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  1. West

    Not 100% but im sure not that long ago> Stan did deals > @Stan Could be wrong
  2. Since my last comment you have improved alot and have gained trust by community. Good luck! +1 from me
  3. West

    Welcome back
  4. Old Username/Ingame Username: West - could i also get the bronze donator badge added ?:) Proof: ss
  5. West

    Issac- magic book > city tele > falador tele and yeah man uk normally bad Hell mage - Yeah man i hate / love it and family always comes first in my eyes Valar- Its all about the hat brother
  6. West

    Just to show off to everyone and try to inspire people to do the same. Yes i have a life and going to the park with the family and walking the dog outside of grinderscape. Me and my daughter
  7. Hello dudes im in need of a sig and new profile picture anyone that can help me out? as i dont enjoy doing this at the end of posts.xD West
  8. i disagree with you there because before i got mm i hardly went dice only for events As i dont gamble my self.
  9. Have been seeing you alot in game helping in cc @ home and your active in mornings, which is great for the mm team. +1 from me good luck
  10. West

    gratz! well deserved! good to see staff team growing:D
  11. BTW when staff/ mm reply its there own opinion. As time zones are different he may not see you. Hello i have seen you in game congratz for that, for right now im going to say no, only because your quite new, if you take your time learning the client and also the quest tab, ::prices how that works , i see you trying to help people and communicate with the community which is great Its not up to me if you get mm dude but for right now i dont think your mm material *yet* keep doing what your doing and dont give up. Best advice i can give<3 Good luck on your application West
  12. West

    you best do hardcore next dude:p very nice!
  13. perfect!!! thanks!!! another great update thank you
  14. West

    Hello only notice today that there isnt one at donator zone because home been hard to get to being fixed soon which is good, but still the point why not add make up mage to donator zone with a few extra bits as it is donator zone. for example, a few colours only donators can get / hair styles , you get my drift
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