherlorde mine is to be released upon next update.
  16. We literally have over 3,000 lines of dialogue!
  17. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed an issue with doors where one can use it while other player is using it. - Fixed Warrior's guild Minigame doors entrance. - Fixed God wars boss chambers, and fixed the interface while in the chambers. - You can now use Anguish ornament kit with the necklace from the participaion points store. - Fixed an issue where you could get stuck if you were teleblocked while using an obelisk. - Fixed Mining guild/Dwarves mine doors. - Reworked and improved the items on death mechanics. - Fixed the max hit calculation formula for Snapshot, Powershot, Soulshot, Chainhit, and Ogre bows. - Fixed a bug with password changer allowing certain characters to be used. - You can no longer enter the Minigames in Edgeville while the server is being updated. - Possibly fixed a bug where you would get disconnected in the Slayer tower when doing Slayer tasks. - Slayer XP is now based on the HP level and not the combat level. - K'ril Zamorak boss and minions will be counted towards Greater demon Slayer tasks. - Fixed a bug where you could use mystery boxes and caskets when having a full inventory. - Add some more anti botting mechanics and data tracking for future botters prevention. - Edgeville dungeon entrance will now require a Brass key to open the door on top. - Fixed Toxic blowpipe charging (You might need a new one for it to work). - Improved the Search object actions system when searching for items. - Minigame timer is now changed from 10 minutes to 30 minutes per game. - Minor changes to the monsters aggression distance formula. - The Wilderness bots are now able to attack players even if they are outside The Wilderness. - Fixed a bug causing Enchanted gem and Slayer rings to not work. - Fixed Broken stairs and ladders in Relekka. - Fixed all Falador stairs and ladders, including the ones in the Party room. - Fixed Amethyst bolts to be effective against Turoth and other Slayer monsters. - Fixed The Wilderness Resource area gates requirements and mechanics. - Fixed Hydra's left door mechanics and lagg. - The server will now announce when someone gets Fighter toros, Rune defender or above. - Sea gulls are now able to move above sea and land. - Lots of ladder fixes including many dungeons and cities. - Elf Islands entrance pit leading to a boss dungeon now displays a message. - Fixed a bug where you cannot use the gambling zone. - Fixed a bug with Clue scrolls with any object action related (aka searching chests). Content: - Implemented a new hit delay for magic short/long bows. - Mage of Zamorak teleport mechanics 1:1 OSRS: * It will now cast a projectile on you that teleports you. - Brimhaven dungeon full zone mechanics: * Vines climbing and vines cutting with proper vines formula. * Agiliy obstacles, and ladders will work properly. * Paying Saniboch prior to entering the dungeon. * 2nd floor area spawns and stairs leading to the place. * Items on ground dump with its respective items. - Edgeville dungeon revamp: * All Agility obstacles will now work properly including any doors/gates. * Items on ground dump mechanics added. * Shadow warriors spawn has been added with the mechanics and drops. * A dangerous Wilderness zone has also been added. - Added support for Items on Ground 1:1 OSRS: * We have added a complete new system that allows us to spawn global items on ground. * Items can have different ids, amounts, and even respawn timers depending on the item. * Over 33 different locations have their data added 1:1 OSRS, including our custom zones. - Optimized and done some QOL to the Scoreboards in Duel arena and Gambling Zone. - Added support for QOL Haybales searching. - Taverly dungeon mechanics: * You now require a Dusty key to enter to the Blue dragons pit. * Jail guard can be slain for a Shiny key to enter the jail cell for finding the Dusty key. * Added Blue dragon's spawn in the 2nd floor of the pit to allow even more players to train there for great drops. * All the items on ground spawn has been added. * Agility obstacles will now work properly. - Completely new map design solely for boss slaying to Legendary members: * A whole new map designed to fit 5 different bosses with each room unique design. * Members are allowed to teleport to the zone once every 15 minutes. * Minor changes might be added in the future for more optimizations. - Added Rogue's spawn near Choas Elemental and they can be slain for the lockpicks. - Added support system for Chinchompa's dropping and on death mechanics: * If you die with chins they will always get released even if you have them protected. * You will get a warning when you will try to drop them. - Added pickables system (Potato, Cabbage, Flax, Wheats,..etc) - Added support for Daily Flax Exchange: * The Flax keeper is a man located within the flax fields in Seers' Village. * He harvests the flax in game over time in the village. * He will allow players to exchange a certain amount of noted flax for noted bow string each day. Members gets more benefits. - Added Al-Kharid desert area mechanics: * The desert becomes a dangerous region south of the Shantay Pass, requiring a player to drink from Waterskins or other sources of water to avoid dehydration. * You will automatically drink every 90 seconds if you have a waterskin with charges in your inventory, the time between drinks can be extended by wearing heat-resistant gear. * Failing to drink will cause the player to periodically lose hitpoints. Within the boundaries of towns, players are immune to desert heat and do not need to drink. * A lot of NPC mechanics and dialogues including Menaphites, Guards, Khazards, and Mercenary. - Added support for Shantay entrance: * The Shantay pass is an item used to exit Al Kharid through the southern gate at the Shantay Pass. * Players can buy one for 5 coins from Shantay, who stands near the gate. * Players have to use one each time they go through the pass from Al Kharid into the Kharidian Desert. - Added Rug merchant and travelling system: * The Magic carpet is a transportation method in the Kharidian Desert. * The magic carpet system is operated by Rug Merchants. * There are two major hubs from which the carpets travel. * Shantay Pass and South Pollnivneach. * Carpets can travel in both directions between destinations, but other carpet destinations will only travel to one of these two hubs. * Members get 50% discount when using the rugs. - Corporeal beast dark energy core support: * The Dark energy core is a monster that appears from within the Corporeal Beast. * This monster heals the Beast, and attacks any players within the vicinity of the Core. * It is advised to kill the Dark Core as soon as it is launched towards the player, as it transfers the player's Hitpoints to the Corporeal Beast. * The dark core has a 1 in 8 chance of spawning after the Corporeal Beast receives 32 or more damage from a hit or when it attacks while below 1,000 Hitpoints.
