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  1. Hello Grinderscape community i hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas and new year. Been very busy for me to be honest. I cant get online due to circumstances i couldn't see, so because of this and my lack of activity on my pc, its unfair on everyone that i have rank, i cant be online @ all. i West resign from server support due to unseen circumstances, i want to help build this game again, but because my real life problems going on , i just dont have the resources. ( Cant get discord or anything) So just wanted to say a thank you to a certain few people. Jordan- Dude i dont see how your not high staff by now, you do so much and give so much, respect to you sir, Thanks for everything man, dont be a stranger :) Lisa- Thanks for giving me the chance to help everyone, decent girl ;) - I know you think im (childish) Lou- Thanks for my West account, and thanks on behalf of everyone for everything you have done for this game. Shark- Your a good lad @ heart Legends- Always replying to my discord if and when needed, 100% needs to staff as high staff. Teet- This guy could be my twin, he trolls like me, only difference hes like 100% faster @ typing than me Valar- Thanks for my beast sig <3 and all advice given. I will still play and help the way i do, but right now i cant tell when i can be online again, this is first time since in game i can use internet, apart from facebook. I really hope the staff team carry on doing a great job as i know they will , im not saying bye, but Dont forget you can vote every 12 hours @::vote #rewards See you around everyone<3 - P.s sorry i couldnt get in touch sooner, im reisgn because i cant guaranteed hours in game, active or nothing right now, so this is for the best.
  2. West

    Thank you for taking time and effort into this:) Good to know and ill sure be using it for 250m!
  3. West

    Happy Christmas and new year to everyone
  4. Im not even reading the application. +1 from me. Staff already know
  5. West

    Its a bug at the moment, waiting on fix. @Lisa will help give you clarification on this Edited> Hey @Lou Grinder
  6. West

    I thought he already was #confused Gratz keelow!
  7. West

    Nice guide dude very helpful:) Keep up the good work:D
  8. Mikey would be a great part of the team! Hes effort in his guides shows me enough and iv seen him in and out of game. +1 from me! Good luck
  9. West

    110% ! well done! can this be made ingame / bosses?
  10. +1 From me Would be great addition to team. Good Luck!
  11. West

    /Edited from peoples feedback.
  12. West

    Good point, id then say have a filter for enter or something type
  13. West

    Custom Keybindings Hey guys im putting this out there for all the people that like the wasd idea. Idea: Be able to custom bind any buttom i want to my keyboard - wasd keys( not typing ) Example: My arrow keys are breaking and would love to bind them to wasd. Benefits: Not having to fork out $$$$ for equipment straight away and having the freedom to bind. Outcome: Yes it would mean adding a [enter] system or something or a [TAB] to type. Just an Idea -> Everyone comment what you think! Thanks for reading.
  14. Any guide that promotes grinderscape and helps in anyway is a guide. Well done on taking time and effort into this:)
  15. West

    Staff will be in touch soon im sure, hope you can get your problem resolved good luck. @Lisa @Lou Grinder
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