  18. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug that might've caused players to get reset on login. - Removed redundant code and legacy systems which slows the server from our processing unit. - Improved vine cutting codes to make it check your Woodcutting level and use a formula. - Fixed a bug where you receive a hit after teleporting even if you are on a different height level. - Fixed Giant Sea Snake boss instance respawning issue. - Fixed Ankou item showing 47b instead of 4.7b in value. - Fixed 'Locating Eye' achievement to do with talisman teleporting. - Fixed the clue where you have to show your angry in the Training camp. - Fixed issue with Numerical Value Holder for many uses which will fix any improper shown numbers. - Fixed the Farming skill member's benefits. - Fixed Falador guards emotes, stats, and many other guards such as Ardougne guards, Hero, Knight, and more. - Improved the drop rates for all pets which is 0.6% up to 2.25% depending on drop rates. - Changed Dragonstone bolts (e) to only play the sound when the hit is successful. - Changed the Shayzien armour ids in the Slayer shop to make them wearable. - Massive fixes on lots of NPC emotes, sounds, and graphics. - Fixed Combat bracelet teleport location to the Warriors guild. - Fixed the Mystery box reward text not displaying properly. - Fixed a bug with object interactions for clue scrolls such as Chests. - Fixed search animations and timer when searching for a clue within objects. - Fixed a reported bug where experiments cave ladder and memorial didn't work properly. - Fixed a bunch of ladders including the ice mountain top. - Fixed Jad melee attacking when you are standing far away. - Fixed a lot of order processing for achievements so that the messages will show on top instead of bottom when being received. - Fixed a bug with ::yell command showing [yell] in chat. - Fixed walking delays when executing objects interactions. - Fixed Quest tab prices button links. - Iron Man accounts can now re-buy Snakeskin armours and bow strings. - Possibly fixed a bug causing chargeable items to freeze when dying with them. - Moved the teleport coordinates of Gorak to the Zamorak God Wars area. - Fixed the Zamorak mage clue scrolls event. - The Ring of wealth will now only pickup gold/bm when equipped and fixed ROW (I). - Fixed Halberd's attack animations and sounds. - Aggressive NPC's will now be facing the player when walking towards him/her. - Added missing Anguish ornament kit in the Participation store. - Fixed edge digging clue scroll showing the wrong location. - You can now cast Superheat on Silver ores. - Fixed Gambling issue where it will display the wrong modes and highly improved the system to make it ergonomic. - Fixed a bug causing your ring of wealth (i) to not collect coins, and now it will only collect when equipped. - New players get a starter message broadcast and gem after playing for some time from being registered. - Fixed the Transmogrified achievement completion. - New starter pack rewards has been added. - Added a new broadcast on new account creation to enable sounds & music. - Updated the make over mage upon account creation to show your existing character model rather than the default old one. - Updated the tutorial and fixed a few bugs that were found during the testing. - You can now choose your starter mode upon new account creation which makes you equip the items. Content: - Added account combat mode setup upon new accounts creation. - Added support for Dagannoth doors system. - Added support for Cow Milk Diary. - Added support for sack searching (plain). - Added OSRS tokens in the Blood Money Store for 500,000 BM which can be exchanged for 1M OSRS. - Added Sanfew serum for decanting support. - Added some extra shops and spawns in the Member's zone with their respective dialogue, and quest tab improvements. - Added lots of missing spawns in Yanille and Ardougne. - Added support for missing bosses slain in Slayer tasks such as K'ril boss. - Brand new Casino to be used for Gambling, Lottery and More: * Revamped Gambling/Casino Zone map which will have lots of events to be added. - Redid the Ladders, Staircase, Rope climbing systems to almost get any of them to function like on OSRS. (Server is being more complete with details). - Added support for lock-picking. - Start work on the Lost City quest and drew a big plan for many quests that will unlock items to be equipped-used in the future: * Lost city to equip Dragon longsword (quest takes 4-6 minutes). * Monkey Madness to equip Dragon scimitar (15-20 minutes). * Recipe from disaster to unlock gloves (custom quest) (30 mins) * Desert treasure (custom) to unlock ancient magicks. - You can now change the color of your Serpentine helmet using Mutagens. - Made Necklace of Anguish to break to regular necklace on death. - Improved the core NPC death mechanics and added each NPC with their death timer like on OSRS. - Fixed potion making for overlapping ingredients which rendered that some potions couldn't be made. - Fixed the Broad bolts and arrows not working against Turoth. - Fixed equipment operate interaction for Slayer helmets and Slayer rings. - You now require to pick-lock in the Yanille dungeon, with some newly added spawns. - Tweaked the Duel arena a little bit making it have more spawns, dialogues, and better in general. - Added support for Spirit tree with up to 4 locations so far. More locations will be added soon. - Massive data saving and sending messages when doing many actions such as: * Duel wons. * Minigames won (To be used in HS later). * Minigame win streak (To be used in HS later). * Chest opening. * Mystery box opening. * Total voting times. * Fight cave timer, kill count, and more. - Added support to hands dusting in the Warriors guild as requested by players: * To decrease the chance of failure, players can use a pestle and mortar with ashes to get ground ashes. They may then click on the ash to dust their hands. - Added Coo Moo-ing, Duck sounds, Make over mage effects, and Al-Kharid warriors mechanics. - Added support for Al-Kharid gates. - Added Varrock West Bank door knocking. - Added support for Snakeskin tanning. - Added support for Amulet of Chemistry: * An amulet of chemistry is a jade amulet enchanted via the Lvl-2 Enchant spell. * Each amulet begins with five charges. * While the amulet is equipped, there is a 5% chance that you will create a 4-dose potion rather than a 3-dose potion when brewing potions, which consumes one charge. * Once all of the amulet's charges are used up, the amulet crumbles to dust. - Complete All doors system, All gates, Curtains and more: * Door stuck support. * Single doors * Double doors * Force doors * Double Force doors * Doors with requirements * Gates * Curtains - Added support for all trap doors and trap-door pick locking. - Added all guilds with their respective requirements. * Mining guild * Woodcutting guild * Fishing guild * Cook's guild * Crafting guild * Magic guild with spawns * Ranging guild * Farming guild Possible content for the next update is not limited to: Blast Furnace, Motherlorde mine, Carpet traveling, Kraken boss, Fight pits, Platinum members skilling zone
  19. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing players to able to cast spells while being in a busy state. - The Slayer tower basement is now properly working along with the NPC's inside. - Trollheim teleport now requires 2 law runes. - Properly fixed JAD achievement. - Adjusted Runecrafting experience for Blood runes and Soul runes. - Fixed a bug giving players infinite Ring of wealth (no rings were spread in game). - Fixed a bug that allowed players to use cheat engine to manipulate the teleport interface and teleport from anywhere. (No harm was intended) - Random events will now continue to show up even after relogging. - Fixed money achievement bug showing negative values sometimes. - Fixed the join date bug in quest tab. - Improved the Slayer helmet requirement messages for the Slayer skill. - Fixed Vorki and Abyssal Orphan pet dialogue head animations. - Updated the Dragon claws special attack to use the correct animation. - The Firemaking tome(10) now works properly and rewards 10m experience. - Added proper Gerrant in Port Sarim for clue scroll. - Removed free axes in the Woodcutting store (points store). - Fixed the Lumbridge mill clue scroll pathing as well as South of Gnome agility course path. - You can now buy and sell in any clan chat excluding "Help". - Fight caves NPC's will no longer drop caskets. - You can now trade or talk-to any skilling master. - Fixed a bug causing pets to freeze in position and no longer follow player if someone interacts with it. - Removed runes supplies from Combat Training store. - Fixed Rock slug's and Cockatrice in the Slayer cave. - Improved the graphic and emote support when defeating JAD boss. - Increased the delay to the explosion of Zombified spawn. - Fixed Mystery box reward messages. - Fixed Skeletal hellhound respawning. - Obelisks will now work properly once again. - Optimized and tweaked Hydra instance so everything works fine (vents..etc). - Fixed Broad bolts creation and added 'Broader fletching' support. - The Combat lamp is now tradeable. - Items dropped by Iron Man game modes will no longer be visible to regular players. - Fixed pathing issue in Falador room stairs. - Removed the duplicate Fishing master in the Member's zone. - Fixed Hydra's attack not repeating properly. - Removed collisions at the Lumbridge castle west of outpost door. - Fixed a bug causing skill tasks not working without relog for new players. - Fixed Magma and Tanzanite helmet stats. - Fixed the Abyssal bludgeon price in the Premium store. - Adjusted the graphic heights of Spinolyp attacks. - Fixed a bug causing players to not show the Wilderness level when teleporting from Al-Kharid. - Fixed gold amulet crafting which is essential for clue scrolls. - Fixed Kalphite queen respawns and added soldiers to the KQ instance. - Reduced Abyssal tentacle poison odds to 1/4 and changed the damage to 4. - You no longer need to have a Slayer task for buying stuff in the Slayer rewards store. - You now need 68 Fishing to enter the Fishing guild. - Fixed the Ranged attack animation of the Wilderness archer bot. - You can no longer safe spot bots in the Wilderness. - Trade value indicator now works properly. - Fixed up projectiles for Surge spells. - Slayer shop now sells the proper Slayer ring (8). - Updated the Hell hound teleport to Catacombs of Kourend when using the Gem/Ring. - You no longer get a charged Serpentine helmet upon item creation. - Fixed a clipping issue in Varrock clothing shop for clue fix. - Fixed a clipping issue in Guard's house East Ardougne. Content: - Added support to send server suggestions through broadcasts for new players to offer them tasks and stuff to do. - Added Statius warhammer special attack: * An attack that deals anywhere between 25% and 125% of the user's standard max hit and lowers the target's current Defence level by 30% on a hit other than 0 (stackable; relative to current level). - Added Dragon 2H sword special attack: * Hit up to 14 enemies surrounding you. - Added Dragon and Infernal harpoon special attacks: * Increases the player's Fishing level by 3. - Warriors guild minigame 100% added with Games Room, Dialogues, Shops, and more: The animation room of the Warriors' Guild, created by Shanomi, is located on the 1st floor, southwest of the Guild entrance. This room is one of the most commonly used rooms out of the whole guild to gain tokens. Players must bring a set of metal armour, such as bronze or mithril, consisting of a full helmet, platelegs, and a platebody. To begin the minigame, the player must click on the animation machine with the full set of armour in their inventory, or use one of the pieces of armour on the machine. The armour will come to life and begin attacking the player. Upon defeating the animated armour, the player may pick their armour set up again along with tokens for defeating it. Higher-level armour sets are stronger but reward more tokens upon defeating them. The dummy room of the Warriors' Guild, created by Ajjat is located on the 1st floor, northwest of the entrance. There are no requirements for this minigame; however, it is a good idea to bring melee weapons of all types and styles — stab, slash, crush, accurate, aggressive, defensive, and controlled. This room tests players' reflexes with attack styles by creating various dummies. To defeat these dummies, players must choose the correct attack method to destroy them. Players should look at the poster inside of the dummy room for more information on what styles to use for each dummy. Each dummy correctly hit will reward players with 15 Attack experience and 2 warrior guild tokens. There are seven dummies in the dummy room, covering all four combat styles (defensive, aggressive, accurate and controlled) and all three melee attack styles (slash, crush, and stab). As a result, choosing the right weapons for this minigame is important. One is required to have at least two weapons to be able to hit every dummy. The best strategy is to bring one weapon that can hit all but one dummy, and another weapon that will deal with the last dummy. For example, a longsword will be able to hit all dummies except for crush, in which case the player could carry a warhammer for the crush dummy. A mace can hit all dummies but slash, for which the player could carry a battleaxe. Whatever combination is decided upon, it should be kept in mind that the attack bonuses for the weapon do not help in this minigame; therefore, it is as easy to obtain tokens with a bronze longsword as it is with a dragon one. If a player does not have the ideal weaponry for this minigame, they can visit Anton on the 2nd floor[US] to buy appropriate weaponry. Note that unarmed combat counts as a crush weapon. This game can be tricky at first. Try to memorise which type of dummy appears in each slot, as they never change slots. The catapult room of the Warriors' Guild, created by Gamfred, is located on the 2nd floor, west of the Armoury. To begin this minigame, players may speak with the dwarf outside of the room to obtain a two-handed defensive shield. This shield can only be equipped while standing on the target area. Once the shield is equipped, participants should look at the ammunition being shot at them and observe the panel which replaces the inventory, then select the appropriate defensive style. Each time players defend successfully, they will receive 10 Defence experience and one token. Though this minigame is arguably the easiest at which to be successful, its token payoff is relatively low. The shot put room of the Warriors' Guild is located on the 2nd floor, in the northeast corner of the guild. To begin, players pick up a cannonball and select one of the three throwing styles. If a player fails, they will drop the ball on their toe, losing HP in the process. To reduce this use, one may use a pestle and mortar with ashes to get ground ashes, then use the ground ashes on their hands. Upon succeeding on the put, the player will gain Strength experience and tokens. The number of tokens received is calculated as follows: For the 18lb balls (left pile), players receive 1 + distance (yards) tokens For the 22lb balls (right pile), players receive 3 + distance (yards) tokens Each throw will reduce the player's energy. As the player's energy lowers, their distance will degrade, until finally, below about 10% energy, one is unable to throw. Waiting for energy to regenerate, using energy potions, strange fruits, or sq'irk juice will allow the player to participate again. Another option is to throw shots until energy is depleted, and then move to a different minigame while regenerating energy. A good tactic if energy potions are available is to throw one ball, restore all energy lost, throw another, restore all energy, and repeating until out of potions, then using up all remaining energy. This can yield a large amount of tokens. Jimmy's Challenge is located on the 2nd floor, east of the Armoury. To begin, click on a keg in the room. You will balance the keg on your head and can go on to select another keg, up to a maximum of five. Balancing the kegs will award Strength experience but will cause damage to you if you lose balance. You will receive 2 tokens for every barrel successfully picked up. To receive tokens, speak to Jimmy for a signature and then speak to another games master. If you walk out of the room with barrels on your head, they will disappear. Basement: In the basement of the Warriors' Guild, accessible by a trap door west of the guild (exit through the food shop), is another large room containing level 106 Cyclopes. Lorelai will require you to have a rune defender in your inventory before she will allow access to the room. You will be able to re-enter this room without showing a defender after unlocking access to it the first time. Only the Cyclopes that are located in the basement will drop the dragon defender. Entry to the Cyclops room requires 100 Warrior guild tokens. 10 tokens are used upon every entrance, and then 10 tokens are charged for every following minute you stay. * If the player has 99 Attack, wearing the attack cape before entering the basement Cyclops room will allow the player to stay in the room free of charge as long as the skillcape is equipped. * Full area sounds and music's. * All respective shops added. * Dialogues not limited to (Ajjat, Gamfred, Ghommal, Harrallak, Kamfreena, Ref, Rory, Sloane, Anton, Lidio, Lilly, Jimmy, and many more). * Perfect NPC chats throughout the zone. * Doors system implemented properly for all the minigame. - Massive work on Instance system, Area system which will bring massive performance boost and some minor area related fixes. - Added support to missing amulets stringing (Opal, Emerald, Topa, Onyx, Zenyte). - Added support for Distance based hit delays for magic attacks (Core rework): * Hit delay is measured in game ticks and is the amount of time an attack will be queued to an entity (player or NPC) without doing damage. Specifically, hit delay measures the amount of ticks an attack is processed on an entity without damaging it. Melee attacks damage an entity the very first tick that they are processed, and as such, are defined to have a hit delay of 0. The hit delay of distance attacks is typically variable based on the Chebyshev distance between the entity dealing the attack and the entity receiving the attack. The distance is typically measured edge-to-edge in game squares, i.e. the distance between the closest edges of the two entities. However, barrage spells are a notable exception in that they calculate distance from the player to an NPC's southwest tile, which causes abnormally long hit delay when attacking a large NPC from the northeast. - Implemented proper PID changing every 100 to 150 ticks which will fix a lot reported tick issues. - Added Woodcutting guild & Redwood Trees/Stumps for the Woodcutting skill: * Redwood logs are used to train Firemaking and make redwood birdhouses. * The only locations where redwood trees can be cut are the Woodcutting Guild and the Farming Guild. The redwood tree in the Farming Guild requires the player to first grow a redwood tree (requiring level 90 Farming) and has a bank deposit box very close to the tree. * On the other hand, the redwood trees in the Woodcutting Guild provide an invisible +7 Woodcutting boost which slightly increases cut speed. * Implemented Woodcutting Guild Gates w/ 60 WC requirement for entrance. * Implemented Tree Stumps. - Mining skill gem mining support implemented. - Birdhouses support system added: * A bird house is used to set bird house traps on Fossil Island requiring 5 Hunter. It can be made at 5 Crafting using logs on a clockwork with a chisel and hammer yielding 15 experience. *Bird houses must be baited with 10 low level hop seeds or herb seeds (Krandorian/Harralander or lower) or 5 high level seeds (Wildblood/Ranarr or above). After approximately 50 minutes when the birdhouse is full, it can be emptied, granting 280 Hunter experience.
  20. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing players to lose items when dying with poison in the Duel Arena. - Major fixes and improvements on the duplicate instances issue. - Fixed the clue scroll double agent spawn issue. - You will now be warned about selling items in clan chat, but your messages won't be blocked. - Fixed an issue where you cannot walk in doors in Yanille, Wilderness agility, and Catherby. - Fixed a bug causing you to get experience when hitting 0's against Demonic gorillas, and some other NPC's. - Updated the forbidden items that Iron Man game modes cannot purchase from stores. - Fixed the safe spotting issue for Mutant tarn. - Fixed a bug with broken Infernal cape being repaired to Fire max cape. - Updated Dragon arrows and removed Karambwans from consumable's store. - You can now gamble your max cape on the mounted cape in Edgeville. - A reported issue where you can accept while swapping items in gambling is fixed. - You can now operate all items with effects again. Ex: glory, ROI..etc; - Updated the Slayer store with Sheyzien armour. - You can now craft and use Broad arrows, Broad bolts, and Amethyst broad bolts from the Slayer store. - Optimized the special attack delay of Godswords, and Godswords (OR). - You can now properly combine Odium ward, Malediction ward, Godswords, Steam battlestaffs, Occult, Tormented, and all the other ornament kits including reverting them. Note: Some items lose their ornament kit upon revert/dismantle. - Fixed an issue with Dragon crossbow not giving experience or loot. - Morphing with rings will no longer cause your account to stay frozen. - Made it so NPC's don't respawn in boss instances. - Redone Granite maul special attack and allow ornate attachments for 50% special attack consumption. - Fixed Zombified spawn for Vorkath dying by Crumble undead spell. - Ultimate Iron Man game modes will get their rewards into inventory instead of bank container. - Lots of typos fix within attributable system. - A sound plays when you open the Slayer reward interface. - Major issues fixed for the following bosses: (Corporeal beast, BKT, Kree, STQ, and General graardor). - Purple sweets that are obtained from Clue scrolls are now edible. - Optimized the illegal words sensor. - Fixed an issue where you could attack other players with magic in King Black Dragon area. - Fixed the degradation messages when barrows items are degrading. - You can now longer use ::hp or ::spec while in Fight caves or when playing minigames. - Fixed Mysterious emblems and Ancient relics being sold at different prices to Emblem trader. - Updated the list of the client URL links, and server commands. - Double combat ring is no longer tradeable since its an attributable item. The price has decreased from 2,500 to 750 skilling points. Content: - Christmas Maps, Snow, and 2020 event implemented: * Start your Christmas event from south of home area by talking to Santa's minion. * Two way event where you can complete it with peace, or perhaps by aggression. * Cut-scene added within the minigame. * 13 new sounds, and 4 jingle bits respectively. * New achievement added (Limited time to complete it). - Added enchant support for Dragonstone bolts. - Middleman zone map tweaks. - Over 42 new jingle bits has been added (Aka death, fight caves progression, etc) - Implemented 1:1 OSRS Fight caves with custom twist to choosing your waves: * Ability to choose all waves, final wave, or a custom wave for certain fees. * Fully 1:1 63 waves with all the stats, animations, graphics, sounds, and special effects. * You walk into the Fight caves once you enter. * Fire cape exchange functionality (Still the same as before, with member benefits for a better chance). * Ability to make NPC's stuck behind each other. * Proper rotation for the Fight caves monsters. * Tokkul will be rewarded for playing the minigame. * You don't lose items on death on the minigame. * Healers will spawn when JAD is at half-health. * You can REQUEST to log out of the game at anytime by logging out before you end your current round. * If you finish the wave when logged in, you will be started on the next wave; if you log out before you finish, you will log in at the start of that wave again. * Timer entrance when leaving the game. - Redone the mechanics of Obelisks: * Wilderness obelisks are teleportation devices in the wilderness * Each obelisk, when activated, will teleport anyone standing on the pad after a few seconds to another pad, which is chosen at random. - Implemented Shove special attack for Dragon spear, Zamorak spear, and Zamorak hasta: * Dragon spears can be poisoned either with weapon poison or karambwan paste. The poison can be removed by using a cleaning cloth on the poisoned spear. * The dragon spear has a special attack, Shove, which it shares with the Zamorakian spear and hasta. It pushes an opponent back and stuns them for three seconds, consuming 25% of the player's special attack energy. * It cannot be used against large monsters, such as giants, because they are too big to push back. * Zamorakian spear and Zamorak hasta has a 1 tick faster attack speed, with special effects against Corporeal beast. - Implemented Wild Stab special attack for Dragon sword: * Along with the leaf-bladed sword, the dragon sword is currently the best shortsword available in Grinderscape: Leaf-bladed sword has a higher stab and slash bonus, but the dragon sword has a much higher strength bonus. * The dragon sword has a special attack, Wild Stab, that consumes 40% of the player's special attack energy to hit the target with 25% increased accuracy and damage. * If the target is using Protect from Melee, the special attack will ignore the prayer for one attack. This special rolls off of the opponents stab defence regardless of which mode it is in. - Added support for Crystal halberd, and it's special attack Sweep: * The crystal halberd is significantly more powerful than a dragon halberd, making it a good choice as a melee safespot weapon. * The crystal halberd can deal full damage to the Corporeal Beast, despite not being a spear, but it must be on the stab attack style. * The crystal halberd shares the same special attack as the dragon halberd, consuming 30% of the player's special attack energy. In addition to a 10% damage boost, if used against "large" monsters (anything that is larger than 1x1, such as General Graardor) * The item does not degrade on Grinderscape (Will be changed in the future) - Added Granite Hammer special attack: * It acts as a rock hammer in the inventory, but will automatically smash gargoyles when it is equipped. * In comparison to the leaf-bladed sword, the granite hammer has slightly poorer accuracy but a greater strength bonus and a special attack. However, the leaf-bladed sword is far easier to obtain, especially for ironmen. * The granite hammer has a special attack, Hammer Blow, which consumes 60% of the player's special attack energy, and deals an attack with 50% increased accuracy, while guaranteeing 5 additional damage to that attack. * Even if the special attack misses, the target will still take a minimum of 5 damage from it. - New on death mechanics for chargeable items: * Dying with a charged blowpipe, and if the item is not protected on death it will drop its darts, scales, and uncharged blowpipe. * Dragonfire shield will lose all its charges if dropped on death and will drop in the uncharged form. * Dying with a charged Scythe of Vitur will make its charges vanish and drop the item as uncharged. - Core rework on the combat system to allow us to make certain weapons always roll against Stab defence, or use certain attack style bonuses: * This allows us to create range-magic attacks: The attacks check your range defence, but hit with magic damage. * Dragon sword special rolls off of the opponents stab defence regardless of which mode it is in. * Saradomin sword special attack checks for defence magic and does melee damage. - Added Prayer point restore effect in Catacombs of Kourend area. - Added support for Bonecrusher, Bonecrusher necklace, and Dragonbone necklace: * The bonecrusher must be charged with ecto-tokens to function, gaining 25 charges per ecto-token used. One charge is used per bone crushed. * The charge limit is 2,147,483,647. * The bonecrusher now crushes bones dropped by Cyclopes in the Warriors' Guild basement. * The bonecrusher can be combined with the dragonbone necklace and a hydra tail to create the bonecrusher necklace, which combines the effects of both the dragonbone necklace and the bonecrusher. * Should the player die with the bonecrusher anywhere except above level 20 Wilderness, it will always be protected on death, as it is an untradeable item, and will retain all of its charges. However, if you die above level 20 Wilderness the bonecrusher and all of the charges contained within will be lost. * Full sound system support with real sounds. * Bones crushed with the bonecrusher in the Catacombs of Kourend will trigger the catacombs' Prayer restoration effect. Bones crushed while wearing a dragonbone necklace will also trigger its Prayer restoration effect. Note that these two effects do not stack with each other. * When carried in the inventory, if the player kills a monster that drops bones, the bonecrusher will automatically crush them, granting the player half the Prayer experience they would have gotten from burying the bones themselves, or full amount if they are super member or above. * The dragonbone necklace is a necklace that is dropped exclusively by Vorkath. * Wearing the necklace requires level 80 in Prayer, and currently offers the highest prayer bonus of any piece of equipment available in Grinderscape which makes it good for fight caves. * When worn, it will restore prayer points as bones are buried (even if buried via the bonecrusher). However, this prayer restoring effect takes nine seconds to take effect after equipping the necklace; this is to prevent players equipping another necklace and only swapping to the dragonbone necklace each time they kill a monster just for the prayer restoration effect. A small sound effect can be heard when the nine seconds have passed. This effect does not stack with the Catacombs of Kourend prayer restoration effect. * The amount of points restored are as follows: Bones restore 1 prayer point. Big bones restore 2 prayer points. Baby dragon and Wyrm bones restore 3 prayer points. Dragon, Wyvern, Hydra, Drake and Dagannoth bones restore 4 prayer points. Superior dragon bones restore 5 prayer points. - Added Rock crab transform mechanics 1:1 OSRS. Note: A new client will be required to play! Merry Christmas to everyone and happy holidays!
  21. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing you to morph forever and never get back to normal. - Optimized pet drop rates. - Fixed a bug causing you to enter the minigame with your pet. - Cooking skill fixes for making Mud pie, Garden pie, Admiral pie, Wild pie, and Summer pie. - Fixed Cerberus boss summoned souls not spawning sometimes. - Updated the Revenant caves drops for all NPC's inside. - Fixed a bug with Fishing causing Shark fishing to take ages when bare handed. - Blurberry drinking support added. - Fixed Spinolyp attack strategy. - You can no longer attack Kree'arra or the minions with melee. - Teleport tablets can now be used even while frozen. - Perfectly optimized drops. - Made the Wilderness Avatars a bit harder and with more Hitpoints. - Updated Mutant Tarn teleport from Max cape to the new location spawn. - Corrected Surge spells graphic heights. - Fixed uncharging bug with Sanguinesti staff. - Bandos minions will no longer drop Bandos tassets and Bandos chestplate. - Fixed teleporting from the Wizard graphics, and removed the random event. - Fixed clue: If a man carried my burden, he would break his neck. - Fixed message showing you need logs to light fires when not using Tinderbox. - Fixed Double XP ring buying/charge checking and changed the name to Double combat ring. - Lot's of race changes and now Crawling hand, Banshee, Aberrerant Spectre, Ghast, Skogre, Tree Spirit, and Barrows NPC's will count as UNDEAD. This means boosted experience when using certain items such as Salve amulet. - Fixed Clue scroll for eastern falador (stairs). - Fixed Clue scroll for Gerrant in Catherby, and the one above the Archer store. - Fixed Banshee Mask equipment. - Fixed a bug causing UIM unable to redeem store purchases. - All crossbows now use the updated OSRS animations. - You can now stake and gamble items that were not allowed previously such as noted Justiciar platebody. - Added support for Bronze-Rune brutal arrows, and Ogre arrows with proper formulas as on OSRS. - Fixed Black darts graphics and throwing. - Added support for Morrigan's thrownaxe and javelin's. - Fixed all Thrownaxe's animation and graphics properly. - Made enchanted dragon bolts use proper formulas as on OSRS and not use get special if the player does have dragon protection, same applies for Pearl and Opal bolts enchanted bolts. - Updated thrown knives, crossbow, darts, and Thrownaxe emotes to the OSRS version. - Fixed the disable prayer effect of Rose whip. - Due to Covid-19 some store item prices were raised exponentially. - Block animations are now perfectly synced with combat timers. - Fixed noted items in Blood money store. - Massive work on item values that affect the OSRS items value and price checker should be showing similar prices to Wiki. (Thanks to Wrath) - Reduced slayer points reward on streaks. - Perfected thieving delay. - Fixed shop selling prices and logging. - Fixed a bug with banker interaction. - Cannon will no longer hit NPC's that are dying. - Fixed a bug allowing you to interact with NPC's while they are dying. - Adjusted Bonus Skill event timer to be one hour exactly. - Blackjack gambling mode is now perfectly fixed with fail-safe and redundancy. - Improved the flower poker gambling mode with QOL enhancements. - Made it so you cannot forfeit when player is 0 Hitpoints causing players to lose their items. - You can no longer trade while inside a minigame lobby. - Massive work on Travel related system and code and QOL improvements. - Adjusted Dragon whip special attack to be less effective in PvP, and even more effective in PvM. - Fixed an angle causing Ceberus entrance not to work. - Broken items now cost 70% less to repair for Iron Man game modes. (Thanks for the player who reported this QOL) (Its much fun and easier now) - Updated the ::Drops command URL. - Spinolyp attack now uses Magic-Ranged formula's and reduces your prayer upon accurate hits. - Fixed charged Scythe of Vitur from Clue rewards into the uncharged version. - Fixed a bug with Prayer skill causing you to have infinity prayer points at some instances while slaying bossing. - Market guards will no longer target you when in combat. - Added un-noted Rune essence in Runecrafting store. - You can no longer use easy to guess bank PINs. - Fixed the Green dragons teleport causing you not to be in the Wilderness. - Fixed a lot of NPC's animations, graphics, and respawn timers. Some drops were also optimized for certain NPC's. - Fixed ladder not allowing players to climb up in the Wilderness Agility course. - Increased the damage and accuracy output of Demon agony spell. - Changed Fun Pk name to Fun PvP zone. - Added support to create Imbued Max capes. - You can now use Charge spell with max capes and Imbued Max capes. - Fixed max hits of some slayer NPC's hitting too high. - Fixed double XP ring issues that were reported by players. - Minigame changes: * A minimum of 2 players is required to start now instead of 5. * After winning a game it can switch the minigame type such as from Weapon Game to Battle Royale, or vise versa. * Improved the crate opening in Weapon Game, and made it work even faster if you spam click. * The total kills required to win Weapon Game is decreased from 24 to 10. * All the participating players get rewarded with Blood money, Participation points, and Minigame points. * Minigame will now start once every 10 minutes, so you have time to do quick stuff before playing a new one. * You will earn 10 minutes of bonus XP when starting a game. The timer can be stacked when playing more games. Future changes will include: A boss in Weapon game that once killed it will reward great drops, points, and in-minigame-perks. Shop revamp and increased rewards that will help all sort of game modes and players with different levels. The Weapon game will reward players on defeating another player items based on their stats. Random perks while playing a minigame such as infinite special attack for 10 seconds, invincibility for 15 seconds, etc Minigame scoreboard and support on website highscores. Improved rewards for playing minigame, and the winners can even get OSRS tokens in some circumstances. Titles and ranks solely for playing minigames. - Fixed a bug causing players to lose their Bonus XP when dying or using the Box of Health. - Fixed Iron Man modes boss instances to work perfectly now. - Fixed an issue where Giant mole doesn't spawn sometimes. Content: - Over 30 new shops added and spread throughout the game. - New Wiki design is up and complete with overhaul. - Edgeville map tweaks. - Complete new Movement Coordinator, Collision System, Clippable tiles, and Motion system: * Over 5,000 lines of code were changed with more than 2 months of hard work and testing. This system brings massive improvement to the server as over 70 file scripts were changed and a lot of systems were rewritten which could also mean improved server performance at the same time. The fixes mainly fix everything that has to do with movement, collision, and interaction. * Follow dancing support system added. * NPC's will no longer collide with each other when stacked. (Excluding some bosses for safe spotting fixes) * Ducks can swim over on water. * "I can't reach that."for unreachable entities. * Butterflies flying over low objects support. * Ranged LOS and attack over fences support. * LOS system for lots of interactions and combat improvements. * Talking to Bankers from behind the bank booths support. * PVP following with all combat styles and weapons support. * Player, NPC, and Object interactions system. * NPC Retreating & Walking Home system. * Added support to pickup items that you cannot reach such as items on table. * Players will no longer noclip over webs when walking to a target and the web spawns. * Added support for NPC's that you cannot walk over such as Brawler, to be used in Pest control later. - NPC's random walking system: * NPC's will now randomly move within their allowed radius just like on OSRS. * They will not collide with each other when randomly walking anymore. * Improved system performance that consumes less resources. - Slayer skill overhaul: * Slayer equipments will now be required for certain Slayer NPC's. * You can no longer use Cannon in the Slayer Tower. * All Slayer NPC's use proper stats, sounds, animations, and graphics. Mechanics are also included now in the script. * Basement is Slayer task-only NPC's in the Slayer tower. * Added support for Kurask area to be task only. * Slayer stronghold is now task only. (This helps people with Slayer tasks to find NPC's easily uncrowded). Banshee: Earmuffs Aberrant spectre: Nosepeg Gargoyle: Rock hammer Abyssal demon: Good gear and weapon. Rune armour and a Dragon scimitar or Abyssal whip Ankou: Salve amulet is helpful, but not required. Dark beast: Good armour and weapon Kurask: Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Slayer staff/Leaf-bladed sword/Leaf-bladed battleaxe Basilisk: Mirror shield, V's shield Rockslug: Bag of salt Jellies: Magic-resistant armour Desert Lizard: Ice cooler Turoth: Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Slayer staff/Leaf-bladed sword/Leaf-bladed battleaxe Cockatrice: Mirror shield, V's shield Cave Horror: Witchwood icon, Light source Wall Beast: Spiny helmet * Slayer Stronghold: All NPC's are Slayer-task only. * Lizardman shaman lair: All Lizards are Slayer-task only. - Added support for Guthan's armour set with Amulet of the damned. - Added proper attack animation and formulas for Dragon knife, and Dragon knife (p) (p+) (p++). - Added support for Seercull bow, Composite bows, Ogre bow, and Comp ogre bow with perfect accuracy, speed, and hit distance. - Added automatic Coins to Platinum tokens conversion upon winning a stake. (Soon to be adjusted to gambling and trades). - Brimhaven new teleport & Saniboch fees imported. - Thiveing guards system implemented (All thieving zones in game): * The guards will now target you if in line of sight of 3 tiles. * Wearing a full rogue set will make them not target you. * Staying in vicinity for 5 or more minutes will make them not target you. * Wearing a Thieving skill cape will also make them not target you. - Dwarven rock cake now to match OSRS: * Eating depletes 1 hitpoint when above 2 hitpoints. If at or below 2 hp, it will do nothing. * Guzzling depletes 10% of current hitpoints, rounded up. This will deplete 1 hp if currently at 2 hp, allowing to completely deplete to 1 hp. When at 1 hp, guzzling will still hit the player, but for 0 damage. * Neither eating nor guzzling are able to kill the player, nor do they destroy the rock cake. - Mage of Zamorak now teleports you properly as on OSRS. - NPC's will now teleport you improved animation/gfx. - Revamped and fixed all tutorial area bugs and included a few new steps in the tutorial. - Feature: You can now use bonds on other players to promote them. - Feature: Clan tips and made buying/selling on a clan chat not allowed. - Ring of suffering support added and now it works 1:1 OSRS. - Auto typer feature included: You can type ::autotype [message] * A complete new system to allow players to auto type their messages without any hassle. Goodbye to annoying pain to sell/buy. * It can be done while being AFK and it set to an auto timer of 4 seconds. * Any movement will interrupt the system. However, you can still talk in the clan chat and do some actions while auto typing. * It will not show in other players chat so less spam. * Support for colored auto typed messages will be coming soon. * NOTE: Buying/Selling over clan channel is no longer allowed. You can use the Yell channel instead for that. - Added support for Black Knight Titan instance. - New Wiki Design (Thanks to Maranami for helping out). Special thanks for Valor for helping find all these bugs below: Duel Arena: - Clipping - When entering the duel arena, it is possible to spam click the minimap to noclip outside of the duel. - The smaller concern is that players could wait out the opponent to forfeit. - The bigger concern is that one of the players could send a duel request to a third player (Player C) before entering the duel. There is not a check for If Player C can send duel requests to a player that is the duel - it will send the request to the person in the duel. My fear being that it is possible that if the player does send the request prior to going into the duel arena, then player C, rather than sending the request, is accepting the request. This would enable a three way duel --- leading to forced wins (via player C forfeiting). - Death at Duel Arena: - Lets place player A and Player B into the duel. - Player A kills player B in the duel; while the player B's HP is 0, the player A forfeits the duel. - Since player A forfeited the duel, the player B's death occurs outside the duel. This being the case, whatever items player B (the one who died) had on them, they would lose as if they were in the wilderness. - Player A can loot the items player B had. If a player leaves the duel arena area, then it will forfeit that players duel. Tournament Minigame: - Able to trade items into the lobby. - Player A and Player B are outside the waiting room. Player A sends a request to player B, then enters the waiting room. Player A proceds to follow player B to get close enough to trade. Player B then accepts the trade. - Player A is already in the waiting room. If player B follows that player, it clips him into the room (this is fine since there are area based checks). Player B will have their items automatically deposited, but blood money was an exception for some reason. Sneak Peak: OSRS / Runelite client support is on the way! Note: A new client will be required to play!
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